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01-21-05, 01:38 PM
All RP for the NO HOLDS BARRED match between JOHN DOE and CHAOS at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

You can do anything ... you can go anywhere ... but you can only pin, and be pinned, inside the ring...

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Saturday, January 29th. Angles should be sent to sedmunds@goucher.edu ..

John Doe
01-21-05, 03:22 PM


A room full of TV sets. All of them playing a different piece of John. The switch to moves, video clips, interviews. We see John come in from the left side, wearing a camouflage, no face paint though. He looks dead at the camera as he begins to speak.

“Hello, Chaos.”

“And welcome to my world. This is the world of John Doe, the main stay of everything I have accomplished and failed upon. This room represents my future and my beginnings. “

We turn to one of the TV’s that is playing Battle Brawl and Chaos hanging from the Steel Cage

“Chaos, you’re a powerhouse to New Era, a destructive force to sports entertainment, now did we really screw you out of your title? Do you ACTUALLY believe you would have defeated Jean Rabesque, you failed at it once, twice…three times? Maybe I am over doing it, but does our interference to the match actually change anything? No.”

“Chaos, you wouldn’t have won any ways, and the fact is you should be HAPPY we invaded that steel cage.”

“Number one: We saved your career, sure we almost made you pass out from hanging you from the ceiling, but if you were in that ring any longer Jean would have ended you RIGHT THERE.”

“Number Two: we opened new doors for you. Now your vision is more open, you see and look before you enter the arena. Checking your back to make sure DREDD isn’t there. We made you equal with us.”

“Chaos, I personally have no grudges towards you and before we were jammed in this little conflict that we are now, I was hoping….PRAYING that you’d strip Jean from his title. But the apple does fall short of the tree and now you are in a No Hold Barred match against me.”

“A match that could end my career, possibly yours. You have aggression in your body Chaos, I sense it when I walk towards your locker room, and that aggression is going to be brought forth at Raucous, but let me warn you before hand Chaos.”

All the TV’s start to show the Raucous where Chaos man handled Doe backstage.

“Your aggression may be great, it may consume every but of your mind and body. Hell, you may be ready to rip my body from limb to limb, but the minute you snap, the minute you begin to lose your baring, that’s when I start to figure you out”

“Your anger is your ONLY tool Chaos, what happens when it fails you out? Your strength, it may do you good in the ring, but does it allow you to take a chair shot to the head? Your anger may be strong, but does it stop the blood from exiting your body?”

“Chaos you are a human being, JUST LIKE ME. You have bones that can be broken, you have flesh that can be torn. And at Raucous your muscles are not as strong as your third layer of skin, and you anger is not going to help repair your bones after they shatter.”

“Chaos, you hold the same options I do, you can break my body, you can tear my flesh, but there is a difference between you and I. Every shot makes me stronger, ever drop of blood pushes me harder. The bones may crack, but my spirit repairs and then my true attack happens.”

“Bring your anger, bring your hate, because I am ready for it, the question is, are you prepared to suffer with me Chaos?”


01-25-05, 06:11 PM
(The camera opens upon the tall figure of Chaos standing before a NEW banner. He's dresses in plain street clothes except for a brace around his neck. He winces as his head moves from side to side)

Chaos: So here we are John? Is this what you really wanted? I don't know what makes me feel sorrier for you. The fact that all you are can be played upon a few TV sets inside a small room. Or soon...very soon...you'll have to get in the ring with me.

(He leans forward and points at his neck)

Chaos: See John...you did this to me. You cost me not just ME the NEW Heavyweight Title. I had Jean beat, I had him in the Python-Lock and he was asleep. Then, you came along. You came and ruined my title shot. I shouldn't been surprised. After all nearly every match I've been in lately I get attacked by someone. I think what made me most upset is when I found out it was you John. You?...that was the most insulting.

(He shrugs)

Chaos: You see jean was done...finished...I had the title in my hand? But what would you know about that John? What would you know about any belt? The work, the sacrifice, the desire. After all you’re just a lackey for Marx? Another man who wanted everything handed to him...didn't he? While I fought and fought for my title shot...he hide behind a mask to scared to show his face. All along there you were nose to ass behind him.

(He nods his head)

Chaos: Am I right John? Because where is your glory? Where is your gold? When you guys filled my locker with sh*t John...let me ask you...were you doing the shoveling?

