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05-30-03, 05:12 PM
For seven nights he made a pilgrimage to the Wall. For seven nights, the same strange ‘dream,’ the same discussion with “Alicia,” the same slow-motion, breath-taking explosion.

Seven days lost to sleep, seven nights of semi-activity. He went to the on-sales as usual, cut a promo or two, got his haircut, made some business phone calls. Business as usual.

But it was different. Almost like the waking world had become a dream, and the only time he’s really been awake is in the dream. At the Wall. The question still rings inside his brain, demanding an answer.

It’s like he’s fading. Becoming less… permanent in the real world, and moreso in the dream. He constantly feels tired, hurt, like he suffering effects from the dream explosion every day. But that can’t be possible. He knows it can’t, but somehow, it is. Despite the hours spent in his home gym, he still feels worse and worse. But at least it wears him out, at least it allows him to collapse in bed and sleep… as the sun comes up.

He watches the promos. He listens to the same arguments that have been going on for years. He listens as those around him bring up his name, talking about him, rather than at him. The funny thing is, he just doesn’t care.

At least not until the message. He thought he had unplugged the answering machine. So many people are used to leaving messages on his cell phone that it’s rare for the home phone to ring anymore. But as he woke up from a brief, dream-filled sleep, there is was… the red light on the phone, next to the dimmed red lights on the clock.

He punches the button with force, feeling the answering machine almost slip off the nightstand. After he listens to the message, he purposely knocks the machine off the nightstand, then kicks it across the room, dislodging its connection to the wall socket.

It’s another woman from the past. Of course, these days, they’re all in the past. Teri, Ivy, Peaches, her.

She’s a startling reminder of everything he’s been hiding from. The woman he betrayed his best friend with. Ex-wife or no, it didn’t matter. It’s just another reminder of another mistake. She’s warning him, trying to pass a message along… something about another Windham family crisis.

In the past, he would’ve jumped. He would have been on the phone making calls, or driving to find those involved. But this time there’s only… it’s not apathy, he <u>wants</u> to help, but he can’t. He’s got his own crisis to deal with.

It’s the watershed moment he’d been dreading. The real world found him. The real world wanted something out of him again. His conscience demands a decision.

As he stands at the side of his bed, staring at a half-empty glass of water on the nightstand next to a large bottle of pills, all he can think about is that question.

<b><I>Don’t you have any fight left in you? Did it all go out of you when that wall fell on you? </b></I>

It’s not fight that he needs right now, it’s help.

He throws on some clothes and puts a baseball cap on. As he grabs his keys, the phone rings again. He pauses for a moment, then turns on the alarm and walks through the door.


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