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01-08-05, 07:05 PM
All RP for the Tag Team Battle match between DREDD (John Doe / Jonathan Marx) and ALISTER HAYZE / JEAN RABESQUE at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

A Tag Team Battle match means that there will be an agreed stipulation between the two teams that will be announced before the match takes place.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Saturday, January 15th. Angles should be sent to secandido@comcast.net ..

01-09-05, 05:10 AM
::Marx is in his den, looking at a display case with various titles and trophies his father Arthur Marx won when he was still wrestling, Marx turns to the camera both sullen and angry at the same time::

JONATHAN MARX: All of my hard work, all of my father’s hard work, all of the hard work of the legends who made this sport….

I will NOT let you ruin all of their blood, work, and sacrifice… I will NOT let you destroy our history like it has been destroyed in the past for we are a product of both the past and the present and we cannot let the mistakes of our fathers be repeated if wrestling is going to become what it once was.

You all want to kill this sport, you want it all over ridden with hippies, fascist Bradshaw wannabes, and men even older than Mister Melton, but I won’t let you. I’ll be damned if I let you kill this sport without a fight because I believe in the dirtiest word in the human language…. ::whispers:: wrestling.

If I have to bleed for my cause, I will. If I have to driven into a wheelchair for my cause, I will. If I have to die for my cause, I will. I believe in wrestling. I believe in everyone here in New Era has it in them to realize their greatness and restore wrestling back to what it once was and I will not rest until it happens.

Rabesque, this isn’t about winning, this match is about making sure that by the end of the night we have inflected enough damage on you that you lose your NEW World Heavyweight Title against whoever wins the World Heavyweight Title shot. This is about restoring the title to someone who deserves to be champion and who can carry it with honor like the late Mister Tact.

Prepare yourself because your day of reckoning is coming and we will make sure that you DREDD every day and night until your title reign until over. That Rabesque is a promise.


01-10-05, 04:26 PM
<I>Fade in on a familiar clip, presented to us in obvious-flashback rose-tinted gel: <b>Alister Hayze</B> walking around backstage at the latest Raucous. He passes a pile of haphazardly-stacked tables. Unbeknownst to him, John Doe rises up from behind those tables, a handkerchief in hand. He pounces on Hayze, cluching one of his arms in a chickenwing, and holds the handkerchief over Hayze‘s mouth. Hayze stuggles for a moment, then passes out. At Doe‘s signal, “Gentleman” Jonathan Marx, Carlee Marx, and Brandon Jacobs emerge from behind more tables and approach, laughing. Jonathan Marx holds in his hands some electric shears. He clicks them on, then leans over and slowly begins to run them through Hayze‘s shoulder-length blond hair.

Slowly fade to black, then to a shot of Alister Hayze, his hair now shorn down to the closest buzz-cut that you‘ve ever seen, sitting atop his dirty red van in a parking lot. He‘s wearing a NEW T-shirt, jeans, and an expression of pure contempt on his face.</I>

<b>ALISTER HAYZE</B>: Now that…<I>that</I> was petty. I understand, Jonathan, that you don’t like Jean Rabesque as the champ. I understand that you want to take the title from him. That’s okay. That I get. I mean, it is the World championship of the hottest promotion going nowadays. And I understand that maybe you’re a little miffed that you are LESS THAN yours truly, that you just didn’t have what it takes to beat me in the tournament to determine the number one contender. I mean, you were warned, but still, I can see why you’d be upset. It’s, you know. Understandable.

