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04-08-03, 09:17 AM
{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern is standing in front of a CSWA backdrop with the US Title slung over his shoulder. He's wearing a Syracuse basketball jersey, jeans and cowboy boots. His hair is tied in a pony tail behind his head...}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: "Ah-ite, it's 'bout time yers' truly tooka' break from preparin' for Lawrence Stanley at Primetime and did a few "shout outs" to all mah' good buddies in CSWA land. "

" First of all, to mah' good buddy Craig Miles who's seen fit ta' steer clear of me again 'till BEE OH' BEE. Ya' know Craig mah' man, you look real cute standin' there in fronta' yer little ON TIME backdrop n' throwin' out wild accusations. It's really quite sad that you've resorted ta' such pitiful tactics. Ever'body knows what kinda' guy Shane Southern is. Ever'body KNOWS that what ya' SEE is what ya' GET. Ever'body knows, that if ya' got Shane Southern as yer PARTNER, you're in good hands...and if ya' got Shane Southern as yer' ENEMY then ya' better put those hands ta'gether n' start prayin' ta' GOD...'cause it ain't gonna' end pretty. Ya' see Craig, I think you FINALLY realized that no matter how good yer "mic skills" are, no matter how COOL you look in leather...yer NOT tha' wrestler Shane Southern is, ya' NEVER have been, and ya' NEVER will be. I think you FINALLY learned that lesson in Orlando when I pinned yer shoulders to tha' mat, CLEAN. No interference, no distractions. When it was you n' me...ONE on ONE...man to man...you lost. And {{...shrugs...}} that's tha' way it SHOULDA' gone down. So you go on n' take yer Presidential title shot, n' if ya' want ANOTHER piece a' ME...then I think ya' know where ta' find me. "

" And as far as yer tag team partner goes...Eddy...in Orlando, you found out how I felt about tha' Intruders. In fact, puttin' that steel to yer skull felt pretty damn good I must say. All that aside though mah' man...it's gonna' be one helluva' ride steppin' inta' tha' ring with you again. Yeah, I get psyched thinkin' about doin' ta' you tha' same thing I did to yer partner...in fact, you thought JAY-JAY's boot tasted yummy, yer' just gonna' LOVE tha' flavor of mine. " {{...grins...}}

" And Guns, as far as you go, I could really care less. Been there, done that as well. I've been called MUCH worse than a goody-goody, in fact, comin' from YOU, I'll take that assa' complement. But ya' know Guns, YOU should really think twice 'bout CRASHIN' a party put on by yers truly. MANY have tried before ta' do that, n' well...as you know first hand, tha' PARTY was OVER, but it was fer tha' CRASHER, not fer me. I've gotta' partner now that, regardless of his past, is FOCUSED on defending tha' honor of tha' CSWA. I don't care what kinda' promos tha' guy cuts, I don't care who he hangs out with. ALL I care about is that...when he's in that ring...he takes care of business. If he does that, like I know only HE can do, then tha' rest of his life is his OWN ta' lead. We're not buddies, we're not friends...but we ARE allies, and it's time for these two allies ta' kick some SERIOUS ASS....PROFESSIONAL STYLE. "


{{...FADE OUT...}}

04-08-03, 09:42 AM
(FADEIN: GUNS throwing a duffel bag in the back of his pick-up truck, outside his San Antonio ranch.)

GUNS: Shane, good to hear from you - I thought that maybe once you found out that I invited myself to take the load off of Craig at On Time, you might have seen the light and decided to leave your new-found friend high and dry. But, I guess you're being stubborn, and have decided to keep backing the wrong horse instead of joining a stable of proven thoroughbreds. That's fine by me, Shane.

You see, Shane, you're right - you and I have gone at it once before, and well, I guess I owe you one. You got me right on the chin with your superkick, and that night, the party was over for me. But here's the thing - I didn't go anywhere, Shane - your victory was temporary - three seconds and done. Now you have to do it all over again. David never gave Goliath a rematch, Shane. Jimmy V and N.C. State didn't call up Phi Slamma Jamma and say "What do you say we make this 2 out of 3?" They never had to prove it again, Shane - their victory was permanent - their fluke secured in history. But, Shane, at On Time - you're standing on the tracks when the train pulls back into town, and you have to ask yourself - can you do it again?

You know the old saying - superkick me once, good for you, superkick me twice, shame on me. See, your buddy Troy is living in a fantasy world where he ran me out of the CSWA, he gang bangs the Olson Twins, and he's a bigger star than Brad Pitt. His fantasies don't really concern me, Shane - but you live in reality, a reality where you did beat me 1-2-3 in the center of the ring, no questions asked. (GUNS rubs his chin) But now you have to do it again. Can you do it, Shane? I don't think you have it in you.

