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02-10-05, 10:19 PM
All RP for the TRIPLE THREAT match between MR. ENTERTAINMENT, THE INSURGENT and CAMERON CRUISE at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

** This match will be an ELIMINATION style match meaning 2 men must be eliminated before a winner can be determined **

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Thursday, February 17th. Angles should be sent to sedmunds@goucher.edu ..

The Great Eye
02-10-05, 10:39 PM
(FADEIN: The legendary painting of Washington's crossing of the delaware river. The camera pans back to show THE INSURGENT in his ring wear standing in front of the painting.)

INSURGENT: "An unprovoked and cowardly sneak attack...You might have heard this said of any of the countless bombings, shootings and other events that have happened in Iraq...How odd it is to be on the other side...How odd is to be oppressor, rather then oppressed, how odd it is to deny a nation it's rights, then to be the ones looking for freedom, sacred freedom.

Washington snuck in and ambushed the German armies paid for by the British to fight us, he did so because he knew he couldn't win a pitched battle against his enemy, so he fought without reguard to the conventions of war, he did what he could to win. For this is was made our first President.

Strange isn't it. Sad that America has taken on the role of brute, but things will change, all that is evil in the end, can not endure.

What does this have to do with my opponents? Mr. Entertainment, I don't know much about you, don't care to really, I just see an opponent, somebody who's in my way of my goals, someone who will attempt to keep me from speaking truth to power. You are in the way, so you will go away. I harbor no hatred towards you, don't change this, don't make it personal...

The same for you Mr. Cruise...I have no personal problems with you, why did I attack the two of you last week? To draw attention to myself, my goal, you may want revenge, and this is a common reaction, but the reality is, your defeat at my hands is for the greater good...America needs me...In a time of fake news reporters in the White House Press Pool...In a time of bogus Social Security talk. In these trying times, all must be done to get the truth out, to show the American people the facts of what is happening to their land. What is this government doing to all of us?

The truth must be told.

You can not stop me...I will not allow it...You must accept that my voice must be heard, and it will be heard...This nation will be free again, the American people will once again remember the cry of their forefathers...

Don't tread on me...


02-11-05, 08:52 PM
"You know I never once said that competing in NEW ERA was going to be....well...a CRUISE for lack of better word..."
(Fadein, Cameron Cruise on an NEW ERA RAUCOUS backdrop.)

CRUISE: After all....with athletes like Jonathan Marx, Jean Rabesque, Alister Hayze and others competing....who's to say ANYTHING will be HANDED to them.

After all....when I defeated John Doe--er...Issac Byrne, time after time, after time....it wasn't like the domination came without a price.

Hell, I could've done some marketing photo shoots and get things done that'd be beneficial to what people want....more likely the autograph sessions with Melton and community service meetings that Troy and Mercedes combine to make our offtime away from the ring more eventful and productive but still....things that needed being done.

Actually, perhaps that might be a bad example.

Point is, is that although there's plenty people back in the offices that apparently high on me as one of the top talents in this business, I still have to pay my dues just as every other soul that wants to step inside the squared circle. However unlike some people may think, the pattern always will apply to athletes, no matter how big their ego gets.

You want to get paid, you earn it, no shortcuts and no calling in sick, it goes the same way no matter if you're a champion of Joe-Bob the Janitor in the back.

So why is it that I've got this inclination that we've got yet another looney that just joined up with NEW ERA that doesn't believe in that same policy??

Why is it that this so-called Insurgent believes it necessary to claim attention by way of attacking anyone and everyone he pleases?? Is it to compensate for something that he longs for, like respect?? Talent perhaps??

See Insurgent, as far as I'm concerned this isn't about revenge, whether or not you think I want it to be.

As far as I'm concerned, after this match you can do what you want with what you believe in because like I told Forester before our match....I could give a sh*t about what you think is the way things to be.

In other words....I don't believe in you or your ways and all things considered....your apparent "goal"...is a waste of everyone's time and mine.

Fact is pal, you're a has-been and don't even know it, but for the sake of ponderment allow me to explain:

Making claims about America needing to be saved and that one by one things will change....isn't exactly the new fad.

