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01-21-05, 01:42 PM
All RP for the Television title match between JASON PAYNE and MWG (c) at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Saturday, January 29th. Angles should be sent to sedmunds@goucher.edu ..

Jason Payne
01-21-05, 06:38 PM
The scene opens with Jason Payne sitting down to eat at what appears to be a Waffle House. The camera shows Payne across a table from someone who is not identifiable. Only a blurred shoulder and some dark hair can be seen. The man is sharing a meal with Payne. Payne takes a drink from a glass of orange juice as a small chuckle escapes from his lips. Setting the glass down he looks across the table.

Payne - "Man this sure brings back a few memories. Don't ya think?"

Unidentified Man - "Yeah. Can't remember the last time we sat down at a Waffle House and weren't on the road."

The mysterious stranger takes a bite out of his omelette, as Payne turns and stares out the window for a second. Turning back to his plate, he takes a bite of the hashbrowns in front of him. THere is a moment of what seems like uncomfortable silence before the mysterious stranger sets his drink down from taking a sip.

Unidentified Man - "Caught you on television the other day."

Payne chuckles a bit as he plays with his eggs.

Payne - "Oh yeah? Which show. You know I'm working for four different promotions right now right?"

Unidentified Man - "Four!? I only knew about two. Where else are you working?"

The mystery man takes some more bites out of his omelette as Payne takes another drink from his orange juice.

Payne - "Well, other than New Era (http://fwrestling.com/host/neweraofwrestling/index.html) , I'm also doing shows for Empire Pro (http://www.fwrestling.com/host/EmpirePro/main.htm) . I'm also doing some shows for a small promotion based out of New York called UWC (http://fwrestling.com/host/DamienPriest/UWCWrestling.html), the Ultimate Wrestling Corporation."

The stranger can be heard making a snort.

Unidentified Man - "The Ultimate Wrestling Corporation? Jesus. They don't have big time ambitions do they?"

Payne smiles and chuckles as he sits back in his chair a bit.

Payne - "Yeah well, I promised Matt I would do a few shows for them over there. They are just getting off the ground. In just four months, they have gotten a roster of about 40 guys. Only a few that we have heard of and a lot more that I don't know much about."

Unidentified Man - "Don't stretch yourself to thin. Hell just from the show I saw from New Era, you got your hands full just over there. Sean Senn comes out and attacks your military record, DREDD torches your car, and you got a match with Cameron Cruise to decide a #1 contendership to the Television Title. That's quite a lot for one man. Let alone working for three other promotions. Speaking of which, who is the fourth promotion. You've mentioned only three."

Payne finishes taking a bite of his eggs. He swallows slowly and sets his silverware down.

Payne - "Well, I'm not working with them yet. I signed a contract with New Frontier for Season II. That will probably start here in a couple of months or so, once their finals are done. You been keeping up with that?"

A sigh comes from across the table, the stranger apparentlyot happy with the direction of the conversation.

Unidentified Man - "Yeah. Southern and Manson."

Payne - "I managed to get two ringside tickets for the Final. Want to come?"

The stranger folds his arms across his chest and lowers his head in thought for a moment before responding.

Unidentified Man - "I'll have to think about it."

Payne nods and takes a bite of his eggs. The stranger does likewise and there is a few moments of silence between the two. Payne takes the last of his orange juice and downs it. Setting it on the table, he sighs deeply and looks across the table.

Payne - "Look. I know that you are not happy with the way the business has been going over the last couple of years. And I know you have taken the time off to make up time for your family that was lost to the road all those years. I respect that. When I was injured, I took some time to myself and did my best to forget all about life on the road and the pain that comes from it. I know how you are feeling right now. It makes asking what I am about to ask that much harder."

The stranger sits back in his chair and folds his arms over his chest. He is quiet for a few moments before in a rather low voice he replies.

Unidentified Man - "What do you want Jason?"

Payne doesn't flinch. He just looks ahead at the man sitting across from him. He knows that there are not a lot of people in the world, or even in this business that he can trust. but if he can't trust this person now, then he would be hard pressed to trust anyone else down the line.

Payne - "I have a match coming up for the television title in New Era."

Unidentified Man - "You beat Cruise?"

Payne's stoic expression cracks for a moment as a slight smile forms on his lips.

