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01-21-05, 01:37 PM
All RP for the match between CAITLYN DAYMON and WHISPER at RAUCOUS to determine who gets the title shot at the PPV should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Saturday, January 29th. Angles should be sent to sedmunds@goucher.edu ..

01-26-05, 05:07 PM
Open up on a darkened room. There is but a single source of light, located in what may as well be the center of the room – the shadows hide everything but a single space. Filling that space is a young woman, clad in all black. Her deep red hair falls all about her face, obstructing any view of it. When she speaks, her voice is hushed, almost to the point that you must strain to hear it.

WHISPER: All that I have accomplished…victory…a win…and it still it matters not…

Karla Starr still has her shiny belt…she is still the NEW Women’s champion…despite my efforts…my hard work…my VICTORY…she is still confident in her methods…she remains standing still…in dark, stagnant waters…oblivious to The Light…

The cheap way…the easy way…the so-called “Alpha Female” still lost…but it was still the easy way…to keep her title…

I have not met a finer warrior than Caitlyn Daymon…you are technically sound…you are proud, but not overly so…you know what it takes to win…and more than that…you are a woman…a mother…your dedication extends beyond combat…it seeps into every part of your life…The Light is truly guiding you…

Light does not shine on in vengeance, though…and your blood feud is about your honor…your pride…and that is where you are failing…for no matter how firmly entrenched you are in The Light …you are still able to step into the dark to fight…

I see what this woman has done to you…and yes…Karla has made your life miserable…she has slandered your reputation…both as a warrior…and a mother…simply by referring to the other side of your life…she does not understand balance…as a trademark of The Light…she does not see that the one makes you strong in the other…

Her actions, though, have cost you much, as much as her words…your shot…your chance to be in the match with me and the others…to take the title that your dedication has earned…

Her actions have made you weak, Caitlyn…they have steeped you in darkness…in my title shot against Starr…your music distracted her…a dirty trick…the kind that I expect from her…always from her…but you?

You want blood…that is understandable…but you must realize how much blood will darken your accomplishment…how blood will stain this victory…how it will solve nothing…

If Karla loses due to vengeance, and not justice…if your blood feud carries you past her…to the belt…then she learns nothing…she sees nothing…it means simply that she was right, all along…and she will come after you…to avenge her lose…to pay you back all those dirty tricks…and she might beat you with them…as you beat her…

I do not wish to see her…broken…bloody…I wish her merely beaten…I want her to see that her side cannot win…that The Light always prevails…With me, the fight is not personal…it is righteous…and it must be done…my way…

Caitlyn…you are in danger of treading in the darkness…a line must be drawn…here…now…and it seems that I…am the only woman capable of doing it…The road to Karla Starr goes through me…Reaching her means abandoning The Light…and so…for your sake…and for hers…you will not beat me…you will not pass me…and at International Intrigue…the title will return…to the only place it can truly gleam bright…the title will return…to The Light…

Fade to a white screen. The word “Whisper” briefly fades into view, stark black against the pure white, and then fades out again.

01-29-05, 07:08 PM
OOC: I want to begin by apologizing to everybody in NEW for being inactive as of late without excuse. It took me a while, but I finally decided that I'm still interested in roleplaying, which is a good thing. I'd also like to apologize to Jason for not getting this roleplay any sooner. If it's alright with Sean, I have no problem with allowing you an extra 12 hours or so to write up a response. I'd also like to apologize to Tom, for leaving him in the dark for the past couple weeks. ;)


(We fade in on an elaborately designed backdrop emblazoned with the Daymon twist logo in shades of blue, black, and green to the tune of "The End of Heartache" by Killswitch Engage. The music fades out as Caitlyn Daymon steps before the camera, looking remarkably fit in a tight fitting Lacuna Coil tank top, her hair pulled back into a pony tail. She tightens the straps on her fingerless gloves as she walks into the frame.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Hello, America. Long time no see.

(She looks up, and her brown eyes meet those of every man, woman, and child watching at home.)

Caitlyn Daymon
I suppose I should start by apologizing for my sudden absence from the professional wrestling scene in the past month. It's been a hectic time for me at home in Tacoma, and the routine visits to court in the past week haven't made things much easier on my part.

But the good news is, everything's been taken care of. I'm coming back into the ring, more determined than ever to succeed using my wits, experience, skills, and a little desire that's been burning my ass as of late.

That desire is vengeance.

(Her eyes close and her head lowers slightly. There's the slightest sense of exasperation in her tone, but she keeps her composure.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Karla Starr escaped me at Battle Brawl... she escaped me again at Rapture... and just recently, set up a restraining order that disallowed my entrance into the arena at Raucous. But much to my delight, in my mailbox today I received a brief memo from New Era Wrestling, complete with a line-up for Raucous.