(He smiles wide)

Chaos: I bet you were John. Because that's what you are...just a lackey? Riding the coattails of slightly better men. Now you try and jump real high in order to reach mine.

(He chuckles slightly)

Chaos: Well John, it's not going to work. You didn't save my career, you put your own in danger and do you really think you lowered me to your level. Made me equal to you and Marx?

(He mocking looks left and right wincing as he does)

Chaos: Sorry John...I'm not watching my back for either of you. I've walked alone in the NEW for along time. Neither of you will change that. If the best you can offer is placing crap in my locker and placing a couple boxes in front of my door. Well that's not very impressive. Hell it's show me your more afraid of me then I am of either of you.

(He holds up his hand)

Chaos: Wait...wait John...I know you'll disagree, I know you won't admit it, but the logic is there. Hell I’d explain it right now, but I'll get much more satisfaction from you wondering why?

(The smile returns to his face)

You'd tried to bring me down you your level john, but it's not going to happen. I'm much, much more then just strong and angry. Just look at my career compared to yours. I could walk away tomorrow with my name and body intact. You John...you'll be getting breakfast for the group or asking Marx how he likes his collars starched and his shirts pressed. That's your place in DREDD John. Nothing more then the common mule.

(He leans forward and snarls as he points to his neck)

Chaos: Yet you did this to me John. You let me beat the crap out of you in return once and I got NOTHING from you back. Now in the ring when that bell rings...it's NAYTHING GOES!!!!!!! NO RULES!!!!!! NO REGULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! You right John...you right about one thing.

(He cracks his knuckles loudly)

Chaos: This match...WILL BE THE END OF YOUR CAREER!!!!!!!!! WHAT LITTLE OF IT THERE WAS!!!!!!!!!

(He rubs the brace around his neck, turns his back and walks away)


John Doe
01-27-05, 12:24 PM

We come into a library where John Doe sits. He has a book open, a Webster Dictionary on the table. The camera’s come up to him as he looks at them.


“An odd place for us to meet. Let me read you something.”

“Main Entry: cha•os
Pronunciation: 'kA-"äs
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin, from Greek -- more at GUM”

He peers into the book using his finger to run across the words.

”1. obsolete : CHASM, ABYSS”

“As we can see, we have hit one point to the name of Chaos, to the deffination that it holds, that is, obsolete. Now, does Chaos, the wrestler, have an obsolete trait?”

“Now that I look deep at the facts, I see that, yes Chaos does indeed have obsolete traits, skills, impulses, that drive him to think that he is one step above that game, that he is ABOVE the law, which we all know is ignorant, and yet more so, just plain fatuous.”

“In fact, the only thing that is going to be obsolete is Chaos himself after this match, him riding on his high white horse of a personal vendetta with me, shall….and will be his downfall.”

“2 a often capitalized : a state of things in which chance is supreme; especially : the confused unorganized state of primordial matter before the creation of distinct forms – compare COSMOS”

“Where CHANCE is supreme. Chance is one of those things that just is out there, that can just HAPPEN. Chance is nothing more then an idle state that can just appear and some how land upon your shoulders. Chance is a game that I always play.”

“See although I have never held any titles, as Chaos put it, I did fight for one and did in all fail to win it, but you did also Chaos. You failed to achieve your own goals. And yet you have to nerve to lecture me on my own failures when you yourself couldn’t defeat the same man.”

“Chaos, your to inept to compete with a man of my stature. Looks like your chances are slowly dwindling”

”3 a : a state of utter confusion”

“Mass confusion is exactly what is going to be going on during all of this. The confusion of what happened, how did I come about fall to a man like him, and the thoughts will blind your own mental process.”

“The speed of my attacks will not just confuse your own mind. But it will confuse your own eyes. You will be covered in a set full of crates, tables, and other equipment. Not just because you were to busy wondering about me, mainly because my agility will be nothing more then a blur, an utter guerilla attack to your body.”

b : a confused mass or mixture

“And finally, a mass that will be lost. The fans will be wondering what happened to Chaos, how did this underdog rise to defeat him. What caused this defeat. And the only answer will be, I was a better man.”

“I was the star, I was the great, I was the perfection. You may be a contender to the title, but I am a god amongst men. And this is not the end, this is just the beginning of a long tread. I am starting the chain, I am setting the bar. And this Chaos is your wake up call. You may not see it now, but I am as good as you. I just haven’t received the same push.”