Payne - "Well, one could say I did...in a fashion. But that's not the point."

Unidentified Man - "And just exactly what is your point?"

It is obvious that the stranger is getting more annoyed by the moment. Payne's slight smile disappears back into the expressionless facade that is his face. Taking a deep breath he continues.

Payne - "I'm not worried about the match. The match I can handle. Even if it is a match against someone who is a cross between Goldust and Sycho Sid."

The mysterious man nods slowly.

Unidentified Man - "You must be talking about MWG. I saw him on the same show I caught you on. Interesting gimmick that one."

Payne - "I'm not so sure it's a gimmick to be honest. But anyways. Like I said, I can handle being in a match with him. But I need someone to watch my back for this one, because I just know that DREDD is going try and get some payback for costing one of their guys a shot at the title, and for smashing their limo with a tank."

The stranger's head twitches in a manner that suggests surprise.

Unidentified Man - "A tank ?"

Payne - "Yes, a tank. And not only is DREDD out for payback, but I figure that Sean Senn is going to try and stick his nose in my business once again. What I am trying to say is, although I usually don't ask, I need an extra set of eyes at ringside for my TV title match at Raucous. I need someone who can keep an eye out for B.S. I need someone I can trust. And you know better than anyone that I don't trust hardly a soul in this world, let alone this business. So I'm asking you this favor. Be in my corner, this one time. Watch my back while I take care of business in the ring."

There is a deep, and heavy sigh from the stranger across the table from Payne. Payne's gaze bores into the man, his face betraying nothing as to what is going through his mind.

Unidentified Man - "Jay, I don't know if I can do this. What you are asking me is something I'm not sure I can do. I'm still pissed off at the wrestling world right now, and you want to drag me back to it. You expect me to just jump in your lap and say yes?"

Payne arches a delicate eyebrow, and a smile forms at the corner of his mouth.

Payne - No asshole. I expect you to be the reclusive and mysterious bastard you have been for the last five years. That is what I expect. Listen, I know that you still have a grudge against the business. And that's fine. It's your beef. But I've worked my ass off to get where I am now. I don't want a group of hemorrhoids coming down to the ring and screwing it all up. Like I said, I'm asking for a favor. I don't expect you to commit to a contract with some promotion. I just want you in my corner for one match. One time. That's it. No strings attached. What do you say?"

The stranger sits still and silent for a minute. He slowly reaches for a glass of water on the table. Taking a slow drink, he sighs deeply. Pushing the plate of half finished omelet away, he slowly stands. Payne looks up at him as the stranger stands, his face still not showing any emotion.

Unidentified Man - "I say...I have to think about it. Thanks for the meal."

The stranger turns and walks out of the Waffle House, leaving Payne sitting there watching him leave. Payne's face never changes despite what could only pass as a mediocre response. Payne looks down at the eggs on his plate for a minute before turning to look back out the window. About the time he does look out the window, two stray dogs are seen walking past the window. The corner of Payne's mouth curls into a smirk as he watches the two strays walk up the street. Nodding slowly to himself, he turns back to his eggs, and begins to finish his plate.

- fin

01-22-05, 07:49 PM
(CUTTO: Krist Blue’s new musty basement apartment, somewhere in the greater Boston area. The tattered sofa from the “promo” that was marred by the death of Johny Havens is in the center of the room. You’ll recognize the chap sitting on the couch, in jeans and a purple Bright Eyes T-shirt, no make up, no shoes, as Em Dubbya Gee. Our subject sits with his elbows on his knees, his jaw rested on his fist, staring blankly at a giant plasma screen TV on the other side of the room. Krist Blue lies sprawled out on the floor, also staring at the TV, in a vomit colored “covered?” sweater three sizes too big for her, and maybe panties, but you can’t tell cuz the sweater is that big….)

“The hardcore legend”
“The IT Boy”
“The American Idol”
“the surreal….”
EM DUBBAYA GEE: Can we PLEASE watch something besides Gilmore Girls for just a few hours?

“America’s Sweetheart”
KRIST BLUE: Ugh….Fine. I should probably give myself a little breather before I watch the one where Rory loses her virginity to Sebastian Bach.

MWG: I thought she lost her virginity to that dumb sexy guy who drove the truck?

