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01-07-05, 07:45 PM
**The scene opens up with a view of Deuce and Serenity laying in bed. Deuce’s body is moving back and forth as he seems to be having a nightmare. His body then starts to slow in movement before becoming still again. Then, suddenly Deuce’s body goes into a seizure of shakes. With this a dream sequence is seen.**

~~Dream Sequence~~

**The dream opens up showing two guys holding Deuce by his arms. Deuce is down on his knees bleeding from his lip and nose. Then a figure in a dark robe comes in front of Deuce and slaps him. Deuce spits out blood at the man in the robe.**

Figure: Deuce, I’m disappointed in you. You thought you could hide from me? I’m in your dreams, I’m in the shadows behind you, and soon I’ll be in your unborn child…

Deuce: NO! What do you want from me? I said I wanted out!?!

Figure: There is no out for you! Once you are in debt to me, your life is mine! Deuce, I warned you not to screw with me, no matter how bad you think you are, I’m badder! You can’t hide in your sleep anymore, for as long as I have to I will haunt you day and night! Now I didn’t want it to come to this, but I found your real father….

Deuce: Never, my biological father is dead…

Figure: You’d like to think that wouldn’t you? Now Deuce, if you don’t start cooperating with me, I’m afraid that he might run into an accident on the job… NOW WHERE’S MY MONEY!?!

Deuce: Screw you…

Figure: Haha, Deuce the time for games is over… It’s time to show you I’m serious… Maybe it’s time I pay Serenity a visit…

Deuce: OK! You’ll get your money…

Figure: If I don’t, Serenity is gonna come up missing…

~~End of Dream~~

**Deuce wakes up and lets out a yell. His body is covered in sweat as he looks over to see Serenity still asleep. Deuce then gets up and puts on his jeans and boots. He then grabs a black hoodie and throws the hood over his head and it comes down to cover his eyes. He grabs his hotel key and makes his way out of the room but is stopped by Serenity.**

Serenity: The dream again?

Deuce: Yeah, it’s getting worse.

Serenity: Let me come with you tonight…

Deuce: Throw on some pants and lets go…

**Serenity gets up and throws on some pajama pants and grabs a tank top. The two leave the room and Deuce slams the door on his way out. As they walk down the hall, a man stops Deuce by the arm. The man is sick and in a wheel chair and Deuce stops for the man.**

Deuce: Do I know you?

Man: Eh, your that Deuce kid right? The new signing in New Era?

Deuce: Yeah that’s me. Can I help you with somethin sir?

Man: Can I have an autograph for my grandson? He really loves wrestling and he’d really enjoy it..

Deuce: Well I’m kinda in a hurry tonight…

Man: Please kid?

Deuce: I guess I have time, here take this Room Service Menu.

**Deuce signs the menu then hands it to Serenity to sign. Then they give the man the menu and make their way down the hotel steps. When they reach the lobby, they make a side trip to go out the side exit. At the exit is a jet black Bronco with a 6-inch lift. Deuce helps Serenity get in and then goes into the driver’s side. The Bronco lets a loud roar as Deuce turns on the engine and speeds off down the alley.**

Serenity: So the dreams are getting worse?

Deuce: Yeah they are getting pretty bad.

Serenity: Do you think that it has anything to do with you joining New Era and coming back to the States?

Deuce: He knows where I’m at and he wants his money. I don’t know what to do right now but I promise you he won’t hurt you. We need to stop by the club and pick up a few things before we go to the party.

Serenity: Deuce, don’t get hurt..

Deuce: Serenity, life is what it’s meant to be. I don’t know what the hell is goin on, how he can get into my head, but the **** is about to stop soon.

**Deuce then stops in front of a club called Dark Coming. Deuce gets out of the Bronco and leaves it running. He nods at the bouncer and makes his way into the club. He runs up the stairs to the top office and opens the door and shuts it quickly. He then stops in his tracks when he sees someone sitting in his office chair.**

Deuce: Can I help you?

Man: Sure can, how bout a beer for an old friend?

Deuce: Holy ****! How you been Mathis?

Mathis: Good man, heard about you comin to the States from Japan so I knew you would come here. We use to run this club man, I can’t believe you bought it.

