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02-10-05, 10:24 PM
All RP for the mixed tag team match between JOHN DOE / CARLEE MARX and ALISTER HAYZE / WHISPER at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Thursday, February 17th. Angles should be sent to sedmunds@goucher.edu ..

02-17-05, 05:57 PM
OORP: Guys, I’m sorry about getting this up so late. There’s some crazy stuff going on in my life right now, but I should have set aside some time. If there are any complaints about the timing, please let me know so that we can work this out.

Open up on a darkened room. There is but a single source of light, located in what may as well be the center of the room – the shadows hide everything but a single space. Filling that space is a young woman, clad in all black. Her deep red hair falls all about her face, obstructing any view of it. When she speaks, her voice is hushed, almost to the point that you must strain to hear it.

WHISPER: Uncertainty…the bane of truth…of faith…of confidence…There is nothing…NOTHING…more debilitating than uncertainty…and, sadly…that is precisely what I am faced with now…

My failure to overcome Caitlyn is both a testament to her ability…and an example…of my shortcomings…My devotion…my overwhelming desire…to overcome Karla…has taken me so far from the true path…from The Light…

Why am I here?…Why did I fail?…How could I go far wrong?…How, when I have The Light on my side?…How?…

I understand Hayze’s vendetta against DREDD…I understand it…I do not condone it…and I am NOT a part of it…and yet I am to stand beside him…against John Doe…and his “sister”…Carlee Marx…

Carlee…who has never beaten me…Carlee…who has proven, time and time again, that she…like her “brother”…that she is nothing…she is not here because of her talent…not because she is attractive…but because of her relationship with Doe…and now, with Marx…

I can see how Carlee could get excited…I have…yet again…failed to meet the challenge against Karla…I did not earn my second shot by defeating Caitlyn…I am beaten…I am defeated…and perhaps Carlee sees an opportunity…perhaps she thinks that this uncertainty…this apparent test of my faith in The Light…is a chance to defeat me…to climb one step closer to…whatever…she seeks…

A warning, Carlee…I am not weak…I am still the true warrior…I am still the representative of The Light…my training…my beliefs…need to be stepped up…to be rejuvenated…

This is not my fight…not my war…but you, Carlee…are a step…a test…a chance to prove myself, once again…a chance to show the world…just how strong I truly am…and just how powerful…The Light…truly is…

Fade to a white screen. The word “Whisper” briefly fades into view, stark black against the pure white, and then fades out again.

John Doe
02-17-05, 06:32 PM

John Doe is in a room filled with smoke some purple pills on the floor. “Purple Haze” by Jimmy Hendrix plays in the background of this dark room. John has a smile on his face as the camera can barley see him with the cloud of smoke.


Yoooooo mannnnn…..What’s happening dog? Visiting hours aren’t till seven (starts laughing).

Naww, but really whatcha ya’ll doing rounds here, I mean I wasn’t expectin’ none people…..duddde, whatever Hayzzzzzzze was on man, I gots it man…I gots it…..nawww don’t worry about it (waves at the camera) I’ve gots it.

What’s I gots to say, what’s do I gots….well I gots the talent man, I gots the talent. Nawww man, nawww, I gots lots of it, (takes a drag from the lit up joint). I gots sooo much mannn I can like pass it around…..man Hayze your life, you career is like this Jayne right here man, just like this Jayne…..

You take it in….you enjoy it……it slowly burns out….then its over…..you get your high, and all of sudden your rock bottom again. Just like this Jayne man….I was never a guy up for drugs, but man, this **** is good man, this **** is gooddd.

Buts, man, wait, don’t leave, come back, come back, I gotta say you something. I gotta say that’s there ain’t nuttin you gonna do, there ain’t nuttin man. Not Rob is Cool, ahhhh, Rabesque? He ain’t gonna save ya, he aint’ gonna do shyt…..aint nuttin he can do man, notting he can do.

And Whisper, (starts whispering) your screams….ain’t gonna be as quite as your name, Carlee is gonna take of ya, ya dawg, she gonna take care of you.

There ain’t nothing left for you all mann, (John pops a pill) Just funky colors and rabbits man, just rabbits…

Hell naw Trix ain’t for kids, you silly rabbit….

