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02-01-05, 12:12 AM
Hey guys I just wrote this to give ya guys somethin to read and entertain yourselves with while Sean works on Raucous... Hope you enjoy this and hope u give me some feedback and lemme know if you like it. If ya like it and enjoy it, I might make it a weekly column like thing... ENJOY

Ricky Riley: Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to welcome you all to a special YPW Night Of Horror. Tonight we will see the former YPW Extreme Tag Team Champions go one on one for the YPW United Country Championship. We are here in lovely Sydney, Austrailia for what promises to be a great night. I am joined at my side by the lovely yet loud Beckie Johnson. So B.J. how are you tonight?

Beckie: Funny Pricky Ricky. I feel great tonight because two of the biggest and baddest athletes ever to wrestle for YPW are going to go to all lengths tonight to win their first single’s title. We will see two former friends wage war like lifetime enemies. Not many people can say they have faced these two men and walked away unharmed. And not to mention, these two combined have put more men in the hospital than the entire roster combined! That’s a reputation in itself.

Ricky: Right you are Beck. Taylor Mathis is breaking away on his own for the first time here in YPW. Once a hired hitman/bodyguard for the former World Champion Blade, Mathis has vowed that he can make a name for himself without the help of Blade. But we can’t overlook Taylor’s opponent and long time friend, “Sick” Nick Vicious.

Beckie: That’s right! The sickness is rising tonight baby! Nick Vicious is the only man that Taylor Mathis has never faced one on one in YPW. When they both were rookies, not many people know this, but Taylor and Nick trained together as rookies. Taylor came from the streets but Nick came from a background of hardcore violence in Japan where he began his training. Before YPW stripped Taylor and Nick of the Extreme Tag Titles, they were undefeated for the titles and held the belts for over 8months. YPW then stripped them of the titles when Nick got injured in a car accident. Many people say that Taylor blames Nick for not having those belts to this day.

Ricky: That is what has helped lead us to tonight. The YPW United Country Title has been vacated for two months trying to wait on these two men to get healthy and be prepared for a hellacious match down here in Austrailia. The match stipulation that was created tonight was created by none other than yours truly. As owner of YPW, I decided that we need to make an impact down under with a rare type match. This match took time to plan and create but I believe there are no two better men to compete in this match than Taylor Mathis and Nick Vicious. This match will be stated after we hear from both competitors. We sent out Baby D to get a few words from our competitors earlier today as they prepared for Hell!

**The Big screen fades to Baby D sitting in a chair beside Taylor Mathis who is wrapping his hands. Mathis has a cold, dead look on his face as he wraps his hands and punches them together when he is done wrapping them..**

Baby D: Taylor, tonight you must go one on one with your former Tag Partner, Sick Nick Vicious. You two came through the ranks together and know almost everything about each other. What is on your mind getting into that ring tonight looking for your first single’s title ever in YPW?

Taylor: D, tonight, there will be no words to describe what is gonna happen out there. You have two of the baddest men ever to step into the ring, and we will stand toe to toe. Some say it is like Gods colliding, I say it is destiny. I have been waiting my entire career for the chance to separate myself from the rest of the pack. Tonight I get that chance, oddly enough it is against the man who USE to have my back. We were once allies, now we must face in a Civil War to decide who is the better man and who is the baddest of the bad.

Baby D: Any final words for the people who will see this match tonight?

Taylor: **sigh** Tonight is but the beginning, this won’t be for the weak at heart. It’s time to step up, or go home, and I’m here to stay.

**The scene fades out as Mathis grabs his leather jacket and sunglasses and gets up. The scene then fades to D sitting with Nick Vicious. Vicious is sitting with headphones on but takes them off to speak with D momentarily.**

Baby D: Nick, tonight the challenge of your career. You go one on one with your toughest competition yet. What do you think of facing Taylor Mathis tonight in what is rumored to be, Hell Down Under?

Nick: HAHAHA, pain my friend is but the gift from God to let you know you are still mortal. Some of us, Taylor, get egos and forget that we are just men among men. Taylor thinks that he is untouchable because we ran this damn federation for the better part of a year. That time has come and gone, now it’s time for one of us to show the other one what it’s like to be bad. Tonight will send one of us back one step and the other up two steps. As for anyone that plans on sticking their nose in my BUSINESS, mess with me, and you’ll be plagued by the SICKNESS!!

