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The Future
02-02-05, 11:32 PM
+++ A reasonable crowd of over 2500 has gathered in the 1600 Building Warehouse off Highway 123 in Greenville, SC, for the latest installment of the Southern Wrestling Coalition's Unleashed show. They come from all over the county and upstate to see wrestling in its most raw form. For years, SWC has been the home of many trying to catch a break in the industry, with mostly disappointing results. It doesn't bother these fans, however...for today, a vast majority of them are here for one reason. There's been rumors going around that someone is finally getting a shot at the "bigtime" from the SWC roster. Many suspect they know which SWC talent it is, but they've come from all around to hopefully get the announcement tonight. +++

( The crowd is growing more restless as the night progresses. They've watched 16 men and women pour out their souls in the squared circle over the last 6 matches. They've cheered the ones they like and booed the ones they love to hate. Many of the talent roster has spoken a piece for cheap heat, which these fans readily dish out on request. Yet, there is still no sign of their hero...the one nearly all came to see. The hometown kid who everyone believes is the one who will get a shot at something bigger... )

+++ Inside the makeshift locker room, the wrestlers that have already completed their duties for tonight are getting clean. The ones about to go perform are going over some planned spots, continuing their learning process offered and honed by the SWC trainers. In the corner, one man sits alone, a folder open in his hands, his eyes trailing across the sheet of paper contained within. Macintosh, a trainer for SWC whose experience has outlived hundreds of SWC wrestler careers, glances over at the solitary figure. He sighs to himself as he finishes his duties with the two men due in the ring next. As they exit, he makes his way to the corner. +++

MACINTOSH (standing, looking down on the man): "Not exactly what you had in mind, is it?"

( The man looks up, slightly startled by the interruption. )

MAN: "I don't know, Mac. (laughs softly) I can't say that I really care, to be honest...it's a contract for an actual televised promotion. Should the asking price really matter?"

( Mac swipes the paper from him, scanning the page quickly. )

MAC: "Only if you want to feed yourself, Rex. I mean, you can't count on your dad for much anymore...he never exactly gave you his blessing to pursue wrestling as a career, did he?"

REX: "I don't need you constantly reminding me of that, Mac. My own psyche does a well enough job of that. Look, I can definitely survive on what they're offering me. Maybe they're just starting low and this is some kind of negotiation process."

MAC (chuckling slightly): "Right...negotiation process..."

( Rex stands up sharply, a scowl on his face, his brow furrowed. )

REX: "Look, Mac...you've been my trainer now for 2 years here. If there's anyone here that I expected to give me support on this, it was you. But fine...if you don't think this is an offer worth taking, then I'll just add you to the list of doubters who will be forced to believe soon enough."

( Rex starts to walk off, but Mac grabs him, turning him around swiftly. )

MAC: "Rex, let's get one thing straight. My job here is simple...I smooth the rough edges of whoever the boss brings in and send them on their way to that ring out there. They either learn how to handle the moves and bumps and crowd, or they don't last here longer than a few months. I don't attach myself to ANY wrestler because 99% of them are out the back door faster than I can take a piss."

REX: "That's what I expected you to say, Mac."

MAC: "And you're going to stand there and tell the ONE PERSON who's overseen your rise in SWC that he's another doubter? If that's what you really think, Rex..."

( Mac lets go of Rex' arm. )

MAC: "...then you can go **** yourself. I have helped you transform from the skinny, scared piece of trash that walked through that door to the SWC champion. I have never once taken credit for any of your progress, but I damn sure gave you the avenue for it to happen. When I saw that New Era Wrestling was offering you a contract, I was overcome with happiness for you. You wanna know what I think about this contract? I think they're trying to make you a tool. You and I both know you're worth more than this and that other promotions are going to be falling over themselves when word gets out about you."

( Rex raises a hand, silencing Mac. )

REX: "When word gets out about me, huh? You think that Jack is going to let that happen? He is notorious for not letting talent slip out from under him without him getting a cut of the action. This contract right here just might be the first one to come to a SWC wrestler without strings attached to Jack. I am telling you...the price...doesn't matter. This is the chance to see what I'm really made of, Mac...and if I don't take it now...I might never get a better opportunity to prove that I am the..."

( Rex' voice trails off as the door opens to the locker room. One of the two men who just fought makes his way in, and as the door opens, the echoes of the crowd carry into the room. He hears the faint chant of "we want Rex" coming from the main room. He turns and looks at Macintosh, who now has a big smile across his face. )

MAC: "Then what do you need me for? (laughs) Go out there and shock the SWC world...although I think most of them know it's you who's going to the bigtime."

( Rex reaches down and grabs his SWC Championship belt, placing it around his waist. He starts for the open door, turning back as he reaches the doorway. )

REX: "Mac, I know you're not a doubter...forgive me for saying such. I'm just caught up in the moment, is all. I guess the future really is now."

MACINTOSH: "I know, Rex...I know. Now...go on, don't leave them hanging..."

( Rex lets out a huge sigh and turns towards the door once more. )

REX: "Well...here goes nothing."

+++ The sound system cranks out his music as he makes his way to the ring to announce his signing with NEW. Back in the locker room, Macintosh stands in the doorway, smiling each time he hears the loud roar of approval from the crowd during Rex' speech. Jack Parker, the owner of the SWC, comes out from his office and stops by the door, looking straight ahead. +++

JACK: "Well, Mac...I guess you finally did it. You finally convinced a kid that he was ready for it all, and ready for it without my assistance."

( Jack turns and looks at Mac. Mac carries a serious look on his face as he stares back at the man who signs his paychecks. )

MAC: "No, you're wrong, Jack. He didn't need any convincing; he just needed time to get himself ready....time to get over his past, time to deal with his present, and time to strengthen his future. I'm just the guy who made sure he knew the difference between a clothesline and a clothes hanger."

+++ Both men turn and look out through the small hallway into the main room and see Rex in the center of the ring, soaking it all in as the crowd chants his name one last time as the SWC Champion. Jack turns and heads back to his office, finally leaving Mac alone to savor the moment along with his student. +++