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01-08-05, 07:02 PM
All RP for the REVENGE MATCH between TRAVIS SMITH and EL ARCO IRIS at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

This match is a Falls Count Anywhere match ...

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Saturday, January 15th. Angles should be sent to secandido@comcast.net ..

01-15-05, 06:45 PM
(FADEIN: El Arco Iris seated in front of a rainbow backdrop on a chair, dressed in his mask, but also in a plain white t-shirt and khaki pants.)

El Arco Iris: You know...El Arco Iris remembers back when New Era was opening up, they ran an ad campaign with the slogan "will your dreams survive?" It was definitely catchy...but lately El Arco Iris has learned something about dreams and dreamers, and that's that dreams...dreams rarely ever become more than that, dreams. And at some point our minds are just filled to the brim with dreams, like balloons inflated with wonderment, but then just as soon we have to watch as the sharp fringe of reality COLLIDES with our soft and tender balloon-headed dreams and POPS them, watching hopelessly as the very essence of all our dreams ebs away in mere NANOseconds, making nothing more than a simple squeaking noise, and leaving nothing behind but the limp, lifeless remains of our dreamer selves.

El Arco Iris had dreams...El Arco Iris dreamt about dreams, and making dreams become something more than dreams, and being the one dreamer than other dreamers could look at and say "my dreams are as good as his dreams, and his dreams came true." But dreams don't work out like that...inevitably, and most usually at the very climax of our dreamlike euphoria, we are jerked back into the waking world and we can do nothing but hope to perhaps go back to sleep at grasp at our deflated baloon skins...

Smith...El Arco Iris sees you full of dreams, promising, full of potential, can take defeat in stride...but El Arco Iris went down that road, hoping that because El Arco Iris was something different and something new that El Arco Iris could OVERCOME adversity, be the hero, be the one that makes everyone go home happy, that El Arco Iris could mean something...You're everything, Travis! You're young, you're hip, you're TOO SWEEEEET...what the HELL are you doing in wrestling? Look at El Arco Iris, Travis Smith...

(El Arco Iris gets up from the chair, seizes the camera with both of his hands and pulls it towards his face so you can see Iris' eyes from behind the meshed-over eye holes.)


(Iris sweeps his eyes almost nervously from side to side)

...Look around you...This is the land of the somnambulates...they walk blind and deaf to the world around them...and those who are wide awake that bear the misfortune of falling into their ranks soon sees no recourse but to drowse along with them until your lemming-like march takes you over the precipice of reason and into the cavernous abyss of destruction! Your will to live is sapped...and a once smiling man will learn to cry. Don't make El Arco Iris have to weep for one more. Do El Arco Iris a favor...