**Vicious punches the locker beside him and jumps out of his chair and walks off leaving D alone. The scene then fades back to the ring where Ricky Riley, CEO of Young Punks Wrestling is standing with a mic in his hand as the fans shower him with a mixed reaction.**

Ricky: Ladies and gentlemen, I promised you a night to remember when YPW came to Austrailia. We have been to 4 out of five cities on this tour so I say, save the best for last. So for those in attendance, I’d like to welcome you all to HELL DOWN UNDER!!! This match will push not only physical limits but mental limits! The rules are simple, only win by pin, no submissions, no TKO, no time limit, and NOOO HOLDS BARRED!!!!

**crowd pops huge**

Ricky: However, there is a catch. Haha, as always there has to be a special stipulation. As you can tell, the ring ropes have all been removed. However, I have a crew coming in to put a steel cage around the ring. But not just any normal steel cage. The cage will be wrapped and covered in barbed wire! The ring corners will be home to beds of barbed wire, beds of nails, beds of light bulbs, and last but not least, a bed of ELECTRIC BARBED WIRE!!

**another huge pop**

Ricky: You are allowed to leave the cage to get more weapons from under the ring and the only way to win, is getting a pinfall. Whether they are in this ring or out in the middle of the road, FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE! That means if you pass out due to loss of blood in the street, you can lose the match if you are pinned! If both men are unable to compete, I have a stand by ambulance and the match will be called off until they are able to compete again! There must be a winner!! Either Taylor Mathis or Nick Vicious will be the next YPW UNITED COUNTRY CHAMPION RIGHT HERE TONIGHT IN SYDNEY AUSTRAILIA!!!

**crowd pops huge.**

Beckie: Wow they like that that prick has to say so far..

Ricky: As for anyone who decides to interfere in this match, you step into this match, anything that happens to you, is outta my hands! You wanna step in here with these monsters, that’s your ass not mine! And anyone that interferes will be put against the winner of tonights match NEXT WEEK! Now as they prepare the ring for this match, I have had this video piece made up for tonight’s match showing the history of our competitors. Roll the tape jack off!

**The screen shows a video package of Taylor Mathis and Nick Vicious when they were the Tag Champs. Then it shows them winning the Extreme Tag Titles and putting people through flaming tables and thumb tack tables. Then it shows the totalled car from Nick’s wreck and shows Mathis being stripped of the Tag Titles. Mathis is then shown standing over a gravestone he had made with Nick’s name on it. Then it shows a backstage fight between Nick and Taylor where both men were busted open and went through a wall! Then the screen fades to backstage where the United Country Title is seen in a glass case. Then Nick Vicious is seen putting his hand on the glass case and has a smirk on his face. Then he turns around to see Taylor Mathis staring at him.**

Mathis: Hope you enjoyed that, cuz that’s as close to that gold as you’re gonna get unless you get a rematch against me.

Vicious: You still are hung up on us getting stripped of those tag titles? Well tonight, your gonna get hung by your pride, and probably something else!

Mathis: You think you’re bad enough!?!?

Vicious: I KNOW I AM *****!

**The men step toe to toe and look each other in the eyes before security comes running in and separates the men. Mathis then spits at Vicious and walks away to his locker room. As security lets him go Vicious grabs the glass case and slams it down to the ground, shattering the glass. As Vicious then walks away, Blade is seen standing in the background laughing as he fades back into the shadows and the scene then fades back to the ring.**

Ricky: WOW WHAT A NIGHT WE HAVE BUILDING UP! The ring is set up and ready for HELL DOWN UNDER!

Beckie: What a confrontation but did you see who I saw in the background!? What is Blade doing here tonight!? Better yet, who is he here to see!?

Ricky: All these questions will be answered in time, but right now it is time for our competitors to come down to the ring and crown the NEXT Young Punks Wrestling United Country Champion!!! Take it away Baby D!!