BLUE: Um….I think she loses her virginity in a couple of episodes.

(Blue by this point has gotten up and removed the DVD from the player…then collapsed back out on the floor….MWG picks up the clicker, and starts channel surfing…He clicks past Cops, past The Maury show cuz it’s NOT one of the paternity test episodes, past Super Milk Chan….and pauses, when he hits a syndicated airing of an old NFW broadcast….)

BLUE: What the f(bleep) is this?

MWG: Wrestling.

BLUE: What the f(bleep) is that?

MWG: (sighs) I donno…This is a good show though. I think this was the one where Shane Southern and Mike Manson finally kissed.

BLUE: cool….

(Suddenly a look of seething hatred and indignation flashes onto MWG’s face, as they start running hype for Ultratitle. Beau Michaels in on the screen groping a wax stature of Cameron Cruise…)

MWG:….That son of a ***** bastard asshole ****!!!!

BLUE: Who?

MWG: Beau Michaels.

BLUE: Wasn’t that the guy who you fell in love with, and then he just f*cked the snot out of you and wouldn’t return your phone calls?

MWG: Like, I’m SO over that. But EYE’M the insane queer, damnit!!! I INVENTED THAT!!! And this pansy…this priss, this fairy, thinks he can just run my exact same routine on a different show and get himself over?! F(bleep) that!! Beau Michaels would be wearing steamers on his arms and winning with a superkick if it wasn’t for me!! I got Beau Michaels over!! Where’s my big money NFW contract?! I taught Felix Red everything he knows! How come he gets more money and drugs than I do?!

BLUE: Eh…you haven’t been an insane queer for a while. Now you’re just a queer.

MWG: That is SO not true. I’m wicked crazy. I eat babies and have sex with their bodies, like, All the time.

BLUE: Naw. And really, you make out with me on camera all the time. You bit that girls ass the other night. I mean, y’know, not to be a ***** or anything, but that? (points to the screen, where Michaels is jerking himself off so he can rub it on the wax statue) That’s beyond gay. That’s Ultragay. You’re just queer…..

MWG:…..You’re saying Beau Michaels is gayer than me?

BLUE: I’m afraid that might be the case. And maybe the only reason he pisses you off so much….

MWG: Look….I swear, I’ll go next door, suck off all four guys who live there, AND have them bang me. Y’know. In my butthole. With their penises. Will that make me gayer than Beau Michaels?

BLUE: Eh….donno. you would have to swallow all three of ‘em to even come close.

MWG: Ew!!

BLUE: But I mean, hey, who cares, right? You’re like, the NEW TV Champion.

MWG: Yeah, well, NEW sucks.

BLUE: (sighs) Yeah. Yeah, it does….

(CUEUP: “Take it Easy (Love Nothing)” by Bright Eyes…)
(CUTTO: Now standing in front of the NEW logo banner, we find MWG; his black and pink hair spiked up, wearing black eyeliner and purple lipstick, a “FAG POWER” T-shirt with the stomach cutoff, a long black vinyl skirt, the NEW TV title belt stuffed down the front of his skirt, with his hands on his hips, he looks perturbed. Quite Perturbed indeed.….)

EM DUBBAYA GEE: Lemma tellya sumpthin’, (makes quote marks with his fingers) “Jason Payne,” if that really is the best ring name you could come up with….There’s something you should know about me…well, a few things, actually….not all necessarily just about me….

(lights a cigarette) See, it isn’t 1996 anymore. Goldust is wicked old now, and I haven’t the foggiest who this “Sycho Sid” is supposed to be, but maybe that’s because I don’t still have a cassette player in my car or watch Party of Five. There’s nothing antiquated about Em Dubbaya Gee, honey. Em Dubbaya Gee is like, SO the zeitgeist? Did you see the segment on me they had on I Love the 90es part thirty eight the other night? Oh, No? That’s cuz they didn’t do one. I’m serious ass contemporary and modern and original and interesting and stuff. Totally 2004, babe…..er ah, 2005. Whatever.

You might be curious why Cameron Cruise forfeited an important match to you. It’s not because he has his pretty eyes on the world title, even though that’s what he’s prolly telling people to save face, and it’s not because he thinks you’re such a super guy you deserved a title shot more.

