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03-23-04, 11:07 PM
(The screen comes in on the CSWA backdrop, where Jean Rabesque stands in front, wearing his normal gear, on his left shoulder sits the Greensboro Title, displayed prominently as Rabesque removes his shades with his right hand and stashes them in a pocket, and then speaks)

Rabesque: ďLooks familiar, doesnít it Muffin Man? You remember it well, donít you? It wasnít too long ago Kin that you went into that little meaningless show On Time, the show where nothing really significant ever happens, and you walked out that night without your precious Greensboro Title.

ďYou were quiet leading up to it, and honestly, youíve been rather quiet since.

ďSo whatís going through your mind as we get ready here Kin. I do have to agree that you picked one hell of a time to invoke that rematch clause. Look, it even got us on to the big show. No On Time for us, no repeat performance. Here we are, right in the thick of CSWA 15. Granted, we might be curtain-jerking, but the fact still remains the same. Weíre on the biggest show that has happened around here in a long time.

ďNow I have to be honest when I say that I am still in no way any kind of expert when it comes to the history of the CSWA, but trust me, I understand the significance of this show going back to Greensboro. I know the history there, and I also that Iím going to step into Merritt Auditorium in Greensboro representing that city, representing all the history of the CSWA.

ďThis title is where it all started Kin, so I do feel a certain importance defending this title on a show of this magnitude. To the rest of the company, this might just be fourth on the pecking order. I donít really know and I donít really care, but on that one night, this title is going to mean a hell of a lot more than that.

ďItís hard to believe that this is my first defense of this title. Itís not that I havenít been willing, itís just that the powers that be havenít really gone out of their way to get me anything that resembled a title match. This title has ping ponged around a little too much over the past few years, and I feel itís about time that it deserves a little stabilization. The time of this passing around from one person to another, one match after another is over.

ďItís going to take a hell of a man and a hell of a match to get this thing off of me. And Kin, letís be honest, you ainít it.

ďYou thought you had the world figured out Muffin Man. You were the young superstar athlete with the world at your fingertips, snubbing your nose at the establishment, thinking you were beyond all of it. And then something funny happened Kin.Ē

(Rabesque gazes closer to the camera)

ďYou tapped out!Ē

(Backs away)

ďThatís right Kin, right in the middle of the ring to the Figure 4. And not in just any match, you tapped and it cost you your title.

ďDo you honestly expect anything to change now? Iíve said it once and Iíll say it a thousand times, if you tap once, youíll tap every time. Iíve proven it with any man that has argued otherwise, and Iíll do the same with you Kin. CSWA 15 will roll around, youíll feel the agony, and youíll remove yourself from it.

ďI might be the old man Kin, but you still canít run with me.

ďIíve never been one for words, but Iím sure there will be more. I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. (Snickers) No false gimmicks, no false hype, Iím the Greensboro Champion, I am Jean Rabesque.Ē

(Fade out)

03-29-04, 08:52 PM
OOC: Sorry if this is late in any way/shape/form. Been really busy with out of town stuff (wedding planning), school, work and fraternity.

* "No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less...any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind..." *


* Kin Hiroshi's broad grin breaks the darkness of a fade in shot. He smiles because Jean Rabesque is in his sight, and so is the CSWA Greensboro Title.

Jean took it from him, and now he wantses his precious! *

KIN HIROSHI: Listen, frog, you got my title, and I'm getting it back at CSWA15. Why? Because I can? You think I lost the title to you, oh, no, I just had to prove that I could get it back from someone. You see, I had HELP getting it in the first place. Now, I just need to prove I can get it again, on my own.

It's how I like it. On my terms.

And I agree that you will be representing Greensboro, and the history that my title belt represents. Of course, going into the match you will. After the match is another story, because no matter how you feel going into the match, it's how you ACT during the match that's going to determine whether you go down in the history books as a fierce competitor or as the quickest win I've ever had.

Either way, it's my title, and I'm getting it back. You're a fool to think otherwise, and I'm going to show you in Merritt Auditorium just how big of a fool you're being by shoving my fist down your throat.

You will feel pain, and after it's all done, I'll be standing side-by-side the man in the stripped shirt, raising my arm in victory. I am one of the world's greatest wrestlers, and with that title around my waist, I'll prove it to all the nay-sayers.

