View Full Version : Hey, it's that new guy... bah! who cares

05-02-03, 02:16 PM
<b>Promo opens up with Ryp Fandango sitting on top of a garbage truck’s cab. His legs dangling upon the glass windshield and his arm back supporting the weight of his body…</b>

“How many people actually know the name of the guy who picks up their garbage? Those thankless souls who day in and day out come down your street and take the things you carelessly discard off to never never land. Do you even know what he looks like? Is he old, or young? Does he have a family? Where does he live?”

<b>Fandango says looking directly into the camera…</b>

“Odds are, you don’t know. You just put the garbage out, and when you get home from your dull day at work, the garbage is gone… as if the magic garbage fairy came and took it. And they do it thanklessly, day in and day out, for you.”

<b>Ryp sits up and puts his forearms on his knees, shifting the weight…</b>

“I suppose I’m the CSWA’s Version of the Garbage Man… I don’t expect instant gratification or recognition… hell, I haven’t even been in the CSWA ring but a couple times… But I’m going to rid the CSWA of filth like “Cocky” Craig Miles… and jokes like Cameron Cruise. “WHOAH! Slow down there, Cowboy” they say… you haven’t paid your dues yet in CSWA…”

<b>Ryp springs off the cab and onto the pavement below…</b>

“Consider this a check for future services rendered. Yeah, I know who I’m dealing with… the problem here is, you don’t.”