Cameron Cruise knows I’ll do some bad things to him as soon as I get the chance. Maybe some nice things to, and maybe I’ll offer to stop doing bad things to him if he does some nice things to me. Okay, so I don’t handle rejection well, and I’m a vindictive passive aggressive ***** sometimes, but I’ve never been able to turn down a free meal, and it’s not like it’s new territory for Cruise….

I find it a little odd that such a big muscley brute military man would need to enlist help to take down sweet little me. But I guess anyone who’s a legit butch wouldn’t have gotten such a hard time off Cammy. I mean…the 70es style facial hair? Playing up the army thing? What are you, like a village person or something?

I don’t find the drama between you and DREDD or whoever particularly interesting. I’m actually pretty sure NO ONE cares what John Doe does at any time. Maybe they’ll come out to mess with you, I donno, but if your close male companion finds anything wrong with what I happen to be doing, I imagine my heterosexual girlfriend Krist will be able to um…”distract” him without much hassle…

And by “distract him” I mean “give him oral sex.” Sorry hun, but when I’m slapping you around, your buddy wont feel like helping.

It sucks that you had to work so hard to get where you are and junk. But so did I. It took a long time and a lot of effort on my part to get ontop of the TV title. And I’m not quite finished with it yet. In fact, if it tries to go to sleep, I’m going to wait a few minutes, wake it up, and start pounding away again. Cuz I’m not ready to come. Not for you. Not for anyone. And that’s a problem for you, Jason Payne….But as long as you’re here anyway, step up to the plate, baby. C’mon. See if y’can jack me off…To the tune of faggot, Faggot, Fffffaggot!!


Jason Payne
01-27-05, 05:20 PM
FADE-IN on Jason Tripp, one of NEW's esteemed broadcast journalists, standing in front of a NEW banner. Wearing a white shirt with red tie, he clutches a microphone with the NEW logo emblazoned across the front. His eyes wild with excitement, he puts the micophone to his mouth.

Tripp - "Fans it's going to be a wild one this week on Raucous. We're going to see Jean Rabesque and Jonatham Marx go at it in a Non-title Flagpole Match, John Doe and Chaos is set to bring down the house. Maybe LITERALLY if Chaos has anything to say about it. But the one match everyone is talking about for this weeks Raucous, is the main event. For the NEW Television Title, the current champion, MWG, is defending the gold against my guest at this time, Jason Payne. Jason step on in here..."

Camera zooms out a bit as Jason Payne walks into the shot. His shoulder length dark hair pulled back behind his head, he stands a good foot taller than Jason Tripp. His eyes hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses, he places his hands on his hips as he looks down at Tripp.

Tripp - "Payne, after the STUNNING turn of events last week, you now find yourself in a TV Title match this week on Raucous. Could you maybe speculate as to what made Cameron Cruise commit the actions that he did last week?"

Tripp raises the mic up a bit as Payne turns towards the camera.

Payne - "Well Trip, I didn't come out here to talk about Cameron Cruise. But I will say this. Me and Cam have known each other a long time. The only thing I have to say to him right now is, I know why he did it. Only two competitors like ourselves could fully understand the logic behind what went down last week. I have the utmost respect for Cruise, and I know he says the same of me. He has higher goals in mind and that's fine. But what really matters is the here and now, and that means, I have a title match this week that I have been waiting for since BattleBrawl ended."

Tripps nods and pulls the mic down to himself again. Payne turns and looks down at the seemingly dimunitive Jason Tripp as Tripp prepares to ask another question.

Tripp - "Indeed so Payne. You versus MWG for the Television Title. What are your thoughts going into this match this week? Your opponent is surely very unorthodox. I don't think he is quite like anything you have faced in the ring before. I mean here is a man that openly remarks about doing some, some, well, pretty open things to you in the ring. How does that affect Jason Payne's gameplan going into the title match this week?"

Payne turns towards the camera and the lines in his face tighten a bit, and his voice shows through a hint of agitation.

Payne - "The fact of the matter is this Trip, it doesn't affect Jason Payne's gameplan whatsoever. You know, MWG can come out here week after week and talk about how he wants to have Cameron Cruise suck him off while Krist Blue watches and fingers herself on an inflatable couch while watching re-runs of Dif'rent Strokes and having an orgasm every time Gary Coleman says 'What'chu talkin' bout Willis?' You really want to know what I think about that? I think it doesn't have a damned thing to do with what is going to happen between those ropes this week on Raucous. I don't think that has a damned thing to do with what I am going to do to MWG. And contrary to what my opponent might think, he surely is NOT going to like that I am going to do to him."