Yah, it’s just like you Hayze, man, you see, this is all funn now…but later after I clear uppp mannn, I will see what I am….and see the real world. Just like you are going to at Rock Cause….yea, just like at Raucous..

As foor Me man…I will still be in my high timmme of life man, still be in it, cause it ain’t ever stopping man, ain't ever stopping. Ain’t you stopping it, not me, not Dan Ryan…..(Doe gets all confused.)

Who be Dan Ryan? He’s in New Era?


Well, man it don’t matter, it don’t matter none. Cause wahtever it is you ain’t got,**** on me, just like they ain’t got **** on Clintonn for sleeping with that whore. Just like they ain’t got ****t on Cammmeron Cruise rapping Lindsay Troy.


She liked that **** (takes a drag)

Ain’t rape when you like it…

Yea…she’s a whore…

Nuttin man, I ain’t got nothing for you to deal man, you ain’t got **** on me man.

Oh…man, oh , I bee forgetting man, I almost forgot, I ain’t no fool man, I ain’t no fool, I know that Cow Ass…..Chaos? will be outs there man, waitings fors, but he can’ts stops this MUTTTHHHEERRR F*CCCCKKKERRRR……

Ya, my brain hurts man, it hurts bad….

(John passes out)

FADEOUT in a cloud of smoke

02-17-05, 06:35 PM
Fade in on Alister Hayze, standing in front of a NEW backdrop.

ALISTER HAYZE: So it’s a big deal now. We get a match. Me and the champ against DREDD at International Intrigue. And yeah, that is something that we’ve been wanting. A chance to face them, two-on-two, a chance for me to fix my mistake from the last time. A chance to prove that the two of us are the best of best, the greatest two wrestlers here in the N-E-W, and them? They’re a couple of chumps.

But I have a couple of problems with what’s going on here. Number one, this isn’t Whisper’s fight. I’m all for bring the fight to DREDD, but none of those guys have messed with her. This mixed tag thing, it’s just a trick, one that keeps me from getting my extremely talented and incredibly sexy hands around Doe’s throat. It’s just a way to keep Doe safe, a way to insure that he’s one hundred percent for our big cage match at the pay-per-view. I’m the better wrestler. He knows it. I know it. God knows that the people know it.

Number two, none of this will solve anything. Not the cage match, certainly not this mixed tag match. Nothing big is going to come about from either. This tag match, like I said. It’s stalling. And the cage match doesn’t mean that DREDD breaks up. It doesn’t mean that they don’t get to show up on Raucous the next time. It doesn’t mean that they never get a shot at the World title. It just means that me and Rabesque get a win over two guys that don’t deserve to tie our boots. It just means a W in the books for me.

So this means that ol’ Al is going to have to take matters into his own hands. This mixed tag match doesn’t mean anything in the long run. But what it does mean is that I get an opportunity to vent some frustrations.

He scratches the back of his head.

HAYZE: See, I remember exactly who it was that did this. I know why my life has been, oh, I dunno, pretty much, a living hell for the past few months. I know why I’ve had to look over my shoulder every day that I’m in a N-E-W ring. Hell, when I’m just walking around backstage. You guys are the worst thing about this business for me. You’re making it not fun, and if there’s something that I’m all about, it’s fun. When things stop being fun, they start getting personal, and when things get personal, I get…testy.

So here’s the deal, Doe. Come prepared. Because, from now on, I’m not the victim. You are. Anytime you see me…ANYTIME…it means that a whole world of pain is about to come crashing down on you. It means that I’m going for the throat. It means that I’m looking, not to beat you, but to cripple you. To make sure that you never wrestle in this sport again.

Now, Marx isn’t off the hook, either. The same applies for him. But you are guaranteed to be put right in front of me at least two times now. Two times when you have stand on the opposite side of the ring from me. Two chances to beat you. Like Chaos did. Like Rabesque has. LIKE EVERYONE DOES. It’s two opportunities to take you out. For good.

Fade to black.

Woman’s voice: This has been a 901 production.

John Doe
02-17-05, 07:19 PM

Carlee Marx on Screen. “Living Dead Girl” by Rob Zombie plays on the screen. In the screen we see Carlee and behind her a continuation of her in multiple screens as if she was in front of a mirror and a mirror was behind her in continuos reflections.


