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01-21-05, 01:41 PM
All RP for the non-title FLAGPOLE match between JEAN RABESQUE and JONATHAN MARX at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

Each opponent's home country's flag is suspended above the ring. The goal is to climb a ladder, get your flag, and put it in one of the two flagpoles that are behind the turnbuckle pad.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Saturday, January 29th. Angles should be sent to sedmunds@goucher.edu ..

01-24-05, 06:10 PM
(The screen comes in on Jean Rabesque, dressed in the normal gear, New ERA World Heavyweight Title draped over his left shoulder, he looks into the camera, takes a deep sigh, and speaks)

“So there you guys, you finally got the big one you wanted. You beat me in a match, now granted, you really didn’t pin me, but I’ll give credit where it’s due, congrats! Alister’s tough, and you pinned him, so therefore, you got the job done. I’m not sure really where that gets you, or what it all it means, but I know you’ve been hurting for it. And I will admit that I wish I could have gone in front of my Canadian brethen and put on a better show than the one I did before.

“Yes, I am a proud Canadian, but that’s the extent of it. I am a bit frustrated by this spin management has been trying to put on me. I have absolutely nothing against The United States of America. Hell, I live there the majority of the year. It’s nothing against Canada, but I have to go where the jobs are. I have been nothing but supported by the fans in the U.S. They have been enthusiastic and really picked me up at some down moments.

“So.... why am I being subjected to this? Yes, I am proud of my country, I am proud of my heritage, but I’m not on some kind of quest to prove national superiority. Now, yes, I am out to prove superiority.... against Jonathan Marx, but do we really need to have some kind of flag pole match?

“I am more than content to walk out into the middle of the ring and to take on Marx. We could have the wrestling exhibitions of wrestling exhibitions, a show that they might talk about for years. But no, the management in NEW isn’t happy with that, they’d rather put the finest two technical wrestlers in New ERA in some kind of gimmick match. Am I the only one who sees a problem with this? Hell, you want me and Marx to really get something accomplished? I’d settle for bashing a chair over his head, but I have no need to prove my country is better than his. And it’s not like Marx is some kind of brow-beating American. This is just pointless.

“But I guess there’s just a few ways I can go about this. Marx, I’m going to look at this as just one more opportunity for me to beat the living hell out of you. And I’m sure your little b(FCC)h John Doe will be at ringside, continuing to ride your coattails to becoming something credible. And I’m sure I’m going to have to take him out.... again.... just like I have to do time after time.

“The fans in Canada are going to get yet another treat, they’re going to get to celebrate their national flag being raised to the rafters, but that’s not why I’m doing this. I’m doing this to entertain the fans that have deserved to see a show like this for too damn long. I’m doing this for every young Canadian, and hell, American young man that wants to see how this business should be run, who wants to someday walk in our shows. I’m doing this to influence others the way that both Jonathan Marx and I were influenced by others growing up.

“It’s not about any kind of national superiority. And if the management is trying to get that out of me, then they might as well go looking in another direction, because it’s not going to happen. The champ is here dammit, and the champ is just about ready to do what he does best. If I have to knock Marx out, and then go and get a stupid little flag, so be it.

“No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am the New ERA World Heavyweight Champion...... and you’re not. I am Jean Rabesque.”


01-26-05, 10:58 PM
(The Canadian Press is assembled in a conference room at the Radisson Downtown adjacent from the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. There is a screen pulled down at the front of the room and a projector in the middle of the aisle.)
::Jonathan Marx walks out dressed as a general and everyone stands as he enters the room as he walks to the podium::

JONATHAN MARX: Greetings everyone and thank you all for coming on such short notice. My friends, it brings me no great joy to come here today to say that your Canadian hero Jean Rabesque is a fraud which is why I have to win this match on behalf of DREDD.

::loud gasps from the room::

JONATHAN MARX: He is a traitor to all of Canada for he holds a dual citizenship in both Canada…. And the United States of America.

::more loud gasps and a woman is heard falling out of her chair::

JONATHAN MARX: Someone get that poor woman some water. ::lifts up a piece of paper:: I have in my hand documented proof that what I am saying is 100% correct. I know I have had issues with Rabesque in the past and so some may say that all this is a blatant attempt to tarnish his name, but he is making a mockery of all things Canadian by standing behind that Canadian flag as some sort of hero to you all. But as grisly as the truth man be, The question you have to ask your self is, if he passes himself off as the legitamite NEW World Heavyweight Champion, when he is not, if he passes himself off as being Canadian, when he is not …. What other SECRETS is Rabesque hiding from you all that he doesn’t want you to know? In an attempt to do my duty as a citizen, I hired a private investigator who has provided me with the following photos. Hit the lights Brandon.

::the lights go off, Marx walks over to the projector and turns it on::

JONATHAN MARX: Before I show you this first picture, I must brace you for the fact that it may morally outrage some of you attending here today. It is a picture of none other than Rabesque and Beau Michaels together in a very compromising position…

::the room starts whispering to each other as Marx reveals the first picture several people use the lords name in vain.

Yes, this is a picture of Rabesque and Beau Michaels together…. At a hockey game in TEAM USA jerseys during the Olympics.


Calm down, there is more horror to come… I have found proof that Rabesque not only it traitorous to his country, but this supposedly moral man worships Satan himself in the privacy of his own home.

::Marx reveals the second picture and several people are shocked::

This is a picture of Rabesque with his arm around a life size statue of Michael Manson in his memorabilia room at his estate. He seems to have every piece of memorabilia ever sold of Manson including his jock strap, simply because he wanted to say he held it.

::laughter from the crowd::

If that was merely the end of it, we may be able to dismiss Rabesque as a confused old man going through a mid life crisis who has made his share of mistakes. But take a look at the charities he supports…

::Marx reveals the third picture and the crowd is stunned::

This is a picture of Rabesque at a Pro-Cancer fundraiser with his arm around Corey Dillon. One can only imagine that Dillon is sharing the secret of how to be a champion by hooking up with a franchise from New England by abandoning where he is from.

VOICE FROM THE CROWD: Cancer is bad.

Cancer is indeed bad, but it isn’t as bad as what Rabesque did to a poor young woman when he was in his mid twenties and had his way with her and left this poor boy without a father to guide him and because of that, he was forever trapped in his childhood.

::Marx reveals the fourth and final picture to the shocked crowd::

As that picture says, that is a picture from Day One, Rabesque is holding a young EL ARCO IRIS with his mask on posing for a Polaroid taken by a member of the hospital staff rocking him in his arms to sleep and till this day, El Arco Iris still doesn’t know Rabesque is his father until I just revealed it just now.

REPORTER FROM THE CROWD: This all seems unbelievable, how do we know all of these pictures are photoshopped?

JONATHAN MARX: Would I risk DREDD’s reputation on spreading these lies? I had all of these photos tested by the New York Times and authenticated each and everyone one of them. If I am lying, let lightning strike me down.

::Marx looks up::