Tripp makes disgusted faces as Payne mentions MWG, Cameron Cruise, and Krist Blue, and the actions he involved with those three. Tentively looking up at Payne as he pulls the mic down, he clears his throat.

Tripp - "That's rather...interesting Payne. MWG mentioned something this week about you needing help in this match, and the Internet is all abound with rumors that you are going to show up at Raucous with a bombshell of a surprise. Can you comment on that?"

As Tripp holds the mic back up to Payne, something that could almost pass as a smile comes across his lips. Of course, it could have just been an itch.

Payne - "Well, it seems as if MWG has gotten a hold of some wrong information. You see, it seems that he thinks that I need help in order to take him down in this match. Thing is Em, I don't need any help at all. Hell, you're doing most of the work for me, because the more you open your mouth, the deeper the hole you are digging for yourself. You can talk about Krist's "special abilities"...and by "special abilities" I mean how she sits on the couch eating ice cream till her fat ass spills out of her pants and how she goes to get liposuction every week so that she looks good on TV. Listen up Em, and listen up good. This week on Raucous, this isn't about why Cameron Cruise rejected you, and it's not about me jacking you off. What I am going to do is jack you up in ways you haven't thought about. What this is about, is that Television Title. The way you parade around here with that belt in your pants, humping it like some sort of depraved dog, is a disgrace. And it's a disgrace I'll be all to happy to do away with come Raucous, when you're on your back staring up at me holding the TV Title over my head."

It is clear from his face that Payne is teetering on the brink of exploding in anger, but he holds it in check as he turns back to Tripp. Tripp's eyes a bit as he watches Payne, but he forces himself to carry on with the interview.

Tripp - "Payne last week on Raucous, you drove a tank into the arena and ended up crushing DREDD's limo. Aren't you concerned they are going to interfere in your title match?"

Tripp raises the mic back up to Payne who turns and faces the camera again very slowly.

Payne - "I fully expect them to make their presence known in this match. But now because I crushed their limo with a tank, but because the main event spotlight is not going to be on them for once. So yes, I fully expect them to interfere in my match. But that's fine. Let em come on down if they really want to. Cause I guarantee you they and everyone else will be in for a little surprise."

Tripp nods and pulls the mic down. A big smile spreding across his eager looking face.

Tripp - Payne is facing MWG for the TV Title, THIS week on Raucous. Payne, any final thoughts?"

Tripp raises the mic to Payne who turns fully to the camera. The camera slowly zooms in on Payne's face as he reaches up and removes the sunglasses from his face. His eyes burning with intense anger, the lines in his face tighten.

Payne - "This week at Raucous MWG, you are going to find out why they call me the Dog of War. Because it is going to be a war for that TV Title. And you, and anyone that tries to stick their nose in my business, whether it be your precious Krist, or DREDD, or anyone else, they are in for a very rude awakening. You see, I don't care for your perverse orientations. But I will tell you this. When the war is over, and you're laying exhausted in the ring. I'm gonna be the one on top."

Payne's face shows no hint of humor. Just a very overt sense of aggression, and intesne focus as his dark eyes bore holes into the camera. FTB

01-28-05, 08:09 PM
(CUEUP: “Method Acting” by Bright Eyes…)
(CUTTO: NEW backdrop banner promo. Krist Blue, in a blue vinyl mini skirt, black “Not my president” Punkvoter.com T-shirt and a leather jacket is throwing a hissy fit, lips quivering, balled fists, nose running a little, eyeliner run down her face by dried tears…A nervous looking MWG is standing a few steps behind her in the leopard print trench coat, pink boa, long black skirt, and the NEW TV title over his shoulder…)

“America’s Sweetheart”

Oh my god, Jason Payne…You are like, SUCH AN ASSHOLE!!! I never said or did ANYTHING bad to you. Like, I guess I never did anything nice for you either, but maybe I would have if I had ever met you….So, what, you think just because you’ve got a match with Em that you can just go ahead and talk sh(bleep) to me?!?! (bites her lip, and winces a little upon doing so…)