I saw my name put up next to Whisper's... and in fashionable printing, an added stipulation.

Whoever walks out of that ring with the win meets Karla at the Pay Per View, with the belt on the line.

(Arms cross over her chest, Caitlyn bears a half-smile that indicates everything she desires based on expression alone.)

Caitlyn Daymon
You can say what you will about having that belt, proving yourself to be the finest women's champion in the industry... but it's all irrelevant to me.

I could care less about the belt. The thought of having Karla Starr alone in the ring with me with nothing for her to hide behind is all that keeps me going.

Finally, I have the opportunity to live that dream.

The only person who stands in my way is the only competitor who I can fully take my hat off to.

(As a sign of respect, she nods slightly to the camera.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Whisper, you know I respect you for your discipline and skill. You're one of the few people left in this league who carry themselves with a little pride and dignity. When I step into the ring with you, I know I can expect a fair, challenging match. I know I'll have to give you ever ounce of strength I have, and you will do the same for me.

But all that aside, I need to be frank. Whisper, you need to cut the crap.

Every week, it's the same old thing with you. "The Light"... "the darkness"... yadda yadda yadda. We've all been hearing this stuff come out of your mouth since the day you arrived. Like a broken record, you repeat this theology of yours on the airwaves, no matter who your opponent is.

It was great the first few times, but I'm going to need to step up now and drop a bombshell on you: nobody's buying it. I'm not. I'm sure the Women's Champion doesn't have any thoughts about the difference between light and dark, and how that affects her performance in the ring. Hell, look at the men in this federation. Do you think champions like Jean Rabesque and Madonna Wayne Gossard worry every time the step into the squared circle whether or not they're leaning to the good or bad side?

If you answer yes to that question, then I'm going to have you admitted.

(Taking a deep breath, she continues on.)

Caitlyn Daymon
It's bad enough that you have to repeat yourself through every promo... but I was shocked to discover in that last promo addressed to me that you seem to think I'm going toward the darkness. Is that right, Whisper? Are you suddenly NEW's resident Obi-Wan Kenobi, guiding young Jedis of the ring away from the Dark Side of the Force?

Please spare me next time, Whisper. The most accomplished athletes in this business aren't made by a shade of brightness. Hell, if you look through the record books, I'm sure that you'll see that most champions in professional wrestling history were all egotistical assholes. I don't think there's a finer example than Karla Starr, come to think of it.

But now, you have the gall to call me out on morals and ethics?

(She scoffs, unable to grasp her opponent's views. She shakes her head, eyes looking into the camera for an answer that could never be given.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Let me get something straight, Whisper. I didn't escalate myself from the role of loyal, curvacious valet to becoming one of the best athletes in women's professional wrestling in order to play the game nice. I play only to win.

I'm sorry if you've been misled into thinking something else this entire time. The fact is, I play to win by my own terms. The fans come to love me. The critics laud me as a "Fan Favorite". Even you compliment my character with your praises. But no matter what people think of me, I'm always the same person inside.

And when someone like Karla Starr steps on my toes, you better expect that I'm going to get angry. Maybe if you'd been in the same position, you'd see that as much as you'd like to be that nice, respectable person, you can't cope that way in the real world.

Life is a *****, Whisper. It doesn't mold itself into a perfect world where good things happen to good people. And if you want to survive, sometimes getting down in the mud and fighting dirty is your last resort.

If you aren't ready to go that far, Whisper, then you aren't ready to succeed.

(She pauses for a moment, perhaps to let this sink in.)

Caitlyn Daymon
You're right about one thing, though.

I want blood. I want to see Karla's body lying broken and unmoving on the mat. Simply pinning her shoulders to the mat won't be enough to satisfy the fire burning within me.

I'm touched that you feel designated to step in and to guide me back onto the right path, but I don't need your help. Nor am I going to let you prevent me from finding vengeance. There's nothing you can do to stop me.

If, by tough luck, I perform badly at Raucous and you get the win, it won't matter. Karla Starr WILL meet me again. It's only a matter of time. Maybe a few weeks... months... years... but it doesn't really matter. I'll have my chance at her sooner or later, and I won't rest until then.

(Caitlyn makes a fist with her right hand and grinds it into the palm of her left to capitalize this point through gesture. There is a look of determined intensity in her eyes.)

Caitlyn Daymon
It's your very philosophy that says I've been weakened by Karla's mind games. But I would disagree. If anything, they've made me stronger, more determined to meet her at the Pay Per View, to beat the living daylights out of her and walk away with her only true accomplishment, the Women's Title. My rage keeps me going, Whisper... it gives me a reason to put 110% into every match, because I know with every victory, I come a step closer.