But what I don’t get, what I don’t understand, is why a “gentleman” of your caliber, why a guy like you, would choose to take out your frustrations in such a…

<I>Hayze’s lips curl into a sneer as he brings up his hand to briefly touch the side of his head.</I>

<b>HAYZE</B>: Personal way. I mean, that was down and dirty and nasty, especially coming from a guy that is so concerned with --

<I>His voice now drops to a quiet, menacing whisper.</I>

<b>HAYZE</b>: <I>Wrestling.</I>

<I>He sneers again, shaking his head.</I>

<b>HAYZE</B>: Because the shears, man…that’s not wrestling. When Jean Rabesque hit an elbowdrop and pinned Chaos in that cage match…that was wrestling. When I pinned you with a small package…that was wrestling. And when you come out on TV and cut a promo for our upcoming tag match and completely ignore yours truly…Well, that’s not wrestling, and it’s not exactly smart, either.

‘Cause you know…in case you forgot…I am the guy that eliminated you from the BattleBrawl…and I am the guy that eliminated you from the World title tournament. And that was when the only time our paths had crossed, “you,” or rather, “some <I>other guy</I> in an Antaeus mask,” jumped me. That’s all. And that’s fine, you know. Backstage attacks, that’s nothing. But this --

<I>He points at his head.</I>

<b>HAYZE</B>: This is personal. You jump me in the back, I take it out on you in the ring, and we can both go home. That’s fine. But you break out the shears, and suddenly I’m not the same ol’ Al when I grab my stuff and walk out to my wagon. That bounce in my step seems a lot less buoyant. My stride seems less joyful without the old mane flowing out behind me. And the question becomes: if I was able to eliminate you from a battle royal <I>and</I> a tournament when it was just business…now that it’s personal, what’s to stop me from just eliminating you from wrestling altogether?

I now have the motivation for that, and it’s really all your fault. You made this personal, so you could really say you brought it all on yourself. And it’s not like you succeeded at anything, either. I mean, yeah, you shaved my head. Big whoop, man. Even without that hair, I am still…so…<I>very</I>…pretty, and now, you are topping my sh<FCC>t list. What you did was instigate a world of hate, and it’s all heading your way. Doe likes to think he’s the leader? That’s fine. Rabesque can handle him. But you? You’re mine, asshole. All mine. Do you remember, back before our match on Rapture, when I made the somewhat boisterous claim that in the squared circle I am like unto a GOD? It’s still true. And now, all of my holy, god-of-wrestling vengeance is focused squarely on you. Yes, I know Doe doped me up. I know that Jacobs and your twisted little sister laughed while it happened. But you were the instrument -- the TOOL, if you will. And because of that, because you are such a TOOL, my crosshairs are positioned directly at your forehead.

What you did at Raucous? That wasn’t that dirty little word you love. That wasn’t wrestling. And what I’m going to do to you in the tag match? Well, that won’t be wrestling either. What that will be, is justice. What that will be, is a lesson to anyone that thinks it’s a good idea to get personal with Alister Hayze. What that will be, is your punishment, your purgatory, your hell. What that will be, is me…shaved head and all…breaking you.

<I>Fade to black.</I>

<b>V/O</b>: This has been a 901 production.

John Doe
01-10-05, 08:36 PM


John Doe, siting on a stool his hands claps together as he looks dead center with the camera. He gives a hard, cold stare.


“The fact is hippie boy that you can make it as personal as you want it to be.”

“Cause it’s not going to change one damn thing around here. You wonder why Jonathan Marx and the rest of DREDD shaved your head, you wonder why everything has started this way. Well it all goes back to square one Hayze, it all starts with YOU. You wonder why this has all fallen upon you, you think we just attacked you for no reason, that this is all a mix up that we are assholes.”

“But let’s take a look back in time, a look into the past, back to Raucous On Demand in San Diego, California.”

[CUTTO: A Black and white film of Alyster Hayze in the ring with New Era President Juliet Marceau]

(The crowd explodes as Marceau’s interest is getting replaced by fear, as Hayze drops the grin.)

HAYZE: “Because it was with that kiss that everything became completely clear to me. With that kiss, the events of the past months came into crystal clarity. The fact of the matter is, you’ve been playing me, Ms. Marceau… playing me for a fool. And while women have always been known to make us Hayze men act a little crazy, no one… NO ONE… makes me into a fool.”