Deuce: Yeah had to make some investments with that money they were payin me. What about you? What are you up to these days?

Mathis: Just catchin up with some old friends… How’s my sister?

Deuce: She’s good man, she’s down in the Bronco. I had to come pick up somethings and then we are gonna go hit up this party. Wanna come?

Mathis: No, afraid I can’t. Just wanted to give ya some advice, The Boss is comin for his money, and if I were you, I’d watch my back. Thanks for the beer, kid…

**Deuce stands there with nothing to say as the man walks past Deuce and out the door. Deuce then finishes the beer and slams the bottle into the wall. He then goes to a picture behind his desk and moves it to reveal his safe. He unlocks it and reaches in pulling out a few stacks of hundred dollar bills. Deuce puts it inside of his hoodie and throws the hood back over his head covering his eyes. He then makes his way down the stairs and out the door into his Bronco.**

Serenity: What’s going on?

Deuce: Don’t worry about it, I’m about to kill two birds with one stone. Call New Era and get me an interview set up for tonight at the hotel. Tell them to meet us there at about 3 a.m. Tell them that Deuce said it’s time that everyone get to know the real me. As for now, it’s time to take care of some business baby…

**Deuce speeds off of the road down a girt sideroad. He then turns on a spotlight on his side mirror to spot a few cars by a hill. He pulls up his Bronco and parks beside the cars. He shuts off his Bronco and he and Serenity jump out. He throws on his hood and Serenity grabs his hand. The two then walk down the hill towards a bonfire party. As they walk up to the people, Deuce motions for someone to come meet him at the bottom of the hill. The guy runs over and meets Deuce.**

Deuce: Here’s the money. You know what to do with it and you know where it needs to go. This money don’t get where it’s suppose to be, I will make sure you never get heard from again. You got me?

Guy: Yeah got it boss.

Deuce: Don’t let anyone know what you’re doing. I have a business to keep going and if you mess with my business, I’ll mess with your life…

**Deuce then walks off towards the party with Serenity. They grab a couple of beers and then get into a group of their friends. For the first time since joining New Era, Deuce smiles as he greets one of his friends. They then begin to question Deuce about New Era.**

Friend: Man, what’s it like to be in the big time?

Deuce: Well it’s a lot different than Japan. They actually pay for my hotel sometimes, they paid for my flight over here, and they have actually made sure I stayed as comfortable as possible.

Friend: What do they think about the dark side of things? Makin ya feel like a freak yet?

Deuce: Actually, no. They have told me to just be who I am and let my skills do the talking. They haven’t really said much about anything as of yet. I have an interview to get to in about an hour. Gonna get a few things off my chest.

Friend: I’m proud of ya, just watch your back bro. If ya need anything just let me know..

Deuce: I actually have a job for you, that we need to talk about alone. Walk with us to the Bronco and I’ll let ya know what I need ya to do…

**Then Deuce walks with Serenity and his friend to his Bronco. As Serenity gets into the Bronco, Deuce stops at his door and turns to his friend. Deuce takes a brown envelope from his back pocket and hands it to the guy.**

Deuce: Inside of there is every code to my club. With me being in the ring a lot, I need someone to watch my finances and take care of things while I’m out of town. I trust you like family because of all the thing we have gone through. This club is my life, don’t take this for granted.

Friend: I got ya man. Ya know I got your back because you have always had mine. Just take care of business and I’ll handle the club. Any certain things not to do at the club?

Deuce: Haha, no cops, no matter what. If they don’t have a warrant they don’t have a reason in there. But I gotta get to this interview and get some things cleared up.

**The two shake hands and then Deuce climbs into the driver’s seat of his Bronco. He then speeds back down the road and back towards his hotel. As they pull into the hotel, there is a black car waiting at the front. Deuce parks behind the car and makes his way into the building. In the lobby, there is a reporter and camera man waiting. Deuce motions for them to follow him as he makes his way up the stairs and to his room. Deuce puts the key in and opens the door, as they enter the room, Deuce offers the reporter a chair at the table. Deuce goes to the fridge and grabs a beer before sitting down at the table with Serenity and the reporter.**

Deuce: I heard that you guys have wanted to get an interview with me since I got here. Wanting to get to see the other side of the man known as Deuce. Here’s your chance so I hope you got some good questions.

