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01-08-05, 07:01 PM
All RP for the DOUBLE DEBUT match between SEAN SENN and ISAAC SIEGMUND at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Saturday, January 15th. Angles should be sent to secandido@comcast.net ..

Isaac Siegmund
01-09-05, 04:15 AM
Scene Opens

Isaac is seen getting off a bus in the suburbs of Chicago. He walks up a long flight of stairs and then goes inside a huge building. Inside people are kneeled down and praying as Isaac walks past them into a booth. A dark figure appears besides him in the other side. Isaac bows his head and kisses the cross tattoo he has on the left side of his arm and begins to talk.

Isaac: forgive me father for I have sinned

Father: tell me son what have you done.

Isaac: I am going to beat a defenseless man who knows no better.

Father: excuse me son I don’t get what you’re trying to tell me.

Isaac: I’m going to commit a sin in the coming weeks and it is unstoppable. I have to show this person that there is a better life than he’s leading now. That there is a solution and I don’t care even if I have to put him in the hospital to see it.

Father: son this isn’t the right path to choose. Sin will never be the answer.

Isaac: Father Sin is the only way for nonbelievers to come to the realization that there lives are a lie. That when they go out and drink and smoke it’s only causing there own demise and damnation. Father I need to set this man straight and indeed I will once we step face to face in the ring.

Father: so I see son you’re taking your aggressions out in the ring again. May I ask whom this young man is you’re going to be facing?

Isaac: his name is SEAN SENN. He is apparently a former everything in serving the United States of America. It really sickens me that old glory still has drunk’s abusers and addicts in it but not everyone has seen the light yet.

Father: What do you mean by seen the light. I have never herd you talk like this before Isaac. It doesn’t even sound like you are in control.

Isaac: so you do remember my name after all. What has it been 2 or 3 years since my last confession, but then again it don’t really matter. Sean is standing on a lonely road. I have been there myself Father. I know where it takes you. I know what it douses to you and the pain it causes over time. For non believers I will shed my blood my sweat and my tears to set them free and realize there own doing. Father it’s been a nice confession and I have to get going.

Father: Son I want you to say 20 hail marries and promise to end this madness.

Isaac: 20 hail marries, I can do but I will not promise you that. The word needs to be spread and my army only grows stronger. Stopping now will only let them win and that is unacceptable. Jesus was crucified for his sins and I will personally take it upon my hands to punish each non believer of the straight edge ways. I have told you once before. If I loose it only means I tried my best but the demons have already taken over. If I win he will realize my power and maybe seek forgiveness. Father I wish you good health as always but remember that bottle of wine you have on your sanctuary will only be your own downfall.

Isaac get’s up and leaves the confession booth. The father walks out as well and tries to stop him but get’s no ware. Isaac walks out the front doors and sits down for a bit to clear his thoughts and emotions.

Isaac: Sean I bet in that poor manipulative mind of yours that you’re asking yourself what I have done here. What wrong have I committed to have someone hate every bone in my body and be discussed by my mere presents. Sean I have been told it’s not all your fault. In this society we live in you cuss you act inappropriate drink do drugs harm your body and what has influenced you all your life is what you have become in one way or another. It’s not too late for me to save you though. It’s not too late for your sins to be redeemed and the wronged rited. Sean I know you don’t know my past but I to was in your shoes. A hopeless looser who needs to be shown the way. I am your own personal savior in a way and then again I am your own personal grim reaper who will hunt and kill. Sean one way or another you will come to realize that there is only one way to go. That in this new society the one I’m personally molding there is only one thing you can be, and that’s straight edge. Believe it because I said it.

Isaac sees a bus coming and stopping by the steps. He gets’s up and heads on the bus for the ride back to town.

Scene ends

01-15-05, 02:58 PM
(Posted for Senn, who is having issues posting with his Forum Name)

Voice: You've been careless Senn. And you know it...