“Being prepared is his middle name Alister. Although much preparation is not required for a low minded burnout such as yourself. But let us take a grander look at this Ali?”

“You guys have a match with each other, great, what a resolution. What an accomplishment. That’s all fine and dandy now. What are you planning to prove Ali , you have not done one thing in this federation since you arrived. hell you think Rabesque is some god, some genius?”

“No Ali, no he is not. You are just living under his shadow, you are just known as Jean Rabesque’s little whore, his playmate.”

“You want to take this into your own hands? Your OWN hands. Let me tell you this Ali, if it was in your hands, if you took it within your own willingness, it will still not be enough to stop us. You think that DREDD wants to include a lowlife like yourself in our schemes of mass take over? No.”

“Hell, you are the last person on our ‘give a sh*t list’. You think we care about you? That we are fearing you? No. You are the most idiotic man on earth. Which brings up a massive question, Are you even really a competitor?”

“You have yet to show your worthiness here, hell you are have yet to show your skill. I will have a fun time kicking your skull in. A women that can overpower a man…..pathetic. Nothing Ali, nothing can stop this team, this ultimate team. We are the future we are the greatest of all time. Yes, you can TRY and stop us, but failure is all you are going to receive, and it’s all you have ever received since your entrance to New Era.”

“But you want to prove me wrong? YOU WANT TO PROVE DREDD WRONG?!”

“Bring it. Bring it all, hit me, break me, destroy me, I dare you to try, I will slap the living ***** out of you Ali, and in the end even that ***** Whisper will be looking in awe. An ass kicking? No. A massacre is what I am going to deliver.”

“You wish to threat Doe, and my brother? Ha. You are less than pitiful, you are more insane than John Doe himself. They don’t fear you Ali…NO ONE DOES. Your words are more bull**** then saying Joey Melton is VD free.”

“But hey nothing is better then riding on the free trip of a great. Just like you are doing with Rabesque, but when you see that you can’t live up to his own greatness, well then you will see you are not as good as you thought. And I was really telling you the truth”


02-18-05, 12:51 AM
Fade back in on Alister Hayze, still standing in front of a NEW backdrop.

ALISTER HAYZE: Jesus Christ, that stuff was original. I mean, it’s not like everyone and their brother decide to make jokes about my formerly rampant drug use. It’s not like nobody’s ever called me a hippie. And cursing.

He does a little golf clap.

HAYZE: Very edgy. So cool. It’s not like anyone with the maturity of a fourth-grader can pull that kind of stuff out. Bravo, guys.

So Carlee, you want me to “bring it.” You’re daring me to strike a woman, you’re daring me to go toe-to-toe with you. I don’t know a lot about Whisper. We don’t hang out, she doesn’t party, she’s not into the whole kegger after the show thing. That’s fine. That’s cool. Because I’m not in a situation where I need to know her sign or the kind of car she dreams of driving. What I need to know is, can she outwrestle Carlee Marx? I’ve seen her in the ring, Carlee. I’ve seen her in the ring with you. I have no problem teaming with her, because I know that, no matter what, she can pin you if she needs to. That’s all I need to know.

But Doe. Your bravado means nothing. Your juvenile promos mean nothing. What matters is the…

Hayze starts rubbing his hands together.

HAYZE: The ire…the anger that I feel. The frustration at watching you and your group of talent less hacks get one over on everyone. What matters is the determination I have to make sure that it never happens AGAIN.

Carlee has said that I haven’t done anything in my time here in N-E-W. Now…I could go the Doe family route and point out that NONE of DREDD hold titles in this fine promotion. I could point out that DREDD is the only claim to fame that any of you have. Carlee’s gotten her ass kicked all around the women’s division. John’s gotten his ass kicked by most of the men in the locker room.

But that’s only if I wanna be childish.

If I wanna go the way of the new, mature Alister Hayze…well then I’d point out that, yeah. Maybe what you’re saying is true. I’m not a champ. I haven’t beaten anyone of merit. But here’s my point, kids. This is my chance. This is my shot. Everyone agrees that DREDD is a problem for N-E-W. And lil’ ol’ me, Alister Hayze, is going to be the man that tears big bad DREDD apart.

And Doe? It all starts with you.

Fade to black.

Woman’s voice: This has been a 901 production.