See, Shane - Troy Windham doesn't really have a choice - he's already dug his grave. The pain is coming for Troy Windham, Shane - there's nothing anyone can do to stop that. But you had a choice in the matter, Shane - you could have hopped on board the Intruder Express, jumped off the sinking ship that is the CSWA, and nobody would have blamed you for it. In fact, people would be applauding your brains for a change - no more stupid hick trailer park jokes, you'd have proven that you've got enough IQ points to make a good decision. But you chose poorly, Shane, and now you have to pay the price. Troy Windham will have his day in court, Shane - it may be at On Time, or I may choose to let him sweat it out - but I'm putting you on notice, Shane - if you stick to this bad decision you've made - if you stand side by side with Troy Windham at On Time, the consequences will be severe, and you'll receive the beating of a lifetime.

But, really, why am I wasting my breath? (Laughs) You'll be there - you're too stubborn not to be, and that's a tragedy. Shane, you could have been somebody - you could have been one of the elite - but at On Time, you've got a target painted on your back, and like a precision guided bunker buster - I don't miss.

Your days are numbered, Shane - enjoy them while they last.

04-09-03, 03:17 AM
OOC: NICE. Brownie points to Kevin for the NC State "fluke" reference. ;)

04-10-03, 03:52 PM
{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern standing in front of a CSWA ON TIME backdrop. He's dressed in a red, white and blue T-shirt with "SUPPORT OUR TROPPS" emblazoned on the front. The CSWA United States title is slung over his shoulder...}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: " Oh Guns, I truly pity you. After all this time, ya' STILL don't havva' CLUE as ta' WHO I am, or WHAT I'm made of do ya'? Tell me you didn't REALLY think that I was gonna' join tha' Intruders. TELL ME ya' didn't REALLY think that just 'cause I heard you were takin' Craig Miles' place inna' TAG MATCH that I was gonna' rethink my plan n' turn on Troy. TELL ME you ain't that stupid Guns...'cause I'm really beginnin' ta' wonder ah'bout you. "

" Ya' know Guns, I don't discount yer skills. Yer WERE and quite possibly still are one of tha' best in the' biz. But ya' got two things goin' 'ginst ya' there buddy. ONE, is yer choice of friends. You think Troy Windam can't be trusted? Have YOU been payin' attention ta' Craig Miles n' Eddy Mayfield? There only FRIENDS are tha' cameras they stand in front of. Whoever, and WHATEVER gives 'em tha' MOST attention, THAT's where their loyalty lies. But you ain't like that Guns. You've got loyalty. Albeit ta' somethin' OPPOSITE of me, but it's loyalty still. Miles n' Mayfield...if Merritt told 'em ta'morrow that they'd get fifty percent of tha' CSWA Camera time if they punched you in yer nose, they do it' without thinkin' TWICE. Yer tha' guy they got ta' be tha' STRAIGHT man ta' their comedy act. And Guns mah' man...yer gonna' end up lookin' like tha' fool. "

" Tha' second is yer choice of opponent. Takin' down tha' CSWA ain't an atainable goal Guns, and you should realize that. It's been here for over a decade and it'll be here LONG after you n' me are gone. You'd be MUCH better off settin' yer sights a little lower, 'cause this path only hold disapointment for you. "

" And so what if ya' BEAT me here ta'night? What's that REALLY gonna' prove? Yer quite capable...so if you toss me inta' tha' "THIRD ROW" n' I get beat...well, I just got beat, big deal. Happened before...it'll happen again. Tha' CSWA don't go down tha' toilet, and you know that I won't loose any respect from anybody. But you Guns, you get pinned n' tha' world begins ta' realize you just don't have enough "UMPH" left in tha' tank ta' get it done anymore. They SEE you as tha' WEAK LINK in tha' Intruders, tha' man that always takes tha' fall. That's a heavy burden ta' bear big man...I trust you're ready ta' do it. "

" But I think you KNOW all that. I think you half EXPECT it. Yer not gonna' tear tha' CSWA down...and tha' next leg in yer OWN destruction starts in Virginia beach. "

" Party's OVER."

{{...FADE OUT...}}

04-11-03, 08:47 AM

Damn, Shane, you gotta stop buying those Patriotic Tees from those guys outside of the 7-11. Theres a typo on your shirt. :)

04-11-03, 09:19 AM
Originally posted by JNicholas

Damn, Shane, you gotta stop buying those Patriotic Tees from those guys outside of the 7-11. Theres a typo on your shirt. :)

What typo? Shane has a large fishtank and he calls all his tropical fish TROPPS. :)

Seriously though, I guess Microsoft spellchecker doesn't check capitalized words. I got to take a look at that. :)


04-11-03, 11:35 AM
(FADEIN: To 'Mr. MATCH OF THE YEAR' EDDIE MAYFIELD, standing in front of an ihop, next to the sign on the lawn, his body blocking out the rest of the sign so you just see the huge 'i' behind him. He's wearing jeans, a black downlow 'F451' cap and tinted playboy shades, an Alex Ross Battle of the Planets tee showing Princess doing a high kick, showing a subtle upskirt. Camel dangles, CSWA tag title belt on the shoulder. Camera rolls.)

