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02-11-05, 10:38 PM
I know I said I was going to stay on as a handler, but as evidenced by my lack of RP for Russian Roulette, I can't even handle that much. As such, Russian Roulette will mark my last appearance in EPW (and FW in general) for the immediate future. I don't have it in me to continue when my motivation has died. Dave, I hope you're not gonna hold my absence against Lindsay; she doesn't deserve to suffer for my lethargy. If she does win for our team, I vacate my half of the titles and let her pick a new partner.

It's been a pleasure to work with all of you, and if I ever get my heart back into wrestling again I look forward to working with you again somewhere down the line. For now, though, it's over; I can't do it.


02-11-05, 11:41 PM
You know me better than that. I'm way too nice ;)

It's been a pleasure. The door is always open, my friend.

02-11-05, 11:48 PM
Goodbye, Jeff. You gave me a chance to start out over in MCW, and I appreciate that. Hopefully you'll come back. Don't worry about the lethargy. It happens sometimes. Hopefully you won't be gone too long.

Best wishes,


02-12-05, 01:05 AM
Fare thee well!

02-12-05, 01:33 AM
It was a good time, Jeff. :) Hope you're not gone too long.

02-12-05, 07:37 AM
awwww you booger... figures just as i get back ur leavin =)

You know i'm always around to talk to outside of FW tho bro....

or there to throw a couple shots back with. =)


02-15-05, 07:06 PM

You were one of the few that really hit my red button as far as to how to answer Sands' promos.

I really do owe you a better match than the last one we had....

Whenever you decide to comeback...you decide the time and place, :)