GHEORGHE: “It looks like Hayze has finally seen the light!”

(Hayze suddenly lunges forward, grabs Marceau, sweeps her off her feet as they do in the movies, and plants a long, wet kiss on her. She struggles at first, then slowly calms and embraces the moment.)



FADEIN: Black and white yet again

(CUTTO: Backstage. Vice President Juliet Marceau is walking around the lockerroom area.)

MARCEAU: “I’ll ****ing teach him. You don’t mess around with Juliet Marceau and still have your balls in tact at the end.”

(Marceau walks up to the door of a dressing room. She stops and smiles.)

MARCEAU: “Perfect.”

(Marceau knocks on the door and then goes in. The camera fades out as the door shuts, revealing that the dressing room she just went into belongs to that of DREDD!)

FADETO: John Doe

“See Hayze your actions cause consequences and one of those is what is happening to you as we speak. You think we want to waste out time beating you up buying hair clippers and attacking you. No it’s because our great Vice President is slipping us a couple more hundred in our checks.”

“And you are right Hayze, this has nothing to do with wrestling, this has nothing to do with taking you out before each match, this has nothing to do with me you Marx, or even DREDD, see you caught yourself up in a wheel, you but yourself in this position. And you think we are doing it for the upper-hand? No, it is all because you did a big no, no.”

“So don’t come saying Marx is an asshole, or I am an asshole, because we are being TOLLED to do this, it’s what our boss demands, and I am not going to get fired because some to bit hippie gets pissy over his bosses orders.”

“As for Rabesque you are going to get yours as well, and don’t count on your little hippie buddy to help you out when we beat you senseless. Because if you think this match is going by the rules then, you are more Canadian then we all thought.”

“OH and Hayze, at least we had the decency to make your hair even. It looks good on you.”


01-10-05, 08:43 PM
::Marx and Jacobs are sitting down in front of the television, relaxing after a hard week::

BRANDON JACOBS: I have never been able to understand what possessed the characters from the Jungle Book to open up their own air courier service.

JONATHAN MARX: There is only so much swatting flies off your bum you can take before you realize that you’ve had enough.

BRANDON JACOBS: Plus Rebecca Cunningham was hot, Baloo had to be awfully lonely in that jungle. I never saw another female bear in that whole jungle.

JONATHAN MARX: She was voiced by Sally Struthers you know.

BRANDON JACOBS: I don’t care, I’d still tap that.

JONATHAN MARX: That is just disturbing. But getting back to annoying gnats, did Alister Hayze really ask me why DREDD shaved his head?

BRANDON JACOBS: He did, he seems to have the intelligence of Wildcat.

JONATHAN MARX: It is like he hasn’t been watching New Era Television lately.

BRANDON JACOBS: He has probably been busy watching Baywatch, for him, that show must be like PBS.

JONATHAN MARX: But he honestly has to know that he is the one at fault for what happened to him… he is the one who interrupted our cage match when we were conducting business, he was the one who couldn’t walk off like a good sport after catching me off guard with a pin, he had to smirk at me like he got away with something against DREDD.

BRANDON JACOBS: People talk about bad losers, he was a really bad winner.

JONATHAN MARX: Then he goes bragging about how he eliminated me in the television tournament, like I was going all out in that when I had a WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT title match later on and had to conserve myself for Rabesque.

BRANDON JACOBS: Like you really wanted the added duty of having to defend two titles card after card in separate matches…

JONATHAN MARX: Exactly, and besides from that, I am not a greedy man. I’d rather the title be on a model wrestler like MWG to inspire all of the kids who watch NEW to beat each other up in their backyards so only the smart kids are left.

BRANDON JACOBS: Always looking out for youngsters..

JONATHAN MARX: But what Alister Hayze did that really sent me over at the edge was the smile… he raped not only me, but all of the fans here in New Era of finally having a champion that we could all be proud of…. And then he smirked like he had just done some wonderful thing… that is what made me mad. If he simply left the ring like a gentlemen, I would have left this battle in the ring, but he left me no choice.