**SFX: Bell rings five times..**

Baby: Ladies and fellas, dudes and dudettes, it is now time for my to introduce to you, two men who after tonight will be either beginning or ending a legacy. This match is scheduled for one fall and is the HELL DOWN UNDER MATCH FOR THE YPW UNITED COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

**”Never Gonna Stop” by Rob Zombie hits the pa system and the fans erupt in boos. Fog fills the stage as Mathis appears showing his back with his arms outstretched. He has on a long black trench coat with an American Flag painted on the back of it. As he turns around he takes off his glasses and throughs them into the crowd. His black leather pants shine in the light and his black combat boots are dirty from his training in the desert. He takes off his jacket and adjusts his leather gloves before stepping into the cage. He poses in the middle of the ring and then goes to his corner.**

Ricky: Wow Mathis looks in the best shape of his career. I have known this kid for a long time and this is the most focussed I have ever seen him. I have tried for so long to get him to focus and I think it has finally gotten through to him. He has spent the last two weeks training in Death Valley with his best friends, NWA Stars America’s Most Wanted!

Beckie: He’s representin with the jacket and wow what a body. Look at those arms! I would have to agree with you for once about Mathis. He looks more focussed than I have ever seen him in YPW. That look in his eyes lets you know that tonight someone is getting hurt! But no one can over look the monster that is about to come out and the roof might come off this place when Nick comes out.

**”Down With The Sickness” hits the pa system and the crowd erupts with cheers and comes to their feet. They all raise their signs and sing along with the song as Nick Vicious appears at the top of the ramp as pyro shoots all around the arena. Vicious is wearing his lime green workout pants, black combat boots, white hand tape, and has “Sick” written on his chest. He smiles as he walks down to the ring and slaps hands with the fans and then takes a sign that says Feel The Sickness and raises it up to Mathis before he steps into the cage. As both men enter, Baby D announces both men.**

Baby D: In the corner to my right, standing 6’6”, weighing in at 288lbs, from Dallas, Texas, “The YPW Outlaw”, the man of little words, TAYLOR MATHIS!!!!!!!!!

**The crowd roars with boos as Mathis just stands still in the corner with his eyes locked on Vicious. Vicious is standing with a smirk on his face, pacing back and forth in his corner.**

Baby D: And in the corner opposite of Mathis, standing 6’7”, weighin in at 256lbs, from Austin, Texas, THE DISTURBED ONE, THE ONE AND THE ONLY “SICK” NICK VICIOUS!!!!

**The crowd erupts in cheers and Vicious just smiles and bows to the crowd on each side of the ring. Then Vicious looks at Mathis and gives him the finger which makes the crowd erupts. As the bell is about to ring, “Hells Bells” hits the pa system and the crowd is shocked but continues to cheer as the YPW World Champ Diamond Dave appears at the top of the ramp. He has on his silver vest and typical khakis as he makes his way down to ringside. He raises the belt up and then lowers his glasses as he looks at the men in the ring. He then makes his way to the announce table and takes a seat.**

Ricky: What the hell are you doing here Dave?

Dave: Well nice to see you too Boss. I figured that since I beat the crap outta the punk Blade last night, I would come out here and be a fan and watch two beasts beat the hell out of each other. So I figured I’d use my Champ status and get the best seat in the house.

Beckie: Great more ego to deal with.

Dave: By the way B.J. how much you chargin tonight to open that dick kisser?


Ricky: You two chill the **** out! We have a great match ready to start and I don’t want any **** or you are both fired!

Dave: Whatever Dicky, I’m just here to watch this match, tell Big Bertha over there to shut her pie eater and ring the damn bell!

Ricky: What a night this will be….

**SFX: Bell rings..**


Dave: Come on boys,let’s see what ya got!

Beckie: Shut up you idiots…

Ricky: Well these men are circling this structure and sizing each other up it seems, but it won’t be too long before this becomes MATCH OF THE YEAR!!

**The two men stop and then walk to the middle of the ring and stand toe to toe talking smack to each other. Both men are trying to back the other man down but neither is moving but more than an inch. Finally both men back up and lock up in the middle of the ring. Mathis gets a head lock but Vicious reverses it into an armbar then a headlock of his own. Mathis pushes Vicious off and both men pause for a cheer from the fans.**

Ricky: These two men know more about each other than they do about themselves! I don’t know how they can get the upper hand on the other without using some kind of weapon.

