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03-01-05, 02:33 AM
Who would have thunk that I'd still have an account on these here forums, now I just feel special and such. Quite a few familiar names here in Empire Pro, whether or not ya'll remember me remains to be seen lol, but hey if not I'd sure like to get to know ya.

Name's Rich and I'm lookin' for a fed to join :-). Where does a brother go to find a website around these parts anyways? Jeez!

Take it easy,

03-01-05, 03:49 PM
Wow... haven't seen you around in a while, Rich. Welcome back to the game.

Unfortunately, I'm not in this fed any longer, but I felt like dropping by to say hello and what's up.


03-02-05, 04:28 PM

Nice to see ya around, though I do read the blog when you write in it. ;)

We're currently working on an entire new website system, but for now the current set up is at http://www.fwrestling.com/host/EmpirePro/main.htm

- Dave