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01-07-05, 09:11 PM
~The scene opens with a limo pulling up. Out gets a sexy Blonde. She is wearing a black mini skirt, red top and soom black go-go boots. She makes her way to the ring.

~All of a the blonde appears on the titan tron "You dare to enter my world...Think Again." then she lifts up her hand and blows dust and then Soul on Fire blasts over the pa system. Out walks the sexy blonde. She is wearing some tight hip hugger and a Godsmack baby doll tee. She poses at the top of the ramp then she make her way to the ring. Then she gets in and poses once again. Then she get the mic.

Women: The name is Ryan Madden. Now came here to the NEW ERA after my company of BWA closed down I am the former co gm of RAW. Now down to business. I came here to win a womens title. Also if there is a gentleman that is lookin for a manager then get out here and get me.

~Ryan lowers the mic.

tbc by anyone (no attack)

01-11-05, 07:00 PM
(Fadein, backstage at an NEW ERA 'live!' event. Karla Starr walks back through the curtains after performing once again for the fans and smiles, her job complete for the night. The camera then cuts to Starr just stepping out of her dressing room, out of her gear and now back in Jeans and a NEW ERA t-shirt. Carrying the NEW ERA Women's title over her shoulder, she drags behind her another luggage bag carrying her gear inside and nods at a couple of PAs and shoots smiles at a few workers, still on the clock for the show. She wasn't the Main Event of the night, but it was content with her for the time being.)

VOICE: Miss Starr?!!?!! Oh!! Oh!! Miss Starr, please wait up!! Miss Sta--oof!!

STARR: Watch out, ya douche!! You almost caused me to trip!!

(A nameless P.A., decked out in headphones and the such, struggles to stand back up, the sudden contact with the Women's Champion occurring just a few feet from around a cornered hallway.)

STARR: What's the matter, anyway? I'm just getting ready to leave the venue, can't this wait??

KID: I'm sorry Miss Starr, the baws wants all employee's to leave with all their belongings and leave nothing else behind (handing her a cassette Tape.)

STARR (Looks at the tape, puzzled.): That's not mine.

KID: As of five minutes ago it is, Miss Starr, Baws's orders.

(The PA hands over the tape to Karla, who then starts to look it over a second, as the kid then breaks off down the hallway to his next destination. Looking up, she pops in the tape and see's Ryan Anne Madden's first promo. Afterwards, she looks dead-ahead at noone in particular, and bursts out laughing.)

STARR: This is exactly what I'm talking about.


01-22-05, 08:01 AM
**The screen above the ramp then shows up with an image of Taylor Mathis standing with his shades on. He smirks and then begins to speak into the camera.**

Taylor: Miss Madden it is great to have someone of your beauty and talent in NEW. I heard that you were offering to manage someone, and thought that I might throw my name into the mix. I find myself needing someone to make sure I'm ok in the ring. And trust me, the money's good. Whadda say?

**Mathis awaits a reply to his offer.**