**Vicious then turns to show off to the crowd and is caught by a forearm to the back by Mathis. Mathis hits a few more and then slams Vicious down to the mat, he backs up and drives a knee to the throat of Vicious. Mathis then picks up Vicious and locks on a headlock again applying more pressure to the neck. Mathis wrenches on the head but Vicious gets to his feet and lifts Mathis up driving him backwards into the mat! Vicious gets to his feet and starts to kick Mathis repeatedly in the ribs and to the head. Vicious then goes to the corner and gets the bed of nails and drags it out to the middle of the ring.**

Ricky: Business is about to pick up NOW!!

Dave: I Hate this hardcore crap…

Beckie: Then go home, here I’ll take the World Title…


**Mathis trys to get to his feet but Vicious catches him with a hard right hand and then whips him into the ropes. He drops down to give a back drop but Mathis catches him with a boot to the chin bringing him back up, Mathis goes for a clothesline but Vicious ducks, Vicious goes for his own clothesline but Mathis ducks, Mathis then goes for a big boot, misses and is met with a shot of red mist into his face from Vicious!! Mathis blinded by the shot, is then picked up Vicious and whipped hardly into the steel cage!! Mathis lets out a scream as the barbed wire rips his flesh.. Mathis drops to one knee, and is met with a boot to the face from Vicious.. Vicious then goes to the door and tells them to open it and hold it open. Vicious then picks up Mathis and charges to the door and launches Mathis out of the ring through the opening and crashin into the ring barrier!!**

Ricky: HOLY CRAP!? HE just launched him from the ring to the guard rail!

Dave: Kick his ass NICK!

**Vicious just smirks as he grabs a light bulb from the bed of bulbs and gets out of the ring. He stands waiting for Mathis to get up and when Mathis turns around Vicious smashes the bulb over his head shattering glass everywhere! Mathis drops to his knee and Vicious takes a piece of the glass and begins digging into Taylor’s head!! Mathis drops down as Vicious poses to the crowd and throws the glass down. Vicious then walks over to the time keeper and grabs a steel chair. He raises it into the air and the crowd erupts with cheers.**

Beckie: Here goes what’s left of Taylor’s brain!

Dave: I think this is gonna be a short match buds.

Ricky: It will take more than that ****ty chair to put down Taylor Mathis I gurantee you that.

Dave: You know you’re right, watch this.

**Dave throws down his headset and grabs his belt as he makes his way over to where Vicious is standing waiting on Mathis to get up. Dave grabs Nick and asks him to back up, Vicious backs up and Dave begins to wait for Mathis to get up. As Mathis rises up, Dave charges with the World Title, Mathis ducks, Vicious swings the chair, Mathis ducks again and the chair crashes into the skull of Diamond Dave!! Mathis then grabs the chair and lays into Vicious! As Vicious is down Mathis brings the chair back and repeatedly lays into Vicious with the chair!!**

Beckie: Haha, bout time that jerk Dave got what was comin to him!

Ricky: What a move by Mathis, ducking two attacks and getting the upper hand at the same time! Very impressive, this kid is going places in this organization!

**Mathis throws down the chair and looks out into the crowd as blood comes down his face. Mathis then smirks as he looks down at Vicious and then at the barbed wire steel cage. Mathis then picks up Vicious and throws him over his shoulders and charges the cage slamming Vicious back first into the cage. He backs up and does it one more time before dropping Vicious to the ground.. The crowd begins to boo as Mathis just walks around the carnage and lifts the ring apron. He pulls out two tables and then grabs the ring steps. He sets up one table and puts the ring steps in front of the table. He then smirks as he takes a small bag from under the ring and pours the contents onto the table.**

Ricky: NO! He has just poured an entire bag of tacks onto the table. He is gonna send Nick straight to hell and rip his flesh off on the way down!

Beckie: This is what separates the men from the boys. The one who take the risks and the ones who just aren’t tough enough!

Ricky: Mathis has Vicious over by the table now, but Dave is up and tryin to stop Mathis. Mathis layin the right hands on the champ, sending him down to the ground. But Vicious is up!!