“But in all good time I will be risen above the rest, and I will soar amongst the greats. I will be recognized not as just a man that defeated Chaos. But the man that but Chaos in the E.R. The man that didn’t defeat a legend but DESTROYED the myth. I will be recognized as John Doe.”


01-27-05, 07:51 PM

(We see Chaos sitting in a folding steel chair before a NEW backdrop. He leans forward with a copy of Webster’s Dictionary in his left hand. His right rubs the brace around his neck as he lower it to flip the page. He closes the book sharply and nods his head in inhales and exhales loudly as he thinks to himself for a moment and then looks towards the camera)

Chaos: Funny John. That's a nice try...that's a nice deduction. You look up my name in the dictionary...to what affect...prove some sort of point? Or just for once to come off sounding intelligent? Because John...a simple question in the form of a famous phrase renders everything you just asked as mute. So look it up...and maybe you'll understand what I mean when I ask...WHAT'S IN NAME?

(He stands up, his seven foot frame towering high and tosses the dictionary aside)

Chaos: Because Chaos is just that John...it's a name. It's my ring name...it's a nickname I got working in a Las Vegas bar when I was just out of High School. Drunks would walk in...Get out of line, my boss would point to me and inform them...I was the only chaos in his bar. Then I'd politely escort them outside and really look forward tot he fools who weren't willing.

(He shrugs his shoulders and sighs)

Chaos: The name stuck and when I started wrestling and needed a ring name...some dime bag promoter who knew me...sent me out to the ring...called me Chaos and the rest is history. I worked my way up, got a shot at the big leagues and here before you stands the man named Chaos. But John...

(He points his finger at the camera)

Chaos: John you want to be recognized as John Doe, what you don't realize is you are. You are a John Doe. By definition you are just a hypothetical average man. If that's what you desire to be John then you've already accomplished that. You don't need me to help you become less relevant. You need me to be something better...to be a name. Because otherwise you’re just as I described.

(He chuckles slightly)

Chaos: You’re a lackey. Your Marx's lapdog. Your there to fetch his slippers, run interference and shovel sh*t. That's your role John. You attained it...you want to be just an ordinary average man and that's what you are.

(He steps forward and looks down)

Chaos: Because...YOU’RE NOT GETTING PAST ME!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at you John...I hear you talk, I hear you make promises, but that's all it is talk. There's no expression on your face, no desire in your eyes...no passion whatsoever. It's just like you were in your last promo John...just an average guy reading from a book. Hoping...dreaming that you'll be something more...

(His eyes narrow)

Chaos: WELL THAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!! You want to put me in the E.R.? GO AHEAD AND TRY!!!!!!!!!! You won't be the first and you won't be the last. You want to make a name for yourself by going through me?...GO AHEAD AND TRY!!!!!!!!! There have been plenty of guys like you before. You want to soar with the greats?...NEVER HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!! Why?...well that's real simple John. You can be the king when you’re holding his coattails, you can't be the lead horse when your staring at the ass of the man in front of you and John...you can't be the star when you try to drive your road of fame through me. It's not going to work John...Why?, because your John Doe...just an ordinary average guy. That's just what you wanted to be.

(He leans back and smiles wide)

Chaos: Ah, but John there is another use for the term John Doe that I find very amusing. It's the name they give an unknown dead body. Some poor useless soul that's ended what little usefulness he had and nobody bothered to come and claim him

(He points at the camera)

Chaos: Is that what you want to be recognized as John?

(A wide smile crosses his lips)

Chaos: Well John....then I’m more then happy to comply. Because when this match is all over...you'll have ended what little usefulness you had...Even for Marx. See ya John and remember I'm only giving you exactly what you asked for

(He laughs loudly, turns his back and walks away)



John Doe
01-29-05, 01:22 PM


A convention of doctors and nurses. Inside the Raddison Downtown a couple hours after Marx’s press holding. John Doe enters to the right of the screen.

Doe: Thank you all for attending this short meeting over the discussing if Chaos is fit to enter this match up with me. In my personal opinion I do believe that Chaos may suffer some extreme injuries that may cause him to be released from the sport for many weeks, possibly months. I’d like to welcome, Vice President Juliet Marceau if you will please rise.

Juliet Marceau rises from the front row waving to the back of the room as she takes her seat.

Doe: And also, my associate Jonathan Marx, who will be doing the slides.