BRANDON JACOBS: These arrogant young athletes have no respect for their competition, they are out there faking that they are mooning the crowd, doing their little dance…

JONATHAN MARX: That is why I had to do it. He had to be taught some respect and the best way to teach a hippie respect is to cut off the ultimate symbol of his rebellion, his long flowing hair. Now every time when he looks in the mirror over the next three months, he’ll remember what I did to him and he won’t treat this all like some childish game when the stakes are so high. This isn’t about any hatred for Rabesque, because deep down, I love Rabesque. This is about punishing him for his crimes, to me, you, all the wrestlers in the back, and the fans for the late Mister Tact and bringing New Era to new level even the Gods haven’t imagined before.

BRANDON JACOBS: This is all going over Hayze’s head. You might as well be teaching physics to Colonel Spigot.

JONATHAN MARX: That is why time after a time a man of my intelligence is repeatedly forced into fisticuffs. Nobody ever listens and I expected more from Hayze. All that damn pot is clogging his brain…

::lifts up the bag of Doritos and offers one to Marx::


::takes a Dorito from the bag::

JONATHAN MARX: Why thank you…. These are tasty….What was I saying?

BRANDON JACOBS: You were talking about Hayze.

JONATHAN MARX: I am tired of rotting my brain talking about those two, lets just watch some cartoons and relax.

BRANDON JACOBS: Goof Troop is next!

JONATHAN MARX: I’ve had my fill of goofs for the day, lets turned on the Mister Ed I TIVOed after this because if I am going to hear a horses ass talk, he might as well be intelligent.


01-11-05, 06:02 PM
(The screen comes in on an NEW backdrop, and as we pull away Rabesque becomes visible, dressed in the normal gear, world title over his left shoulder)

“The longer this goes, the more I can’t get over how pathetic this entire ordeal is. An entire organization brought together to dethrone me, and yet.... no one can really tell my why.

“Of course, I know it’s because for some reason, I am a travesty to the belt. Even though I won it cleanly, have defended it cleanly, and done nothing to tarnish it’s image. For some reason, I don’t deserve this title, even though I worked my way up more than I needed to, won the TV title, earned the #1 contendership, and then won the match. And for some reason, I have created this large injustice to the rest of the New ERA roster, even though I have never ducked ANYONE in the time I’ve had this belt.

“Sounds like bitterness to me. Hell, if you can’t beat me alone, why not join together? But what I’ve always wanted to know was, why couldn’t anybody be straight up about things? I remember fondly a time where being the world champion was motivation enough. Proving to the world that you are the very best at what you do was reason enough to go after it.

“That’s one of the reasons why I respect young Mr. Hayze so much. He came to me, and told me he wanted to be the world champion. I admire that, I respect that. Who would expect anything less? Of course he should want to be the champ, that should be everyone’s goal. He wants to show the world he’s the best and he can take the best. Now, (chuckles) whether or not he can remains to be seen, but I’ll tell you right now that it will be a hell of a night when that happens.

“But no, it can’t be about that anymore, huh? We need to invent some kind of story about this whole thing, and really who gives a flying f(FCC)k if any of it’s true. It will make for good TV, right? So what if Rabesque earned the title the right way? So what if he’s given a shot to people who didn’t deserve one, even if they were in a damn mask? We’ll just come up with story after story to compensate for failed attempt..... after failed attempt.

“At the heart of the bitterness is young Mr. Doe, the man who at one time wanted to be my tag team partner. Yeah, I know I kept it under wraps young Johnnie, but we both know it’s true. You wanted to latch on and have me carry you to tag team glory. Me? I realized you for the no-talent chump you are, the man who I easily dispatched to win that nothing TV title you treasured so much. But you couldn’t handle that, could you? So you went and recruited yourself..... a ‘Gentleman.’

