View Full Version : [CD] Fury "ugly decadence"

02-10-05, 08:17 PM
(CUTTO: Post Raucous, across the street at the 2005 VH1 Rimjawb awards. Suxin Pak is standing by the red carpet try to get the attention of various third tier celebs, such as John Stamos, Richard Dean Anderson, and Jenny McCarthy. She’s talking to Paully Shore, when suddenly an enraged and ragged MWG, in purple sweat pants and a “FAG POWER” T-shirt, flanked by Krist, dashes in, kicks Paully in the stomach and hits the Disappear Here DDT on the cement….)

PAK: Oh wow. Thanks Em. You have no idea how hard it is to keep smiling like this when you’re that close to Paully Shore.

MWG: (screaming into Suxin’s mic without prompting) Y’know, like, okay, I didn’t realize Chris McMillan was gay. That was a flaw in my plan EYE of all people should have taken into account. Oopsie! I probably should have kicked Jason Payne in the penis instead of suplexing him that one time. Didn’t pull out in time? It went off in his eye? Oh well!!! It happens!!! And I’ll confess, Jaypay wrestled a tidy little match. I’m so proud of him. He wins a f(bleep)king cookie.

But…he…didn’t….BEAT ME…..Y’know?!?!?! It was like, so totally a draw?!?! Same thing as like, the time limit expiring, or a double count out, or a double DQ, or whatever?!?! And like, I’m such a ditz ‘n all, but last I checked that would mean the reigning champion gets to STAY the f(bleep)king champion!!!!

This pathetic, nasty little daisy chain of a company has been discriminating against me and giving me sh(bleep) ever since I f(bleep)ked up horrifically and signed on. I should be in Hollywood right now. Joshua Jackson could be taking a dump on my face, and instead, I just got my title taken from me after a match EYE DIDN’T LOSE!!!! I WANT MY F(BLEEP)KING BELT BACK!!! GIMMIE IT!!! IT’S MINE!!! (jumps up and down as hard as he can) MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!!!! (bites his lip) errrr…. MMMMMMMINE!!!

PAK: That’s great. What are you talking about?

KRIST: Hey, Suxin. Got any drugs?

PAK: Look who you’re asking.

MWG: GIMMIE GIMMIE!!! (MWG hits the Disappear Here on Suxin. He and Krist remove a few things from her pockets and run off…)