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The Great Eye
01-30-05, 05:12 PM
(FADEIN: A man standing in front of the old flag of America, with the 13 stars in a circle in the blue field. The man wears blue tights with the Rattlesnake in green on the right leg 'don't tread on me' runs down the left leg. he wears a plain white mask which frames his brown eyes.)

MAN: "Men fought in a war against the world's greatest power. They wanted to be left alone, left free of the armies of the invader, who now was invading their lands, killing without mercy, seeking to control them.

They battled this enemy, and in the end, they prevailed, they defeated the attack."

"What is this I speak of? Vietnam? Am I a nay-sayer and a cry baby about Iraq? No. I speak of America's birth...Born in the blood of tyrants and patriots, born in gunfire cannon shot. A nation forged in the crucible of war, and then reforged in the calm of peace. A nation unlike any other."

"Now this nation is challenged again, by it's government and those who support it, by those who seek to control us all, to enslave us in one party rule. Who seek to turn Orwell's 1984 into reality, not just a mere work of fiction."

"Who am I? I'm the freedom fighter, the rebel...He who seeks to save the land from the likes of such people, who seeks to put all on notice that the truth is at last, to be shown, there will be no more silence from the true Sons of Liberty, no, only protest, only struggle, and in the end, only glory for us.

"My name? What good is a name, if I called myself Paul Revere, you would label me a "Massachusetts Liberal" and quickly have "Revolutionary Milita for Truth" come out on TV and smear me time and again for my lack of honorable service in that war."

"If I was Ben Franklin, I'd be compared to Clinton for the number of women I had affections for, my poor relations with my British supporting son, or worse yet, have my tale of rags-to-riches spun in such a manner as to prove Republican talking points about how anyone can make it from the gutter to the penthouse."

"While such nonsense would assuredly be spit out from all corners, and done so in such impressive anger and rage as to make Ann Coulter's Adam's apple bob with pride...I care for none of it...I go by the name of all who struggle against invasion, the name of all who fight to have their homes rid of invaders from foreign lands..."

"I am the Insurgent...I want my country back...And I follow one simple motto"

"Don't Tread on Me."