Reporter: First of all, thank you for your time. Secondly, what made you come out of hiding for this interview? No one has seen much or heard much from you since you arrived here.

Deuce: I decided that it was time for everyone to know who I really am. I am The Dark Savior of New Era and I am here to save us all from the political powers, the anger from people who hate those who are different, and to let everyone know the truth. The truth of the matter is, I have a lot of hate in my blood, it’s just something I learned to live with over time. A special someone has helped me keep that anger down and learn to only let it out in the ring. On the street, I’m just a normal guy. I might dress a little different, and act a little strange, but I am just an average guy that actually did something with his life.

Reporter: How did you meet Serenity and why is she here with you now?

Deuce: Serenity was just like everyone else at one time. She praised God, had blonde hair, worried about being popular and wanted nothing more than to be accepted in a world of beauty and attitude. One day I was out working on my Bronco when I heard someone scream, and it was her. She had been attacked and her so called friends were no where to be seen. I took her into my home, helped her out, and even took her home. When she was old enough, she decided to come with me, and I showed her a better way to understand. She also taught me how to control myself and become a better person. Instead of telling people to go to hell or **** off, I started to give interviews, sign autographs, and just try to help out anyone who I could.

Reporter: It has been said that since your childhood, you have had a lot of anger towards God and religion, mind if I ask what this is about?

Deuce: It’s about common sense. They tell us all of our life, God died for our sins so therefore he must have known we were gonna sin. But what kind of God would create the world we live in today? With murder, rape, hate, anger, and all of those things? If he loved us so much why the **** did he put people here that beat their kids!? If God is so great, where is he when we are dying or in a coma? Where is he when his children need him? God is a figment of imagination that people use to make themselves feel better about their ****ty lives. Then they sit in their churches and act so perfect like they have never sinned. They are hypacritical assholes, that judge people without even giving them a chance to get to know them! It’s bull**** and so is God!

Reporter: Ok, calming down the situation. What is The Dark Plague people say you are talking about bringing to New Era?

Deuce: The Dark Plague is a dose of reality for those who are afraid of the dark. Those who are afraid to be different and those who think that everything is perfect. The Dark Plague is showing people that it’s ok to have a grudge against God, and that it’s ok to not want to be like everyone else. The Dark Plague is a sheet of darkness with no light at the end of the tunnel. They will all have to face that Plague and only the strong will survive. This is like the jungle, even the strongest predator is someone’s prey. That is what the Plague is, reality for those who choose to live inside a fantasy world…

Reporter: What have you thought of New Era’s superstars from what you have seen from tapes and interviews?

Deuce: I believe that New Era is superior in the talent selection. You got a lot of feds out there that try to put over these rookies and make them something they aren’t. In New Era you have people that work their ass off to get where they got in this business. You got people that go out night in and night out trying to give the fans everything they wanna see. Now when it comes right down to it, I’m ready to test my skills against anyone in the New Era because I am confident that when they must come face to face with The Dark Savior, they too will want to be saved from the fantasy world and will be ready to face my reality. The Savior has come and I’m here to make sure that those who lie to our America, they will pay and will face my plague! IF you’ll excuse me, I have some sleep to get to and I’m sure you have an interview to put out now.

Reporter: Thank you for your time, but one last question?

Deuce: What?

Reporter: What is your Plague like?

**Deuce looks deep into the reporter’s eyes.**

Deuce: You don’t wanna know….

**Deuce then motions for Serenity to open the door and let them out. As they leave, Deuce looks at the table and takes a knife out of his hoodie. He flicks it open and slams the blade into the table. Deuce then smirks as he finishes his beer and holds his arm out for Serenity. She comes and sits on his lap as Deuce stares at her and speaks.**

Deuce: Our time together is perfect, soon you’ll be my wife, when the time is right. Also soon, the entire world will see just what The Dark Savior is capable of…

**Deuce then turns to the camera and holds out his arms as Serenity lays her head on his chest. The scene then fades out to a view of a cross in a circle that Deuce carved into the table earlier.**