View Full Version : RAUCOUS, 12.28.04: Feedback!

01-08-05, 07:53 AM
The 12.28.04 edition of RAUCOUS has been posted. You can reach it by going to this link: http://fwrestling.com/host/neweraofwrestling/raucous/21/raucous.html or by going to the website ( http://www.neweraofwrestling.net ) and clicking on RESULTS or PAST RAUCOUS CARDS and clicking on card 21.

Leave all feedback on the card in this thread.

It was fun to write considering the amount of angles I got.

Expect lineup for next shows up tomorrow when I wake up.. because I'm going to bed now.

owner, new era

Jason Payne
01-08-05, 05:11 PM
Nice job on the show. Really enjoyed it!