MARX: Glad to be here John!

Doe: Ladies and gentlemen, you are all prestigious medical staff members and all have encountered severe cases of injuries, now what I am trying to say is what are the chances of Chaos walking out of this match?

Doctor: Well, it all depends on his strength. A man can take many blows to the body, now if you are speaking on blows with a weapon, well it all depends.

Doe: Depends on what doctor, his muscle mass?

(Another doctor rises from the crowd.)

Doctor: Well, what you are also excluding is if he is mentally strong, anybody can take a blow, but if he is not strong enough mentally to take it, then it all depends.

Doe: Mentally strong, if you will show the slide Jon.



Marx: Mentally Strong indeed! As you can see there is not much within the skull which brings up the main question, is he even mentally strong enough to be pinched. Now looking at other features of his brain. We can see from this map of his brain.



Marx: There is not much working up there. The brain is composed of anger, ignorance, and otehr realted features. Honestly, in a medcial state the man wouldn't last agaisnt a man that has actual logic.

Doe: Thank you Jonathan.

(Once more a doctor from the back rises.)

Doctor: May it be something from his childhood?

Doe: Good question. As we all know, when children are abused, or made fun of as a child it all builds up to there adult life causing anger, depression, ETC. Thi is lead but severe anger, or sometimes hate to otehrs, more likley is the fact that when a child is assulted physically, mentally or emtionally his anger drvies him, it is the only thing that keeps him alive. Thus, we have a man that is driven on the pain of others, just like others were driven on making him hurt.

(Crowd murmurs)

Nurse: What do you believe caused Chaos to be like that?

Doe: Yet another good question. Chaos, must have been tourmented as a kid for him to bring up so much anger within him, something in his mind must have cracked, and yet we think we have the answer to that question, we found an old photo of Chaos. Jon, if you will show the picture.



(Crowd laughs)

Doe: and that is the exact reaction I would have expected, see he was made fun of so much as a child he was brought to a life style of violence and hate. This is why he may be hurt severely in this match up.

Doctor: Listen John, this all doesn’t make any sense are you telling us that Chaos is not able to wrestle in this match up?

Doe: No, that is not what I am stating, what I am saying is Chaos is not fit mentally to compete in the ring with me. He is going to end up in a coffin, or the hospital.

Doctor: Can you be more clear about how this match is going to happen, what is going to take place, so on?

Doe: Ah! What I was hoping for someone to ask! Jonathan will you play the clip! This will explain EVERYTHING.



01-30-05, 12:54 AM
(Laughter is heard inside the MTS Centre as heavy footsteps can be heard inside the empty arena. A clock on the wall reads 11:35 PM. The tall figure of Chaos steps over the top-rope of the ring and smiles at the camera. He looks around imaging the cheering crowd that will fill the arena the following night. He surveys the arena one more time as the starts to clap his hands in mock applause)

Chaos: Well done John...well done. I must abmit, you sure know how to waste my time. Even better...you know how to waste your own.

(The smile fades from his face as he stares into the screen)

Chaos: What's wrong with you John? Don't you have any pride? Don't you have any skill? How about balls John? You got a pair of them, maybe you should have the doctorlook while you there. See John me and you...we're two different people. When I'm attacked...when I'm confronted...I go ahead and meet the challenge. You John?...well yuo hide. You run away.

(He points towards the camera)

Chaos: After you cost me the World Title John...I was angry, you've gone to great lengths to point that out. How angry I am. So what did I do John?...well you showed everyone in your first promo. I went and beat the HELL out of you John...I beat you down and I enjoyed it. yet in return you showed me your true colors. See John you didn't get me back. You avoided confrontation. Sure you did Marx's bidding and shoveled sh*t into my locker. I've seen you speak...yuo shovel alot of that. Yet above all you AVOIDED confrontation. You did NOTHING to get me back. I considered you a coward for that.

(He shrugs his shoulders)

Chaos: And now here...again...I've called you out. I've called you a lap dog, an ass kissser, a fool, I've taken every chance to point out just how little you've dine inside a wrestling ring and need to rise the coatails of Marx in order to get ahead. What do I get in return?

(He smiles wide)

Chaos: I get a sixth grade stick figure cartoon and you ONCE again not defending yourself. Just more holow threats that you AREN'T going to back-up. See John you HAD the chance to take me out. You HAD a noose around my neck and the chance to break it. Yet John you weren't man enough to carry out your masters bidding. You let me go, you let me off, you didn't carry out what you were ORDERED to do. Now, with only a few hours left...due to that mistake...I'm here to challenge you.