You, Rabesque, are a nay-sayer. You don't believe I can do what I claim. Why? Because I'm the Muffin Man? Well, you're a little anal cupcake that's going to get squashed with a Hiroshi-Ma Bomb, and slapped into the Jiro-Kin Sleeper. This time around, you'll be the one tapping out.

Hell, you wanna make a big deal about me tapping out? Why? You've done it before too, and after standing toe-to-toe with me, you'll be tapping out again.

It's time the world take notice of the Muffin Man. I am a true competitor, and am about to break CSWA open into something it's never been before. I have the means, I have the will, and I'm pretty damn sure I have the cash.

You think you know the Muffin Man? Think again....

* "...Perchance he for whom this bell tolls, may be so ill, as that he knows not it tolls for him; and perchance I may think myself so much better than I am, as that they who are about me...may have caused it to toll for me...and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." - John Donne *

04-01-04, 02:25 PM
(The screen comes in on a CSWA backdrop, where Jean Rabesque stands, the gold of the Greensboro Title shimmering in the light as the cameras come in closer, he stands there with a confident smile on his face as he removes his sunglasses and speaks)

Rabesque: ďSpare me Kin. Spare me all of the stories about how you planned on getting beat solely so you could win the title back. Or how all of this is some kind of master plan you had devised at the beginning. Just spare us.

ďAllow me to share with you what REALLY happened. You had your title, you had your precious on the line at On Time. You came in cocky, you got the Figure 4 slapped on, and you tapped! All you had to do was fight the pain, and you could have held on to your precious belt, but alas Kin, you couldnít cut it. The choice was yours, to tap or not to tap. It wasnít like you were knocked unconscious for a three count. It wasnít like I plastered you in the head with a chair. I outwrestle and outclassed you, and I took away your precious title. That is all there is to it Kin. There really is nothing more.

ďAnd now, youíve invoked your mandatory rematch clause, which is fine, because we know itís the only way you would have ever gotten this match. Youíre only argument against me is that you are some kind of superior wrestler to me, and that youíre going to beat me simply because you can. But to that Kin, I ask you..... what the hell have you done inside of a wrestling ring lately? For that matter, when was the last time you won a match? Usually people who speak highly of their own expertise need to win a match, at least once every six months or so I would speculate. Granted, Iím wrestling all over the world, but at least Iíve beaten somebody, including you, in that amount of time. But everywhere you go Kin, itís midcard haven. Hell, youíre lucky to get on this pay per view, Lord knows youíve been left off enough lately.

ďBut Kin, you have no justification for any of your claims. As of late, Iíve proven time and again that I am superior to you IN THE RING. But as far as Iím concerned, we both come into 15 with something to prove, with both of us losing in our last match here in the CSWA. Who can bounce back the fastest, who can prove they still have what it takes? At least Iíve won SOMEWHERE over the past few months, and Iím sure you wish you could say the same.

ďIím sure you will make me feel some pain Kin, in fact, I wouldnít expect anything else. You can make me feel a lot of pain, but hell, I can sure take it. I do have to retort one of the statements you made Kin. In twenty years of wrestling, I have never once, NEVER tapped out inside of a wrestling ring. Iíve never said I quit, and Iíve never submitted in any kind of way. I donít really foresee what changing anytime soon. Sure, you might be able to get me in your little sleeper. If that does happen, you better damn well hope you make me pass out, because if you donít, I guarantee you will not win that match if youíre counting on me to submit.

ďBut when it comes to you, Kin, I have a little phrase I like to use. ĎOnce a quitter, always a quitter.í Iíve already proven I can make you tap once, thereís no reason that I canít make it happen again. Youíve opened the flood gates Kin, and now itís just a downward spiral. Itís nothing to be embarrassed about, in fact you join a long line of people who have shared the same fate. A pretty impressive list if I may say so myself.

ďBut in closing, Kin, me treating you the way I do has NOTHING to do with the fact that youíre the Muffin Man. It has to do with the fact that youíre just not very good anymore, and that will be exposed yet again at 15. Itís not a threat Kin, merely a promise.

ďNo false gimmicks, no false hype, Iím the Greensboro Champ, I am Jean Rabesque.Ē

(Fade out)