“Now, help me out here Marx, because I’m fuzzy on some details, and I do regret that Alister stole some of my thunder on this, but could you tell me where you’ve exhibited as of late where you represent wrestling. Was it the backstage attack on me, or the one on Hayze? How about the mask? How about needing a body to use bolt clippers in a cage match? Was that the example of true ‘gentleman’ wrestling that we should be showing our kids? I hate to break it to you Marx, but your father would be ASHAMED of what you’re becoming. EMBARRASSED! His son, the scholar, had to resort to THAT, to try to take out a man he obviously cannot outwrestle.

“But here we are, in my home country, beautiful Canada! It’s been a long, long time since I was able to step onto Canadian soil and wrestle in a match as a World Champion. Don’t expect me to take this easy.

“It’s going to be violent, and it’s sure as hell going to be painful. I’m willing to play by the rules, even if you’re not. Johnny, you want to take this over the edge? Push me hard enough, and I might just end your career. Not a threat..... just a promise.

“No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am the New ERA Heavyweight Champion, I am Jean Rabesque!”


01-12-05, 12:04 AM
::Marx is standing by a cannon from the Revolutionary war, he starts walking in the rainy battlefield and begins to speak::

JONATHAN MARX: You are right Rabesque. I could sit in my mansion and hope that those in power do what is best for this sport like I have for the last two years. Hoping that things will fix itself without having to get my hands dirty as I watch the sport decay as they twist the knife slowly in the back of the sport. Not having to taint my image of being a gentlemen and go out as a legend without anyone blaming me for what was happening around me because I was only one man like others have.

But I love this sport more than I love myself, but this sport is over run by degenerates who only care about themselves and know nothing of the history of our sport.

If I was really a heel, I'd just let them do it. Let them finish each league off one by one. Sitting back and not saying a word as the wrestlers of your generation retire because they can't bare what they have done to this sport that they once loved and each time that happens, as a little piece of me dies time after time after time.

But I can't do that, I have to fight and I have to fight by any means necessary in order to save this sport. I know it sounds crude and lacks honor, but as a student of history I am taking a page from the American Revolution. When the colonists were being overcome by the British, did they fight them eye to eye or did they hide behind trees and slowly pick them off one by one, taking them by surprise? There are far more degenerates than members of DREDD and we are only doing what is necessary for the survival of our cause. Sometimes the end justifies the means and if we have to fight degenerates like degenerates, so be it. If we are successful, history will call us courageous and ingenuitive and I plan on being on the right side of history.

If we fail, at least we know that we did all that we could. That years later when our kids are asking why did wrestling die, I can tell them that their father fought to leave the world a better place.

But regardless if we win or lose, what we are fighting for is greater than any title in all of wrestling and regardless of any setback we have had so far, we are not rolling over and playing dead when so much is at stake.

This is war and we are in it to the end, whether it is our end... or yours.


John Doe
01-13-05, 12:07 AM


The Canadian border as John steps over the line with a backpack on. He lights a Marlboro Red. Doe walks down the road as he picks up a Canadian flag posted on the front porch of a house. He twirls the flag as he halts sitting in a snow pile.


“You have done nothing to tarnish it? Nothing to tarnish it! Jean are you hearing yourself speak the god un-honest truth to your own pathetic mind, or are you sinking yourself into your own beliefs that you are a great champion?”

“Let me be honest with you”

“Larry Tact was a GREAT champion, Larry Tact was a GREAT man, in my eyes you will NEVER be a GREAT champion like Larry Tact.”

“So, Chaos couldn’t stop you, Marx can’t stop you, who can? Who can honestly dethrone the tyrant of our title. The plague of New Era? And that’s what we DREDD are in the business to do, to make sure the plague, the tyrant is brought off his high horse.”

“Is it bitterness? Sure as hell is not. Is it hate? Possible. But what is fueling us, what is driving Marx, me, and the rest of DREDD is the fact that we want one of us to hold the title. And because you are the most arrogant piece of sh*t that I’ve seen walk those halls.”