The voice whispered in to Senns ear. Senn grit his teeth and then his grip on the cell phone next to his left ear. He shook his head trying to find the words to respond, but couldn't.
Sean knew better than to, he knew he should have left Jason Payne alone. Sean Senn paced back floral drape. The room itself skinned in a wallpaper and was for the most part almost bare of furnishings. A small TV on a smaller wooden stand leaned against the far corner of the room with a phone beside it on the stained carpet.

Senn: Your correct, I was. I know the things could be in motion with the big wigs at the Pentagon if they fill threatened. Im fully aware of it, I live with that idea everyday. The what if game,
"what if I do this" or "what if I say this or that". It was a mistake, a slip of sorts. But,
now that its in the open I might as roll with it. I can pull from my history to use what I know how to do the best. You of all people know what I can do, when my mind is put to the task at

Voice: All to well my friend. But this isn't war, you need to know when to stop. That could be a trait that will throw you in jail for a couple decades. There's a difference between pinning someone and snapping there neck from the shadows behind. Just be careful.

Senn shook his head in agreement. Now calm, he made his way to a chair. As he sat, his body
seemed to be lifted of a heavy burned. Running his right hand threw with dirty blond hair, he continued.

Senn: So you saw him?

Voice: Indeed..

Senn: Where?

Voice: A burned out spot in Chicago, at a church.

Senn: What type of church?

Voice: Now how in the H E double hockey sticks am I to know? All I know God graced me and didn't
smit me upon the door arc.

Senn: Well he still has time..

Voice: I know, but Senn we don't have time to chat brother. It isn't social hour, time is our foe.

Senn: Go man tell me what you know.

Voice: Im sure you got some information off the s.m.p.e.r.(Said simper) net already. This guy... is a piece of work. Isaac Siegmund. Dyed Black hair with some blond, im guessing his real color. He has about ten pounds of steel on his face..

Senn: What!?!

Voice: Pearcings. He's a little freaky deaky *****. A "strait edge" guy. No drinking no smoking or drugs, thats the only thing you two have in common. Although he swears up and down your a drunk
and a drug addict..

Senn: Is that a fact? Thats pretty funny,he already labeled me. What i find hestarical is a drop of drugs or any substance has never ever touched my body, so would that make me a "Straight edger"?

Voice: Eh....? Well if those are the only rules then yes, I guess you are. But it doesn't matter Senn lets moving along ok.. we are running out of time. I sat in a pue next to the booth he went in to. He ask for a blessing from a father in advance for beating you senseless. He got 20 hail marrys. I also heard him say,

"Jesus was crucified for his sins and I will personally take it upon my hands to punish each non believer of the straight edge ways"

He's crazy, young and a complete moron. Jesus died for our sins not his own, and the last time I
checked Jesus drank wine, so how could he relate Jesus to this following of "Straight Edge-dom" is flat out ludacris. The kid jumped out of the booth and walked out, the father tried to stop him but failed. I followed suit soon after where I found him sitting outside near a bus stop
and mumbling with his head buried in his hands. The only words I made out was something about the grim reaper and how he was going to hunt and kill you. Now I don't know if he knows your a
former Special Forces member, Im guessing he doesn't so its his bad if he shows up at your door with a bat. My advice, like it matters, is watch your back. He might be a confused kid but the deadliest strike comes from behind.

Oh and another funny piece of info about him. The same guy who said he was going to be your
"Grim Reaper" that will "Hunt and Kill you" got on the East bound number 8. A bus. He rides public trans Sean...

Uncontrollable laughter explodes from the other end of the phone, the unknown man pulls his ear away from the sharp increase of disabils and a smile forms. He looks down at his watch and gasps at the time..

Voice: We has 37 seconds Senn.

Senn stops abrutely when he looked at his watch. Shaking at his head at the time, it had been
4 months since he last talked to his friend. His work demeaned. With a slight sigh Senn knew what to do.

Senn: OK, thanks for the visual intel. I might need you around more. Ill contact you, understand?

Voice: I know the drill. Be safe, Know your limit and the limit of your opponents. Remember to dump the cell phone sim card and get a new one. "Se Oppress Liber" old friend.

Senn: "Se Oppress Liber"