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01-08-05, 07:04 PM
All RP for the Women's Title match between WHISPER and KARLA STARR (c) at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Saturday, January 15th. Angles should be sent to secandido@comcast.net ..

01-10-05, 06:13 PM
<I>Open up on a darkened room. There is but a single source of light, located in what may as well be the center of the room – the shadows hide everything but a single space. Filling that space is a young woman, dressed in an old black-and-gold varsity jacket, zipped up, and a dirty blue jeans. She is incredibly childlike, with large eyes and blond hair cut into a bob that comes down to point at her chin. An ornate black broach decorates her neck, with a green emerald flashing at her throat. When she speaks, her voice is clear, even though she sounds almost twelve.</I>

<B>MADELINE:</b> Gregory Peck has written a book on evil. I know that doesn’t seem like much to the majority of wrestling fans, but I for one found it extremely interesting, especially in light -- no pun intended -- of the things that Whisper has been teaching me. Peck believes that evil is not simply a label given to an alien other, as Nietzsche would say. He thinks there is actually a psychological state called evil that people can reside in. It is a state that people consciously choose -- a sort of deal with the devil. He’s rather unapologetic about it. Some people, he says, are just evil.

He call these curious folk “people of the lie.” That’s the book title, too, by the way. These are people that are so narcissistic that they are unable to identify with others. They consider themselves so great that they cannot see beyond themselves, and so they commit destructive acts. Generally this is unintentional, but the slide into this state is a conscious decision. You choose to be evil.

It reminded me a lot of you, Karla Starr. All this talk of self-love, of building yourself up, and thus shielding yourself from objectivity. I could read the words that he had put down, and then I could say to myself, I know this person. I know this selfish, unrepentant soul. It’s the NEW Women’s champion.

Peck also talks a lot about possessions and exorcisms. He felt that since he was studying what has traditionally been a spiritual topic through a scientific lens, he should be open-minded and study every bit of that spiritual topic, including the devil. He tells us how he witnessed two actual exorcism, and how he could liken those experiences to psychotherapy. He identified two different kinds of evil: those that are evil, and those that are becoming evil. They can be saved. They can be brought out of the lies.

<b>QUIET VOICE (O/C):</B> Lies…deceit…selfishness…

<I>The camera pulls back revealing Whisper standing half in shadow, her face obstructed by her red hair.</I>

<b>WHISPER:</B> These are all traits of the dark…these lies that he speaks of…this evil…it is darkness…it is simple…obvious…it is right there, all around you…Karla…This is what I am trying to do…you are immersed in this darkness…surrounded by the lie…and I am only trying to save you…I am only trying…to show you…The Light…

Consider for a moment…why you want that shiny piece of tin…consider…why you want…why you <I>need</I>…to be the champion…the alpha female…It is all that you think you have…your reputation…your gold…your status…It is all that you know…the dark has blinded you…you cannot see the others…you cannot see them wanting to help you…you cannot see me…holding out my hand…

I do this…because there is one true path…The Light…It is the only way to become a true warrior…and Karla…you could be the very best…you <I>could</I>…but you remain so firmly entrenched in this belief…this idea…that you are already the greatest warrior…the finest paladin…that you will not except the truth…The Light…you will not see past yourself…and that belt…to the truth…to The Light…That darkness surrounds your title…it justifies your actions…That is why I defeated Blue and Marx…That is why I want to face you so badly…That is why I want to take your belt…Not because it means something to me…but because it means something to <I>you</I>…

As long as you are champion…your actions are justified…what you did to Daymon was right…your haughtiness…your deception…as long as you have that belt…you are content to stand still…to be what you are…to be what Peck would call…evil…

I am here…not to hurt you…but to save you…I am here to bring healing…not pain…I am here…and I will become the next <b>NEW</b> Women’s champion…for you…

<I>Fade to a white screen. The word “Whisper” briefly fades into view, stark black against the pure white, and then fades out again. </I>

01-11-05, 05:43 PM
"Persistance and Ignorance have got to be your best traits."

(Fadein, Karla Starr in front of an NEW ERA backdrop, dressed in "knee-high" black boots, a black skirt, and a sleeveless white-tee with "B*tch", in cursive on the front. Holding the NEW ERA's Women's Championship belt over her right shoulder with her right hand, Starr flings her hair back behind her, as she shakes her head disapprovingly.)

STARR: I mean what is it do I have to do to convince you, your kid sister and your faux pah of a religion that you think actually HELPS you??

I was the Women's Champion even BEFORE the match at Battle Brawl was announced. All of you tramps just didn't see it as clearly as Mercy and I did. But hey...you want to give quotes to rectify and make points...then guess what sister??

Two can play this game.

Everyone seems to think that I cheated to win the title back at Battle Brawl when I say I did it fairly. After all, the way I saw it it all came down to something that Latszu said:

"To risk nothing is to LOSE nothing."

Now, in reading that and finding out that I'm not only the best woman out there, but I'm slated LAST for the Gauntlet match....what else does a B*TCH like ME need??

But to say that it was your Faux belief in this so-called "LIGHT" that led you to defeat Marx and Blue for the title...honey, HONEY, HONEY!!

If it weren't for me, you wouldn't be around for a shot at me in the first place, let alone a four-way match for the SHOT.

I did what I did last week in pressing charges against Daymon because she DESERVED it. All she had to do was let me pass and hey...who knows....

Maybe it would've been YOU, on the wrong end of a Daymon-plex and not getting a shot. Doing what I did was of an advantage to you, Marx and the other lil' gypsy of the same measure.

I don't need a light-switch to tell me that I'm the best, I honestly don't.

As I said, I knew that even before I won this nice, piece of jewlery.

But it's tramps and whores like the two of you who never get their just deserts, even if it's a long-legged, swift kick to the jaw that clears the way.

But seein' as it's the New Year, and time for annual Resolution's to be made....perhaps I should add another to the list, under a gift of "TrimSpa" to Daymon for her Mother, baking two cherry Pies to Blue for something even I don't care to know about....sharing the love of "Wizard of Oz" with Carlee:

A year's supply of Moonshot's, free of charge, for everytime you think that this Faux Pah of a religion is going to beat me.

Trust me honey....this is something that you're GOING to get....even while the Supplies last.