View Full Version : Tips for Doing Well in WFW

04-13-05, 04:50 PM
1. Try to RP early in the RP period so I don't have to worry about any matches, because I do take into account who gets an early start and who doesn't
2. Try not to aggravate me on a regular basis, the more aggravated I am at a person, the less fun it is for me to write them and the less likely I will want to write you in a larger role
3. Be consistant, I need people I can count on a regular basis
4. Try not to be too overly negative unless the situation is necessary. It makes RP harder for me to read.
5. Try to be creative
6. Try to send in angles, if you are stuck in a rut, it is the best way to get you out of your current position

That is all....


04-14-05, 03:26 AM
And don't forget to double down on 11.