(Again he shrugs his shoulders)

Chaos: But yuo won't answer the challenge. Despite what I've called you. Despite how I put you down, you won't talk to me.

(He points to his chest)

Chaos: SPEAK TO ME JOHN!!!!!!!!! Look in the camera and tell me why I should be afraid? GIVE ME A REASON TO FEAR YOU? SHOW ME SOME PRIDE? SHOW ME SOME SPIRIT!!!!!! SHOW ME SOME EMOTION!!! SOME HEART.....SOME BALLS!!!!!!!!!!

(He shakes his head and speaks)

Chaos: Yet you avoid me John. You putting on this slide show proves to me that you don't have the WILL, THE SKILL OR THE TALENT!!!!!!!!

(The smile slowly returns_

Chaos: To be in the ring with me. You can avoid the verbal argument al you want John. Go ahead...I'm tired of hearing you talk. Except John you have a big problem..

(The camera pans to the clock on the wall which now reads 11: 50)

Chaos: It's almost bell time John...and when that bell rings and we're in the ring. Well you won't be able you avoid me then. You won't have any games to play or slides to show. Try as hard as yopu can to avoid me, but it won't work. I'm going to put you down. beat you like the ordinary average man you are. I'm going to leave you laying on your back, OUT COLD FROM A CHAOS BOMB AND REAKING OF FAILURE!!!!!!!!!!

(He grows quiet)

Chaos: In other words John...I'm going to make you just one more lost John Doe. It's what you asked for...and It's what I'm going to give you.

(The camera zooms in on the clock. 11: 59


John Doe
01-30-05, 01:23 AM

New Era Raucous backdrop


“A man is a much higher being then a child. He is more mature more intelligent and knows when to hold his own barring. He has risen above from an immature child that finds his own amusement by saying butt. And yet we come down to the final minutes where we must see who the BETTER man is. Well we all know who that is.”

(points to himself)


“See Chaos you have proven a great point amongst us MEN. That you are nothing more than a child. You yet to call me a coward. Well let me explain what a coward TRULY is.”

“You attacking me behind my back, is cowardly. Yes unable to be a true man and face up and hit me face to face. And yet you come and call me the coward. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately Chaos?”

“I am a true man. And like a man, will PUNISH a child for his insolence, for his pure ignorance about the world around him. You Chaos are the child. You are the own that must be shown that you are futile compared to us. And why are you a child?”

“You brought up the fact that I haven’t attacked you, that I haven’t shot back at your comments. Why? Because why should I go and ARGUE with a man that has his ego so tight around him, that it suffocating the real world.”

‘I don’t attack you out of nowhere Chaos. I keep my PROFESIONALSIM in the ring, that is where this battle is. Your right, I had the chance to take you out, but I didn’t, I have the chance to put you in a wheelchair the REST of your life, but I didn’t. Call is cowardliness, I call it professional curtsy”

“I avoided you Chaos, not because I fear a half witted man, it is because I find no use arguing, I find it irrelevant, because of one good reason.”

“It doesn’t matter”

“Whatever I say goes in and out of you, you have not taken in one damn thing that I have said nor anyone for that matter. You think I want to sit here and waste my time talking to you. No.”

“You say I am Marx’s lap dog, well let me put it this way. Marx didn’t set up that attack at the PPV. I did, Marx only knew something was up, he didn’t even want to know. I did it my self, I put the noose around you I hosted you in the air and I let you go. It was my will, my own doing. I was the one that ordered them to cut the bottom of the ring.”

‘Seems the information you received is a little off course.”

“See Chaos, you may say I don’t have to will, but you could have easily came out and stopped us from your great chance to win the title. But you didn’t have the will to continue, if you wanted the title so bad, you would have risen up with all of you WILL and would have stopped Jean Rabesque from winning.”

“Hell, I didn’t have you hanging long enough to knock you out. You just couldn’t carry on, you couldn’t grow your spirits high enough.”

“Chaos, you aren’t ready to be a champion. You were ENVER ready, you are to hung on yourself, to indulge in your own skills, that you have excluded everyone else and focused on #1!”

“Like I said Chaos, nothing more than a child that is whining over a lost toy.”


“Looks like someone needs a time out….”