“Yes Rabesque a while back I wanted to team with you, I thought we could run New Era, and conquer it. But now that I look back at the stupidity of it all, I laugh, why would I team with a man that CONSIDERS himself a great? Why would I waste my breath on a man that is nothing more than a sign of luck.”

“Yes Rabesque we will be on Canadian soil, and your blood will drip on your motherland. And when we do go to Canada you will be embarrassed in your own country, you will be destroyed, and you will feel the outmost pain.”

“You think for one second that I am going to show you mercy? No, I am still angered, hateful, and revengeful from our match of the TV title, and like I said back then and yet I say again, my wrath is coming, may it be this week Rabesque in front of a home crowd you will become my example to the WORLD, of what DREDD can do.”

“The end is near for you Rabesque. And trust me it is going to be one sweet day when we invade Canada that primitive land. There is nothing in Canada snow…and trees…and your warm red blood”

“I will see you soon Rabesque”

John lights the Canadian flag on fire and gives a cheap smile


01-13-05, 08:21 PM
OORP: Just to clarify, Karla Starr isn't a current member of DREDD. Sorry.


John Doe
01-13-05, 11:30 PM
Thanks Tom, I'll fix that.

01-15-05, 05:23 PM
(The screen comes in on an NEW backdrop, and as we pull away Rabesque becomes visible, dressed in the normal gear, world title over his left shoulder)

“And the hits just keep on coming. The more DREDD rambles on, the more incoherent they get. It really has gone from ridiculous.... to sublime.

“Now, I will be the first to admit that I don’t know very much about the American Revolution. I know the basics, but it’s not something that is covered religiously in Montreal schools growing up. But I find it hard to decipher how Jonathan Marx could possibly try to compare me to a tyrannical dictator who basically exploited another land for his own gain. I simply can’t. But yes, that’s right, I am going to be the one that ends wrestling, right guys? (Chuckles) The ironic thing behind your entire thought process is that when you survey the wrestling landscape as it is today, I am the only one left who gives a damn about wrestling.

“Of course, there have been times when I let my temper get the best of me, but I have never had a goon take clippers to cut into a cage. No, Jonathan, I can actually beat my opponents straight up, which is why I can say that every single person that has come along my path here in New ERA. And how did I do all of it Johnny? By straight up out-wrestling them! I haven’t need a goon, or breaking into a cage to do my work. But that’s right, *I’m* the one who’s trying to ruin wrestling. Look in the mirror Johnny!

“That’s right, look in the mirror and you’ll find the answers to your questions. You’ll see a man that has now become a shell of himself. A man that has thrown out EVERYTHING that he believed in, just to make up some kind of pointless vendetta against me. I’m not the one with the problem John... it’s you. The quicker you figure that out the quicker you might be able to save a shred of the dignity and respect you once had. But as long as this trend continues, you’re quickly becoming a laughingstock!

“And my first suggestion would be to get rid of that no-talent ***** you have named Doe. Now, I’ll give you credit John. It takes balls for a man to come into Canada and to do that to the Maple Leaf. Of course, it’s also pretty stupid, which is par for the course for you. You haven’t made one bit of sense since you walked into a New ERA ring. But hey, you want to get booed out of the building. You want to get yourself....’over’ John? Then there you go, that’s the way you do.

“But at the same time, make sure you make absolutely no sense in the process. You talk about how great of a champion Larry Tact was? What the hell did Larry Tact ever do? He won a tournament I wasn’t in, and then proceeded to defend it against NO ONE until I mercifully took that title from him. That’s all, that’s his entire legacy here in New ERA.

“I also asked you to tell me what I’ve done to ‘destroy’ New ERA. Your response.... well, what haven’t you done? You’re still not answering my question John. I think the reason for that is that you don’t have an answer. You see this as your big break to the top, so you’re going to do what everybody is telling you that you should do to make your big break.