(MWG puts a hand on Krist’s shoulder…)

MWG: Hey Krist, sweetie? Maybe you should rela-

BLUE: (throws off MWG’s hand, and keeps yelling at the camera) I’m NOT F(bleep)KING FAT, ASSHOLE!!! I’M NOT!!! I hope Em f(bleep)king rips open your chest cavity and f(bleeps) you in your right lung!!! I hope you f(bleep)king DIE!!!....(starts sobbing…MWG steps over to give her a hug, but she just yells something incoherent and runs off, MWG staring blankly after her….Then he lights a cigarette and turns around to address the camera, deadly somber…)

“The Hardcore Legend”
“The American Idol”
“The TeeVee Champeen”
“The Surreal….”

EM DUB-A-YAH GEE: So um…Jaypay? Did you know that one out of every five teenage girls suffers from an eating disorder?

Remember back in grade school when all the other kids called you names like Fatty McFat, Tons of Fun, Thunder Ass, the Hostess, the Ultimate, and M and M…before it was cool to be called M and M, of course…How ‘bout a couple of years later, when you weighed 60 pounds cuz you hadn’t eaten anything without promptly wrenching it up in the girls bathroom? How ‘bout all the counseling ‘n therapy ‘n whatever that came afterwards?

Oh, none of those things ever happened to you? Then maybe you should watch your ugly f(bleep)king meathead mouth….

Krist hasn’t eaten anything since she saw your last promo, y’know. We even ran out of amphetamines for a while, and she STILL wouldn’t go near food or booze. It’s been all water and celery sticks. Her skin’s starting to turn green, hun. It’s rather unsavory…

Did it occur to you that just because she’s only my heterosexual girlfriend didn’t mean that attacking her like that wouldn’t turn this whole thing personal?....

I didn’t used to be this well maintained glamorous starlet, y’know. I used to be a much angrier person. The whole mid-90es goth monster craze with the jumping through tables and setting each other on fire? I was all about that. I found out the other day my segment is going to run on I Love the 90es part four hundred seventy four. It’s like, y’know, doable. I’m gonna get to go in and be on the show, and maybe meet the guy who played Johnny Bluejeans on Viva Variety….

Back then, There weren’t any dildo on a pole matches, or heart shaped boxes of candy or puppy dogs or snuggles any of that. It used to be primarily about blood.

I’ve been having fun so far, Jaypay. I’ve been grabbing people’s asses and watching them dance around like they’re the queen of France afterwards. I’ve been drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonade with the Olsen twins, watching the WB on DVD, and debating whether Conor Obsert is cuter than Orlando Bloom. Now you’ve gone and spoiled my fun, and for the first time in recent memory I’m feeling just a touch violent.

Well, (chuckles) okay. I lied…Actually I’m feeling real f(bleep)kin’ evil.

And I guess it’s like…fate, or something. Cuz I have my reputation to maintain, y’know? I have to prove that I AM the original and only true insane queer. An insane queer wouldn’t just try to f(bleep)k you, Jaypay doll, he’d cut your feet off, make you wear them as a hat, and THEN f(bleep)k the sh(bleep) out of you…

John Wayne Gacy style, babycakes. You and 68 other strapping young men with cavernous buttholes buried under the concrete in my basement.

El Arco Iris wouldn’t get me mad enough to do something like that. John Doe wouldn’t get me that mad either. Cameron Cruise would be too much of a *****….But you? You were too stupid to know any better….

The best part is I wont have to deal with the guilt or feel hollow or anything like that after we’re done. Because it’s gonna be for a good cause this time. The original good cause, in fact. Y’know? Like Lancelot and Gwenevear, or Spiderman and Mary Jane, or Tom Arnold and Roseanne Barr….I’m not just going psycho for me, kids…I’m going psycho for my heterosexual girlfriends honor!! Yeah!! Party!!!...(breaks into a six step break dance move, while swinging the TV title over his head like a lasso…Then jumps up and down a few times, and keep talking…)

I, Em Dubbaya Gee, and going to give the wrestling world yet another first ever…I’m not just going to pin you, Jaypay, and I’m not just going to hurt you.….I’m going to beat an apology out of you. I’m gonna bleed your insensitive macho dickhead persona right out of your major arties, until you tearfully, desperately, more sincere then you’ve ever been in your whole life, tell Krist you’re sorry for calling her fat. *That* is how badly I’m gonna f(bleep)k you up.

