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04-03-05, 02:46 AM
**The scene opens up showing a dark sky, with a view of a full moon. The scene then fades down to show a dark figure standing on the edge of a bridge staring down at the water. The scene closes in on the figure as it shows Taylor Mathis standing. Mathis smirks a small smile and then turns back towards the bar and heads back in. Mathis sits at a table and awaits the waitress. After she takes his order, he looks at the man sitting across from him and begins to speak.**

Mathis: So people have been wondering where Taylor Mathis has been? Wondering when and if I would ever show my face again?

Man: It’s nothing like that Taylor. She just sent me here to find out what is goin on with you.

Mathis: That last thing that everyone should be worried about is what’s goin on with me! I told you that things will be explained and they will just give me some time.

Man: When?

Mathis: After the next event, I’ll tell you and everyone else just what is goin on with me.

Man: What does that mean?

Mathis: Just wait and see….