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02-10-05, 07:19 PM
"You know, I'm not a real political man, persay."

(Fadein, Cruise in front of an NEW ERA backdrop.)

CRUISE: Whenever I'm home, I rarely read the newspaper, I skip out on CNN in favor of Sport Center and Drew Carey-reruns.

I sent my vote in for the California Governor's election secretly so that Joey would quit pestering me to go vote for the Stripper and make a change for the homeless childeren that are in dire need of extra clothes....

(Cruise smirks)

As if girls are in desperate need to keep their looks like Christina Blue up to standard with double-dee bras and Gee-string underwear.....

(Cruise waves it off.)

I also sent in my vote for President the same way even though afterwards announcing who it was that I voted for based on how my decisions came about from the debate.

Innocent enough right??

I think so.

Were any crimes committed??

Absolutely not.

So why is it that every time I turn around...there's some imbecile sticking his politics in my face, like I'm the one thats started the controversey??

Fact is folks, is that I do what I say I'm going to do and people don't like it when it actually HAPPENS.

I showed up in EPW and stopped a maniac from injuring half the roster so what happens?? He quits.

As a result?? I get a shot at being the first number one contender to the inaugeral World Heavyweight title and I run with it. What happens afterward??Melton and I fight constantly but then somehow be proclaimed the hottest Tag Team around today, not to mention capture the tag team titles.

So then I show up in NEW with the same mission: To make an impact.

An impact that started with the constant beatings of a man who's apparently got a name now but is stirring up some trouble with the same man who's helped him out in the past: Issac Byrne, the artist formerly known as Pri--er...John Doe.

Then comes BattleBrawl and outside of some trickery from the TEE VEE....well now that you mention it at the moment he could stand for FORMER TEEVEE Champion Em Dubya Gee.....I nearly dominated over half the roster in a Battle Royale for that very strap.

What's a man to do then after he's given someone else he knows the shot at a title that he could've taken and done as much domination as Jean Rabesque has since Jean's been here??

Take on Rabesque too??

Surely not, he's got his hands full enough with DREDD as is, my shot will come later.

Give Doe another shot at me?? Sure, I could do that, but that'd be like beating a dead horse.....you can only beat him so long before it's boring.

What about entertaining the fans some more?? I mean everyone loved the action I gave them when I took on Stephen Forester, but then again....everyone ALWAYS loves the show I put on especially the ones with Joey. Everyone loves a winner folks, and as we ALL know....winner's provide the opportunity for Marketability, something I've grown accustomed to since forming the "'Project".

(Cruise snaps his fingers, his eyes widening.)

I know....you send some oblivious-to-the-entire-UNIVERSE-MORON at me to put me under just because he's got some issues with Patriotism.

You like to call yourself the insurgent, and apparently get off on beating up on athletes after they've exhausted themselves to the point where they're almost defenseless.

I mean hey....Stephen apparently is a poor sport when it comes to losing but rest assured, Mister Entertainment will always have a spot as a spokesperson for the "'Project", regardless of how he thought of the outcome: The man CAN put on a show.

But that doesn't exactly award him and myself a blind-sided attack from some hack who doesn't like the fact that he's got no part or no say in the action.

We've all got Freedom.

Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Expression, along side the others give us the right's to say and act on things that we feel is the thing to do at the time.

But they will only bring people....people like you Insurgent, so much. Because if you keep sticking your uninvited nose in my business....

Then perhaps it's time I start giving out my opinions on Reality Checks toward Politics and those involved.

Either way....I'm sure there's going to be SOMEONE that just...won't...like it.