Vengeance, darling. Vengeance to the tune of Faggot, Faggot, (flicks his cigarette butt at the camera, Razor Ramon style) Faggot. (FTB)

01-29-05, 05:25 PM
"Since we're letting it all hang out Em...."

(Fadein on Cruise in front of an NEW ERA backdrop.)

CRUISE: Then in your saying your piece and "JayPay"....as you are so inclined to call him....is saying his...then I'm sure that the “The Hardcore Legend”....“The American Idol”....and "The TeeVee Champeen” and "The newest old-school queer this side of Amsterdam"....wouldn't have any problem setting aside a moment to allow my two cents.

First off, I really could care less about whether or not you think of me as a *****....or a d*ckhead....or whatever it is that you do think of to say my way when it comes to my taking a second thought to saying something even REMOTELY CLOSE to an attack against you.


Because I simply don't give a sh*t about you Em.

I really don't, and if you think about it, I haven't really made any kinda substance of thought to attack you since it was you, Payne and myself back at Battle Brawl.

Fact of the matter is kid...is that I'm not in it....for the TEEVEE Title.

Not to say it's a respectable belt....hey...if you're a champion of SOMETHING, then apparently it says alot about what you do to achieve that status.

As far as my losing to Jason....well....it's not like you give a damn anyway, so why should I even bother?? Sometimes things are meant to remain unsolved, and perhaps one day that reasoning for what I did will be revealed.

But just for the sake of the argument....let's put it like this: I've got other goals on my mind than to stick around arguing with you and Christina all day about which chick is the better lookin' broad on "One Tree Hill" or whatever it is sitcoms you waste time watching.

Which....I'm sure she's dyin' to ask....


Whether or not you're fat, that's none of my business to say really, so I'm about ninety-nine point 8 percent sure that that's one part of this whole charade that's goin' down that I'm not touching, because frankly Miss Tubb o' Goo....

Changing this from being business to personal would REALLY be a waste of my time, don'tcha think??

Beside's from what Karla tells me and Mercy....you've barely been able to wrestle yourself out of nylons and make-up at the end of the day....since when do you have time to worry about weight??

(Flips the bird and smirks)

But forgive me from straying from the original subject at hand which...by all recollection...I agree on a couple things.

Iris maynot anger you enough.

Doe couldn't even trigger something that would even the least bit do one better....not that he ever could.

And I still could give a sh*t less.

About your whole debacle with the producers of VH1, your apparent new vendetta with Jason.

Or you.

And to be honest Em....at this rate....I probably never will.


Jason Payne
01-29-05, 07:31 PM
FADE in on the bleak and downtrodden town that is Payneville. It is mid afternoon yet there is no sun. The light can barely make it through the thick clouds and the sheets of rain. The camera pans downwards between two condemned building to find a lone figure in a leather duster walking through the rainstorm. The camera comes to rest near the ground as the man walks up to the camera. The raindrops fall on Jason Payne's face as he stares steadily ahead, seemingly unaware of the weather going on about him. Stopping for a moment to look off in the distance, he continues walking past the camera. The camera turns and follows Payne, slowly rising as he walks into the distance.

Payne V.O. - "Your future is as bleak as the weather is MWG. Whether or not you know it, the minutes till your time as T.V Champion are counting down. In fact, the minutes left in your career might be counting down as well. You see, whereas my comment about your girlfriend may have reawakened the violent side of you. You should only be forewarned that the violent side of me has never left. You want to talk about feeling evil? About you being an insane queer? Well, you're half right. You're just queer. And you're not even very good at that"

Camera fade to another shot of Payne rounding the corner from where he was walking before. He walks towards the camera, his eyes straight ahead the entire time. The wind picks up a bit and it blows the rain into the camera, causeing small blurry droplets on the lens.

Payne V.O. - "You want to know if it coocured to me that attacking Krist would make this personal? Hell yes I knew. And so far, it is having the intended effect. See Em, it doesn't bother me that you want to beat an appology out of me. It doesn't bother me that you want to gut me like a fish and have sex with the remains. But it apparentally bothers you, and your .....friend, to the point that you have to wonder. What am I going to do next. You're off kilter now Em. You think I'm stupid to know better than to set you off this way? Far from it. It's pure fu-beep-ing genius because now I have you right where I want you."

