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02-11-05, 11:44 PM
~Travis is seen after his tag team match with ice packs attached to his back and a few other random places while still in his ring gear. He looks as if he's in a euforic state of mind as his rapid breathing slows down. A smirk comes across his face.~

Travis: You see? Trevor Cane.. You claimed that I was a man of the people, someone who's nothing more than a mere puppet to the business.. Trevor, I gained a small measure of revenge in our tag team match by busting your skull open only to see the flowing sea of red coat the floor..

~Travis lays back as the trainer writes out something.~

Travis: It looks as if our meeting that we both want is going to take place sooner than we thought.. At International Incodent, you and I will go at it in a match of your choosing which I have in no doubt, no problem with it. You can pick whatever you'd like because it's not going to matter.

~He leans back up slowly holding himself and then slides off the table to his feet.~

Travis: I'm going to see to it that no matter what type of match you'd like to throw out at me, will not phase the way I'm going to prepare myself because there's not been a match yet I haven't tried.. Tell me Cane, why me? Is there something about me that you fear? If so I want to know.. You want to blame the fans for your actions.. Fine.. Do you think they care? Honestly those fans would rather spit on you before they'd listen to your opinions!

~He walks out of the trainer's room followed by an agent who wants to talk to him about the next program but Travis doesn't want to talk about it as he continues limping to his room. Travis enters his locker room and closes the door behind him while a camera inside the room continues the feed. Travis lays out on the couch in the room while the monitor continues to show the event.~

Travis: You attack me from behind again.. You beat me with a barrel and then drop me on my head again!

~The anger causes Travis to tense up and then a numbing is felt in his body. He closes his eyes tightly and grits his teeth as a stinger runs in his neck.~

Travis: See that?! Cane, the thought of your crap actions make me lie in pain as a consistant reminder of how vendictive one lousy man can be! Trevor, it's obvious to everyone in the NEW that you're scared to death of some insecurity you have other wise you wouldn't be trying to take me out.

~He turns to his side slightly.~

Travis: Cane, you are a dead man.. Mark my words!

~Camera fades out.~