It's nothing new, not at all.

Hell I'd almost put it on the level that competing in NEW ERA for "the sake of the nation's pride being restored" or whatever it is that you're trying to prove....almost gone stale. The only saving grace in doing things in that manner is actually getting his title shot put on hold so that Jean Rabesque and Alister Hayze can finish something once and for all so that they can actually come to the arena without worrying about if DREDD's going to be pestering them for World title shots or hardcore matches and get on with there life....and he's even doing it in a way that actually has my attention: Through politics.

You talk about you're voice needing to be heard and that you're in this so that our forefathers can remember the calling of "Don't Tread On Me".

Pretty pathetic if you ask me seeing as that no one's really given a damn about you in the first place to even give the slightest notion in your direction to feel treaded upon.

That I know of, no one asked you to start attacking people you inconsiderate punk.

Not Forester and especially not me. Revenge is for the broken hearted, and you Insurgent....are merely just a hair above annoying than is Issac Byrne.

Yes America needs excitement, it needs something to take their attention away from the things that cause terror and grief in the eyes of those that are victims.

Just not from you.


The Great Eye
02-11-05, 11:58 PM
(FADEIN: The Insurgent standing in front of the 13 starred American flag.)

INSURGENT: "Nobody cares about me Cruise? Then why did you give me the time of day?"

"Look, I'm the new guy, I just fell off the turnip truck, and before I even dusted myself off, I put you and Mr. Fox Entertainment on your asses and cut a promo.

"Am I shocked that my good friends in high places haven't yet bothered to talk about me? (Shakes head) No...You see Mr. Cruise, people tend to try to avoid a problem for as long as they can...And those who I REALLY want to get my hands on and beat, they will stay silent about me, they'll hope I'm some flavor of the week, some coward who'll run after a week or two."

"They well know talking to me, and talking about me, only feeds the fire, only makes me more deadly...

"You are a problem Mr. Cruise, you have made yourself one. You're in the way now and you're talking down to me. I promise you I will expose you and destroy you without mercy, as did the bloggers did with Mr. "Jeff Gannon" of "Talon News" however I can not promise you that you'll get to cry on Wolf Blitzer's shoulder in one of the most shameful TV interviews I've ever seen.

I'm going to beat you and Mr. Fox Entertainment, I have to, because I need to move on, I need to keep going, I need to speak truth to power in front of sold out crowds in the main event spotlight.

I must do all of this to save this great land, to let you, and the unwashed masses hear the truth of what's happening to them, how even now, they are being sold down the river by their Beloved Leader. How they must now in this late hour wake up and save themselves.

You are keeping me from that spotlight, you are keeping me from saving America, this makes you part of the problem, this makes it such that you must be defeated.

and so I will defeat you. America needs this as baddly as she needs Dean as DNC chair, she gets that this weekend, she gets the rise of the Insurgent at RAUCOUS.

Don't Tread on Me."


02-16-05, 04:50 PM
(Fadein, Cruise in front of an NEW ERA RAUCOUS backdrop.)

CRUISE: Look around Insurgent, this nation has gone to the dogs along time before you even had the slight boot to the head to even consider such a notion as becoming the fourty-thousand, eight hundred and fifty-fifth savior of this land.

Don't believe me?? Think about it??

Back in the seventies and eighties where we had Nixon with the scandals and people doing acid and "E" as it's called and people turning to "Glamrock"....how was this land saved??

Through "Star Wars" and Superman movies.

The 90s when Rape and Gang wars became the focus, not to mention our beloved President even getting a blow job when he was supposed to be hard at work passing bills for taxes, and welfare??

Rocky, and contant upstaging of pop music.

Now it's the millenium Insurgent and guess what.....

There's still people doing acid, still Gang-Crime, still Presidential debates that include scandals and issues circling around the California Governor who for one....isn't even American-born, but became Governor due to the fact that he's a "Terminator".

Hockey has now been called off as of today, Major League Baseball has issues that concern steroids and the use of enhancement drugs, the National Basketball Association even had a shocker last year in the fact that players actually got into fights with fans!!