Beckie: Vicious is charging at Mathis and is about to make him regreat taking his eyes off the prize!

Ricky: Vicious just leaped off those steps AND OHH MY GOD..

**Mathis catches Vicious, turns, and SPINEBUSTER THROUGH THE TABLE!!!**

Ricky: They both just went to hell!!!

Beckie: Tacks just flew everywhree and both men are down!! Mathis seems to be trying to get to his feet but I don’t see Nick moving ANY!!

Ricky: Right here could end either one of these men’s career!!

**Mathis gets to his feet and looks down at Vicious, then smirks as he staggers back and is held up by the guard rail. Mathis then grabs the other table and takes it to the doorway and slides it into the ring. He then goes back to Vicious and picks up his limp body. Mathis then drops Vicious and looks toward the rampway.**

Ricky: What the hell does that sicko have on his mind? He could very well end Nick Vicious right here tonight!

Beckie: Don’t be so sure, Nick seems to be getting up and he has something in his hands…

Ricky: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!! He has tacks in his hand tape!! He has those tacks ready to bring blood!!

**Mathis goes to grab Vicious and is met with a hard right to the rib cage, staggering him back. Vicious slowly gets to his feet and charges Mathis laying him out with a clothesline! Mathis hits the rampway hard and grabs his head. Vicious’ back is covered in tacks and blood as he has a sadistic look on his face as he approaches Mathis. Vicious picks up Mathis and they head up the ramp and to the backstage area.**

Ricky: Welp, here comes hell to the streets!!

Beckie: This is what people wanna see, two monsters trying to kill each other!!

Ricky: Trying? Hell they just might succeed!

**Vicious takes Mathis’ head and slams it into a brick wall. Mathis leaves a blood spot as he slides down the wall. As he is sitting against the wall, Vicious starts to choke him with his boot and then stomps him a few times in the head. Vicious then looks down the hall and sees the doorway leading outside. He picks Mathis up and makes his way to the door way. He goes to whip Mathis into the door but Mathis reverses and sends Vicious into the door breaking the door open and sending Vicious outside!**


Beckie: Sh*t this is what I get paid to watch, this is gonna be the most brutal match in YPW HISTORY!!

**Mathis follows outside and picks up Vicious slamming his head into a near by car hood. Mathis then picks his head up and slams it down again and again and again!! Mathis then locks Vicious in a suplex, holds him up, and then drives him down onto the car hood!! Vicious grabs his back as Mathis gets onto the car hood and grabs Vicious. They both make their way to the top of the car and Mathis sets up Vicious for what looks to be a piledriver, but Vicious reverses it!**

Ricky: He just backdropped him from that car into the bed of a truck!! That’s POWER BABY!!!

Beckie: OHHHH MYYYY GOD!!! Mathis was launched from that car!!! Both men are busted open and this is great!!

Ricky: Don’t be so sure, because Nick has Taylor and it looks like they are making their way back out here!! Vicious just slung Mathis from the backstage area onto the stage out here!! Both men have to be losing energy from the blood loss but they are showing no stop!!

Beckie: Vicious has something in mind because he is looking at the YPW Logo kind of weird, Rick, this is gonna cost you a pretty penny!!

Ricky: Yeah I know, I’m calling my lawyers right after this show!!

Beckie: Vicious has Taylor next to that glass in the center of the logo, I told you glass was a bad idead you jack off!

Ricky: Like I knew something like this would happen, hmm or maybe I did, sorry I was drunk that day…

Beckie: Wait, Mathis just low blowed Vicious and both men are down. But Mathis is at the feet of Vicious and looks like he is about to lock in a boston crab…

**Mathis holds the feet of Vicious and looks behind him, then smirks as he drops down and slingshots Vicious face and chest first through the glass!!!**

Ricky: HOLY ****!!!!

Crowd: HOLY **** HOLY **** HOLY ****!!!

Beckie: That’s it, it’’s over pin him and get ths over with!!

Ricky: Mathis is going for the first cover of the match, 1…..2…..NO VICIOUS KICKED OUT!!!

Beckie: WHAT!?!

