View Full Version : On Time 6/22/03

Hex Angel
06-16-03, 10:10 PM
I hope everyone liked the new format for ON TIME, and got a better idea of the way angles should be submitted. Remember, the point of ON TIME was to have a regular card that could keep everyone involved

The next ON TIME lineup:


'Triple X' Sean Stevens vs. Shane Southern

Rematch - <> Cutters and Intruders BANNED from Ringside:

Nathan Storm vs. GUNS

Non- Title Match:
'Crippler' Cameron Cruise vs. President Eddie Mayfield

Nathan Cross vs. Aelieas Fierte
Ryp Fandango vs. Bandit


Interview (we hope) with Aelieas Fierte

(Edited to correct spelling of Aelieas Fierte's name)