Gee golly-Beav....whatever happened to just walkin' down to the park for a nice pick-up game of baseball or shooting hoops??

Not anymore.....kids would rather stay inside and play video games all day then to even think about the notion of what running can do for your health.

But you're the one that's going to save us all?? As you said...."some new guy off the turnip truck"??

Pardon me while I go take a crap.

If you want to surprise people and help turn people's heads around, become an enviromentalist, they do all sorts of things.

Be a Vegetarian, I'm sure everyone else that doesn't eat meat or touch hamburgers because it comes from a cow will love to take you in....one more person to make a difference right??

Do whatever it is you want Insurgent, because quite frankly, I don't care. The only reason why I even give a damn is because you stuck your yellow, chicken-sh*t, fata$$ in my business after I finished a match.....one that I'm actually proud of for a change.....and attacked me from behind while I wasn't looking, and Marceau is just making things right and giving me a chance to FIGHT BACK.

You know....what America has been doing since before you were born, just with entertainment as a source??

I've done it thus far Insurgent, many times all over the world.

I'm not the problem Insurgent, and if you honestly think I am....then consider yourself included, because believe me....

I always make time for a fan, but most of 'em usually wait until I leave the ring before they ask for a picture or a quick autograph, never once have I actually had to work FOR one.

But then there's always a first time for everything, right??


02-17-05, 08:51 PM
[CUE UP: the chorus to Metallica's "Don't Tread on Me" as we enter to a black screen]

"So be it. Friends no more. To secure peace is to prepare for war. So be it. Settle the score. Touch me again are the words that you will hear evermore"

[FADE IN. The most entertaining man in all of professional wrestling today is standing in front of a window, through which we can see a busy metropolis, the public happily going about their business]

ME: Don't tread on me.

A nice ol' song, ain't it? Back before Metallica went and took a left, hung a right, and ended up in snoozeville. They stopped entertainin' the masses as they used to. They sued Napster, sued their fans, and now are tryin' ta build up some credability again.

That last part... sounds like you, Insurgent. Actually, most of it does. Boring, turnin' the fans away from this product... an' tryin' ta build some credability by attackin' Cameron "Stop-Calling-Me-A-Porn-Star-Wannabe" Cruise and the most entertaining man in the world... ME.

Now, I can't really blame ya for wantin' ta get your name in lights. Everyone wants to make it big. But, please... history lessons? You're gonna try and teach the fans the history of this great nation? And how bad the current Republicans are? The people ain't stupid. They know all that. They don't give a damn about all that. They don't need ta hear it. To paraphrase Jessep in A Few Good Men, all you did here today was weaken the company.

Let me go a little slower for ya. You come out here, talkin' about how yer gonna teach everyone the truth. You come out here and tell tales of ye olde times, when this great nation was just gettin' started, fightin' fer it's freedom. You think that's gonna ingratiate you to the fans. It ain't. All it does is make the people at home think "I can't be bothered with this, I turn on New ERA to get away from history and politics. What's goin' on over on the opposition? Where's Sesame Street?"

You make it a damn sight harder fer ol' Cameron over there to be seen, to be entertainin'. Me, I can bring in some viewers just by turnin' up. The folks at home know they're gonna get a good show when I'm there. But with you? Even I'm gonna struggle ta get a four star match this time. You damn near managed ta pull a Cameo on me and' put me ta sleep, and that was after ONE tape!!

You can make all the speeches ya want, Insurgent. Claim ta be here ta save America. America don't need savin'. Not in the way you think it does. America needs savin' from the tedium you bring. America needs ta be entertained, and you ain't the man ta entertain the masses.

Yer one o' the many, many on this here roster who're gonna put them to sleep.

But hey, don't look so glum. After all, "Don't tread on me" is a great song.

[CUE UP: The end of "Don't Tread on Me" by Metallica, as we FADE OUT]

OoC: Sorry it's taken so long to get this out. Been really busy and had a tough time this week, but I'm really sorry I haven't posted this before tonight. Sorry ><