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05-07-03, 03:07 PM
Faces from the past. It seems like that’s all he sees anymore. It’s not that Hornet doesn’t meet new people, he seems to meet a hundred a night. But they’re transitional, almost ephemeral. Ghosts that walk in one night and are gone by the time the sun rises.

Only the past has substance. Only faces from the past are linked with names.

And there was one in Norfolk.

H: Do you really wanna do this now, Chad ?!
RF: Hornet?
H: Ryp? Ryp Fandango? I’m so sorry, man. I thought you were Merritt. (He reaches out his hand, which Ryp grabs.) I can’t believe you’re here! Last I heard you were with ICW before it changed names to…
RF: Global. Right. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost ten years.
H: What are you doing here? Is Merritt trying to sucker you in too?
RF: Looks like it. No decisions have been made yet.
H: Smart man. I can’t believe you’re here, man. Thanks for bringing him by, Rudy.
RS: No problem. I’m going to head over to the gorilla position and I’ll come back by in a while. Ryp, I’ve already got your room set up at the Hilton whenever you’re ready, just let me know.
RF: Thanks, Mr. Seitzer. I appreciate it.
H: “Mr. Seitzer?” That’s Rudy… good ol’ Roodypoo! Come on in and sit down, Ryp. I don’t think we’ve even talked on the phone in what, five years?
RF: Something like that, H.
H: Can I get you something to drink? I don’t have much in here.
RF: No, I’m good.
(Hornet grabs a bottle of water for himself, pulls a couple of pills off the dresser and downs them.)
Hornet: So, tell me what’s going on!
RF: I was gonna ask you to do the same. What’s up with this...

Innocent conversation. Leading to an innocent meeting days later over dinner.

RF: So what’s been going on in the CSWA?

Hornet: Recently? The GXW jobber crew has come and almost gone, thankfully. Mike Plett has lost his mind. GUNS, Miles and Mayfield have formed the “We Wanna Be ClaimStakers” crew. It looks like Cruise is going to finally get married at some point… let’s just hope it’s not on television. Other than that, it’s been pretty normal, with Merritt running around issuing ultimatums.

RF: Not bitter, are we?

Hornet: Nope, I think I got over that a while ago. At least as far as Merritt goes.

RF: I still can’t believe it’s been seven years since we met.

Hornet: Feels more like decades, to be honest. At least you look a little bit older than you did then. I always wondered how a kid who looked like he was fifteen was going to pull off being a pro wrestler.

RF: What can I say? I grew into the face. Or the face grew into me. Whatever.

Hornet: How’s the family?

RF: Doing well. Well, other than the whole brother-in-law thing, but like you said about Merritt, that’s pretty normal.

Hornet: Your wife’s okay with you being back on the road?

RF: For now, at least. At least with the CSWA schedule I can be home at least half the time. The GCW schedule was murder.

Hornet: Yup, that’s one thing that’s definitely changed for the better. I don’t miss not sleeping in my own bed for a month straight. I think that was my record back in 1993.

RF: Speaking of what’s changed… I’m not sure how to ask this…

Hornet: Just spit it out.

RF: When we first met, you had the same complaints about CSWA management, but you were always positive on the company as a whole. You always talked about the fans, you always…

Hornet: … I was always a babyface, right? Even in real life.

RF: Yeah, I guess so. And now…

Hornet: …now I’m not.

RF: What happened?

Hornet: A lot of things. Burnout, maybe.

RF: Of wrestling? Of the company?

Hornet: Both, maybe. But bigger than that. Burnout on people, to some extent. No, that’s not really true… burnout on some people. But maybe mostly, burnout on myself.

RF: What do you mean?

Hornet: Hell if I know, Ryp. I just know that I’ve been tired for a long time. And I’m tired of being tired.

RF: Why not retire? It’s not like you need the money. What’s keeping you from just sitting out?

Hornet: If I knew that, maybe I could do it. A couple of years ago I might have said it was because Ivy was still around, or because I felt like I could do something about Merritt. I dunno, maybe it’s that I still want to prove something, maybe it’s the thought of trying to fix something… more than likely, it just boils down to pride. And that’s not enough.


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