“But since you asked John... here’s what I haven’t done. I haven’t bastardized the entire concept of wrestling. At least, that’s what I think you’re trying to do when you step into a ring. I also have not made up a RIDICULOUS gimmick, yeah, that’s right, I said gimmicks, and then gone on a months long task to contradict that gimmick at every opportunity. How would you remember my past John? You sure to like to speak of the past at some great length. Hell, better than any amnesia patient I’ve ever heard.

“I have not made a fool of myself consistently. I have not botched every single opportunity presented to me. I have not clung on to a man with superior ability to me in an effort to get to the top.

“It’s not arrogance if you can back it up Doe. And it’s also not ‘considering’ yourself great, if no one can prove you otherwise. You see, it’s not bitterness, it’s not even hate, it’s jealousy. I have achieved something you never will. And I’m better than you ever will be. And now, I have the second best wrestler in New ERA, as my tag team partner. Frankly, John, sucks to be DREDD right now.

“And it sucks even more for you, the second you walk into that arena. No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am the New ERA World Heavyweight Champion, I am Jean Rabesque.”


John Doe
01-15-05, 08:51 PM
Should we blame the government, or blame society, or should we blame the images on tv No!
Blame Canada! Blame Canada

With all their beady little eyes,
their flapping heads so full of lies
Blame Canada!
Blame Canada!
We need to form a full assault, it's Canada's fault!

Well, Blame Canada!

It seems that everything's gone wrong since
Canada came along

Blame Canada!
Blame Canada! They're not even a real country anyway.
Blame Canada!
Blame Canada!

With all their hockey hubaloo and that ***** Anne Murray too. Blame Canada!
Shame on Canada!

The smut we must stop
The trash we must smash
Laughter and fun
must all be undone
We must blame them and cause a fuss
Before somebody thinks of blaming us!


John Doe, in Best Buy, watching Jean Rabesque on teh TV a man and a women behind him as Rabesque promotion.

WOMAN: "What garbage?"

MAN: "Well what do you expect honey he's Canadian."


No talent what? A no talent…what is this crap. Are you chiding me, you calling me out Jeany?

“Let me give you a bit of American history, shall I? A long time ago, we whooped Britain’s ass, and then Canada yes your home country, was taken over by Britain. Your ***** land of a country got ruled over by some low life pricks.”

“I guarantee you DREDD could take over Canada on our own. But what is the point of me saying all this, is there a meaning? Yes in fact there is. Canada and Canadian’s are WEAK. They always have been, always will be. Canada can’t save it self. And you Jean, will suffer the same fate just like your home land, being a weak piece of sh*t”

“But what have you done to stain New Era? You have brought your Un-American ass into the company. Your ignorance for America is what drives us to eliminate you from being the title holder. A TRUE champion, a true winner, SHOULD be an AMERICAN. Not a second handed worthless man from a WEAK country.”

“This is what you have done Rabesque, and your fate is like every other poor non American bastard. You will suffer. Thus, I guess this is America, and our fed being an American league, everyone must prosper in America. But what should stop me, Marx, or anyone for that matter, from injuring you so bad, that you could no longer bring wealth to your name?”

“Should I go tot he extreme to put your career on hold, to even some how Vacate your title? No. but I would go far enough to make you wish you never won any title. That the pain I bring forth upon you is so great that you beg them to take it back.”

“You refer to me as a gimmick as a nothing. Have to looked at your self, you are a gimmick a nothing, a man driven on his self portrait, believing he has achieved the impossible, nothing more than a man that believes he is untouchable. But trust me Jean, your end is coming rather quickly.”

“You have nothing left Jean, you have a man that is a dope, a druggie, that has not achieved one damn thing here in the company. And yet you refer to him as second best. You my friend are full of it, sick and twisted.”

“The fact is it doesn’t suck to be DREDD, it sucks to be DREDD’s enemy. That means you Rabesque…”