View Full Version : Dream Matches?

05-15-04, 08:45 PM
It's that time again. What do you want to see on SHOWTIME?


05-15-04, 11:22 PM
It's Shane Southern's hometown ... it's where he made his CSWA debute, it's where he won his first CSWA title...

CSWA World Title match 4 corners match:

Dan Ryan VS Shane Southern VS Eddie Mayfield VS Tom Adler

Now that the self promoting is done :)

Hornet/Flair VS Sands/Winters
Troy Windam VS Mike Randalls
Tsunami VS Scotty Michaels

Hex Angel
05-16-04, 11:19 AM
World Title: Dan Ryan vs. President Mayfield
Mike Randalls vs. Donaven Winters
Eli Flair vs. Scotty Michaels
Tsunami vs. Shane Southern
<> Cutters vs. Crazy Like a Muppet

05-16-04, 12:04 PM
Tom Adler vs. Donaven Winters

Scotty Michaels vs. Shane Southern

Mittens T. Cat vs. Timmy Windham

Autumn vs. Eli Flair

Hornet vs. President Mayfield

Dan Ryan vs. Jean Rabesque

05-16-04, 10:37 PM
Southern vs. Mike Randalls

Scotty vs. Tsunami

Ryan vs. Eli Flair