I look at you, and I don't see that same strength. You're a talented athlete, I'll admit, but it's unclear whether or not you can handle Karla Starr a third time. Twice, you've failed to pin her shoulders to the mat in singles competition. Naturally, you can argue your case in regards to that last match, but the point is, you didn't get the job done. I stood by my husband for many years as he competed through various leagues, and many times, like you, after failing to do what he set out to do, he'd concoct an excuse in order to save his pride. It took him a few years until he realized he was simply denying his own inferiority. He was dismissing the fact that he couldn't be better than the other man in that ring.

You're acting just like him, Whisper. You're making excuses. But now, he's matured, and I know better than to dodge around the facts. When Karla Starr beat me in a matter of seconds at Battle Brawl, attacking me from behind after I had just survived a series of exhausting battles, I didn't complain the next day by saying I had it there in my hands. The truth is, I gave it my all to beat you, Jane Doe, and the rest, and when Karla stepped in, I was burned out.

I was... beaten.

(Looking down, Caitlyn shakes her head with disappointment. She sighs again, almost heartbroken.)

Caitlyn Daymon
And that's why Karla has that belt now.

But I'm going to redeem myself, Whisper. I'm going to fight Karla Starr at that Pay Per View, and I'm going to do the job that you failed to do on two occassions. And then, I'm going to do more...

Just because I hate that ***** with every fiber of my being.

(Caitlyn's gaze goes off camera for a moment, and her eyes narrow as she thinks to herself everything Karla Starr has done to make her life difficult. After a moment of deliberation, her view comes back to the camera.)

Caitlyn Daymon
There's no pride at stake in this match, Whisper. I will take no pleasure in hurting you when it comes time for us to square off. Whether you win or lose, my opinion of you as a professional wrestler will never change. But I won't allow you to steal this opportunity from me when you haven't the passion to take it someplace...

I won't let it happen.

(Looking away, Caitlyn saunters off of the set. We fade to black as "The End of Heartache" fades in again.)

02-01-05, 06:28 PM
OOC: No problem Ryan, glad to see you on the boards either way.

(Fadein, Starr in front of an NEW ERA backdrop, with a wicked smile on her face, checking her makeup in the reflection of the NEW ERA' Women's title.)

STARR: Well look what the CAITLYN dragged in!! Gee-whiz Caty-Bear, all of us here sure did miss you!! As a matter of fact...how was the Grey City of Boredom?? Didja have fun??

Considering the idiocy around this place Caitlyn, it's a tragedy I couldn't provide you with company considering what I've got for competition.

After all...if you whores actually think you can beat me then maybe you ARE crazy.

But seriously chick....it's good to see that there's someone else around here that's retained some kinda decency of smarts in that brain.

Ya know....from all the Moonshots you've all received it was really starting to bother me to see if all the tramps around here even knew what Whisper was talking about.

After all....Sara's been tippin' back on Grandpa's old medicine so much that you could turn on a flashlight in her face and she'd think there was a second coming of Faux God to save everyone from all that's "Evil".

Fact of the matter is Whisper....I am the Alpha Female of this company and has been the Alpha Female from the beginning...something that you really don't know anything about.

But being that your lil' red-headed-step-child of a sister wants to keep taggin' along and confusin' you from whats REAL....allow me to bring something LEGITAMATE to LIGHT.

I AM the NEW ERA Women's Champion, and what that mean's you fool, is while I am the BEST at what I do....when I'm in the ring....I don't have to even BEAT YOU to DEFEAT YOU.

Hell...as long as I have this around my waist...I darn near can even decide if I want to even SHOW UP. Either way...you're the one, just like everyone else....that has to either make me submit, or hold me down for three seconds.

And to tell the truth honey....like I always do....whether or not you want to hear it....I don't see it happening anytime soon, not last week, not at International Intrigue, not ever.

But bringin' Daymon back in the mix does actually force me to agree AND disagree with her on somethin'....

One....I'm not just an egotistical asshole. That takes timing and precision.

Just ask Randy Moss.

Two....since the two of you think that you're the better tramp who will only get to come to International Intrigue of a repeat performance of from yours truly and get beaten once again....Caty-bear....perhaps just as quickly as the last time....Sara...by my wits....at least allow me the honor of placing my bets on who's going to get knocked more silly than the other.

After all....this surely is going to be one for the ages, right??

Therefore, while I was at Raucous last week....I made a couple decisions of my own.

Not only will I be at ringside to watch you two sluts waste air-time....

I'm going to be there to make it worthwhile.

As a referee.

(Starr smiles again.)

Good luck girls.....'cause if I have it my way....and I WILL....you're gonna need it.