The camera sweeps low to Payne's feet as he walks past so close that you can see the raindrops running down the sides of his black cowboy boots. The camera swings around facing Payne's back, showing him walking away as it FADES-INTO a shot that faces a deserted street somewhere in Payneville. Payne walks into the shot and stands directly in front of the camera, looking off into the distance. His eyes intenetly focused on something that can't be seen. His hair wetted down and hanging loosely from his head, he looks down at the camera.

Payne - "Em, Krista, this isn't Parker Lewis: Can't Lose. It's not Party of Five. It's not even Beverly Hills 90210 before it got crappy because most of the original cast left. This is the real world. And not the MTV Real Worl. It's the real world where you are going to have to step into the ring and face the most violent, sadistic person you have ever faced. Krista wants you to rip my heart out of my chest, and fu-beep in the lung. You want to cut my feet off and make me wear them as a hat while you have sex with me. You know what I want? First I want to tie you up in the ring ropes. Then I want to pull your tights down so we can all get a good laugh. After that Im gonna take a razor blade and slice up your penis real good. Then I'm going to take a bottle of alcohol and pour it all over your johnson and sit back and watch the festivities."

The camera zooms in on Payne's face as he finishes.

Payne - "And that's not even beginning to scratch the surface of what I would like to do to you. And Krista, you should thank me. Because once I get through pummeling Em into a bloody Beau Micheals looking pulp, I'll take you on a date. Just a little place I like to come to whenever I need a quick bite to eat..."

Payne looks up and walks past the camera. The camera turns and follows Payne. Payne walks towards a building that has boards in the windows and yellow "DO NOT CROSS" tape covering the door. Payne rips the tape off and enters through the door and disappears. Camera zooms up onto the sign of the building that is almost unreadible.

"P__nev_ll_ He_lth Food_"

Camera holds steady on the sign as we FTB.

02-02-05, 07:23 PM
(CUTTO: MWG sitting on the bathroom floor in the blank skirt and a pink boa, nipples newly pierced, glancing at a hand mirror while he’s putting on lipstick…)

EM DUBBAYA GEE: Oh, Cammy? Um, like wow. I’m so touched you took the time out of your busy schedule of masturbating and crying yourself to sleep to tell the world you don’t give a rat’s fuzzy little bum about me….You think you’re so cool just because you’ve had sex with Beau Michaels like a bah-gillion times, and the rest of us have only got to bang him once…

All I’m saying is this….

You want to prove your marriage to Beau is a sham, right? You want a divorce or an annulment or whatever? Well then all you have to do is have sex with me. And let me video tape it. Then when it circulates all over the internet, everyone will know you’re a swingin’ bachelor again….

I want my revenge against Beau Michaels, you want an end to this marriage business, and we’ll both make like, a bunch of a money off marketing the tape. We can call it “MWG comes on a Cruise” or “MWG and several of his friends from the Man-Hole club ride the Cruise ship,” or something. So everybody wins this way. (smacks his lips, making a little “pop” sound, and puts the mirror on the floor.)

Whaddaya say, hun? Are you game? (smirks and raises and eyebrow)

02-02-05, 08:27 PM
(Fadein, the Cruise home, back patio. The camera locates and finds a hammock tied from one end of a tree to the other, the wind blowing slightly as the person that turns over is none other than Mercedes Devon, dressed in blue jeans and white tube top with her hair in a ponytail. Putting down a novel, she looks up and smiles at the camera, letting her her right leg fall out of the hammock and dangle just abit.)

MERCEDES: Now Madonna, I know how much it pains you to see me and my husband free up a spot in the cellar for you do take over Beau's duties as the house maid-slash-dog, but I'm afraid that we just can't accept your offer. Besides....with the cardboard box that my husband set aside for Beau to use as bedding now a mess...it's going to take wonders now to get things situated and back to normal.

But if you're really lookin' for a good time....word has it that Ryan Anne Madden and Carlee Marx host the most exsquisite parties for loners like you and Kristina.

Why don't you go give them a call?? I'm sure they'd LOVE to have you.