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02-10-05, 11:35 PM
~Travis Smith is seen live from his home in Cincinnati Ohio. He's laying on the couch of his living room in sweat clothes and a blanket over his legs. There's a soft collar brace around his neck as he looks ahead at his TV set. His girlfriend Lori walks into the room and takes a seat next him. She looks very upset as she looks into the camera with anger.~

Lori: Why is it that when someone tries to make a comeback that other people who seem to be absolutly jealous of them wants to make matters worse?

~Travis motions for her to be quiet as he adjusts himself up on the couch to turn towards the camera. He looks a little stiff and in pain.~

Travis: I make a comeback to New Era of Wrestling with hopes of patching things up with this company.. I come back to get a ton of heat a few months ago on Rapture from Juliet Marceau which is fine because Ms.Marceau never liked me since I came into this company. So with his powers he thought I would just be shoved right back out the door until the hands of fate and the legal bonds of a nice contract with the help of Marcus LaRoque.. See I exercised my legal rights to a job, since CWA kicked me to the curb once I did it all the dirty work for them.. I wrote the matches and brought in the new talents that they made, so yes I was a mole to the whole FWrestling community after El Arco Iris sent me packing..

~Footage of him attacking John Doe is shown.~

Travis: I did it out of frustration, and a manner of revenge because I was done wrong by a man whom I gained some type of revenge over.. I jumped John Doe in December for a reason, and that reason is to prove him wrong in a one on one manner.. But something or should I say someone changed my plans..

~Footage of Trevor Cane attacking him and then piledriving him through the table is shown several times and one last time in slow motion.~

Travis: So now it's this man known as "The Messenger".. This Trevor Cane fellow.. He jumps me and drops me on my head through a table causing me to miss my comeback match with him. Well Trevor, I sure as hell hope you're happy with your work.. Honestly, did you think that you would just take me out like that? Were you trying to play as a hero to the fans? Because I don't think they bought it, if there's something with me you have a problem with then bring out like a man Cane! Because my deal with John Doe has been going on for a while, and what I did to Doe by costing him his TV Title chance was a ballence to his previous check.. But Trevor Cane..

~Travis forces himself to his feet and tears off the neck brace as Lori tries to get him to settle down while the intensity is written on his face.~

Travis: The last guy Trevor.. The last guy who tried to make an attempt on my career is current in a wheel chair somewhere because he can no long enjoy the use of his legs.. Trevor Cane, you've now become my new target and pal you're going to pay the price..

~Camera fades as Lori helps Travis out of the room.~