**Mathis has a confused look on his face and slams his hands on top of Vicious. He picks Vicious up and throws him back down the ramp. Vicious just rolls down the ramp and stops at the bottom where he is holding his head and trying to get to his feet.**

Ricky: These men will never be the same after this match! If they ever wrestle again I’ll be shocked!!

Beckie: With these two, I’ll be shocked if they DON’T show up next week in Japan!!

Ricky: Well if they are up to it, the winner of this match will be in action next week but those announcements I will save for the eend of this match!!

Beckie: Mathis is picking Vicious up and it looks like they are going to the ring. Mathis throws Vicious in but he also grabs the steel steps and throws them into the ring. Mathis then gets under the ring and grabs a ladder and singapore cane!! He is looking to end this soon!

Ricky: Now he has that lighter fluid and glass sheet as well as more tacks!!! SOMEONE KEEP THE TACKS OUT OF THE RING DAMMIT!!

**Mathis slides back into the ring but is met by a right hand to the gut but just staggers back, Vicious then with a burst of energy leaps up and charges Mathis, Mathis ducks and both men connect with a big boot!! As both men drop, the arena turns black.**

Ricky: What the hell is going on!? I paid the damn bills I SWEAR!!

Beckie: I don’t think it’s your laziness, I think we have a surprise waiting in that ring, but I don’t wanna know what’s going on!!!

**As the lights come back on, the entire crowd is in shock as they see Blade standing in the center of the ring in between the two men laying in the ring. Blade has a black bat in his hands and is just staring at the men who are laying there motionless. Blade then steps back and waits in the corner for both men to get up. Mathis starts to get to his feet and doesn’t notice Blade. As Vicious gets up, he staggers back and catches himself in the corner. Both men at the same time notice Blade standing in the center of the ring now.**

Ricky: What the hell is he doing here!?

Beckie: Looks like we are gonna finally see just who Blade is here to help and who he is here to lay out!!

Ricky: Blade is staring at Vicious and WHAM! He just laid out Nick Vicious with that bat!!

Beckie: Wait a minute, he is going for Mathis but Mathis was ready for it!!

Ricky: SPINEBUSTER ON THE FORMER CHAMP!!! Mathis was ready for it, he knew Blade was gonna stab him in the back!!

Beckie: Mathis is now getting that table set up with that glass on it, pouring the tacks on it, and pouring lighter fluid on it!!

Ricky: He has those ring steps in the corner by the ring post, what does he have planned?

Beckie: Feel the heat from that table, that’s the heat of hell on earth!!

Ricky: Mathis is draggin Vicious over to those steps and standing on the second rope with Vicious on those steps.. What the hell!?

**Mathis lifts Vicious up and jumps from the second rope hitting a sit out powerbomb through the flaming table!!!!**

**SFX: Glass shattering and wood breaking**

Ricky: Holy hell they just went to hell in a hand basket!!

Beckie: Mathis is going for the cover tho!!


**SFX: The bell sounds and the crowd erupts with cheers for the match.**


Beckie: Go give the champ his belt then boss…

**Riley jumps up, grabs a mic and makes his way into the ring as Mathis is fighting to get to his feet. He gets to his feet and is met by the ref raising his hand! Riley hands the belt to Mathis who raises it proudly! As Mathis is celebrating, Vicious is slowly getting helped up to his feet by EMTS.**


**Mathis raises the belt as the crowd applauds a good match. Vicious then whips Mathis around and the men are face to face. Mathis drops the belt and is prepared to fight. Vicious looks down, bends down and picks up the belt. Vicious then looks at it and holds it out for Mathis to take. Mathis takes the belt and the men embrace in a hand shake and hug!!**

Ricky: Ladies and gents, now for the big announcement, for next week’s event in Tokyo, Japan, Taylor Mathis will face Blade one on one, and Sick Nick Vicious will face THE YPW WORLD CHAMPION DIAMOND DAVE!!!

**crowd erupts in cheers**

Ricky: As we come to a close, please give a round of applause for Taylor Mathis and Nick Vicious, THE XTREME OUTLAWS!!!!

**Riley raises the hand of both men, Mathis raises the title, and Vicious raises his hand as blood pours from the men and the crowd erupts in cheers. JOIN US IN JAPAN!!!**