MAYFIELD: "Yo, what's up Cajun Chef? My man Shane Southern, who... (Waves hands in the air) now wait, I know, I know - I said I didn't have time to talk to you, because going back and forth with you is like visiting the dentist. Nobody likes the dentist, but you gotta do it anyway ... (Smirks) So here I am. I had to chime in on a topic real fast.

So I overheard you putting all of your breath into the Minister of Military Press, The CEO of Third Row, my man GUNS, and you just like... (frowns) Idunno, just MAKING ME FEEL BAD! I mean, you come out here, and you start talking about who can trust who, saying that the PEE ARE OH'S aren't to be trusted. (Smirks, and takes a deep drag off of the Camel, spewing smoke out of his nose like a dragon) Come on, man! (Pounds his heart, Iverson-style) This is ME! Eddie Mayfield! The Million Dollar Smile, and the man who works mics for miles! You can trust ME.... If you can't trust a PROFESSIONAL - then who the hell CAN you trust? (Smiles a sh*t-eating grin) See, your attempts to put a hole in our defense is like blowing spitballs at the Knights of the Round Table in full armor. Insulting my virtue is like frat kids punching walls when they're mad. IT DOESN'T DO ANYTHING.

Shane, You don't wanna join the Intruders? Hey, guess what - And I don't care if Craig and GUNS get mad - I never liked you in the first place. (Spits) Yeah, they had to calm me down in the back a few times over things, but I'm glad you ain't rocking the I hat. You ain't worth the paper you're printed on, my man. Everybody says you're the Real Deal? Man, a Real Deal is getting 3 Big Macs for 2.99, Or two pair of eyeglasses for 99 bucks. You? Heh - You're just another bump on my road, man. And at On Time, Intruders Rules come into effect, as my man Craig takes the night off from defending the Unified tag straps, and me and the Strongest Arms in the World step in there and bust up your sh(BLEEEEP!).

Coming out here and trying to shake GUNS up by saying that I'm gonna lay him out for a nickel is bogus, Shane. When the lines in the sand were drawn, you decided you were gonna fight for the Good Guys. That's, and I'll bite Adlers line he's been beating to death, YOUR Cross to bear. Don't try and shake our resolve, because it's too damn tough to break.

The Pros are here to right wrongs done onto us. GUNS is here to destroy the CSWA, brick by brick. At ON TIME, the Demo Crew just rolled in, and you're gonna get blown up, this time earlier than you usually do in a match (Smirks). Heh. I'm a stinker.

Shane Southern, you stick to your little Rock N Roll Hoochie Coo with Troy, but again, if you wanna step into the world of YOUR CSWA Unified tag champs, you're gonna need more ammo to conquer us. And you don't got the munitions to cover your ass. You talk alot about the Pros being clowns and buffoons. (Looks around) I don't see any comedy skits going on. But what WILL go on at ON TIME, is me putting the kibosh on you and Troys lame attempts of a tagteam. The only thing funny will be watching you two trying to get the Intruders' feet out of your asses. See ya in two and two, baby."


04-12-03, 10:40 AM
(FADEIN: GUNS in the weight room of his San Antonio ranch, sitting on the bench wiping sweat from his brow with a towel.)

GUNS: You pity me, Shane? (Laughs.) That's the funniest thing I've heard all day. You're right, Shane - I didn't expect you to join the Intruders. I hoped you would, Shane - because I have the utmost respect for what you can do in that ring, Shane - and I wanted to help you. That's right, Shane. You see - I was hoping that you would be smart enough to join the winning side, but deep down inside, I knew you were too stubborn. You still have that twinkle in your eyes, Shane - you still think the CSWA is worth saving. Take a look around you, Shane - take a look at the main event for Battle of the Belts. Hornet versus Mark Windham. That about says it all, doesn't it? And what about the rest of the card, Shane? Merritt's playing with each and every wrestler on the roster like puppets - booking ridiculous mis-matched tag team elimination matches for his own amusement.

And now, somewhere along the way, you've convinced yourself that it's a good idea to stand side-by-side with Troy Windham - all the time talking about how Eddie Mayfield and Craig Miles are only out for themselves? (Laughs.) How Eddie Mayfield and Craig Miles are media whores? (Laughs.) Take a look at the guy holding the tag rope in your corner when we get to Virginia Beach, Shane.

You use terms like friendship and loyalty, Shane, like they make a difference to me. Do you think the partnership between me and Mayfield and Miles is about friendship? Do you think it's about loyalty? It's about common interests, Shane, pure and simple. They got tired of taking the high hard one from Merritt and decided to join up with the one man willing to do something about it. You say that destroying the CSWA is an unattainable goal - and it may very well be - but I've never been one to set my sights small.

You don't get it, Shane - Rome wasn't built in a day, and it wasn't destroyed in one either. I have no illusions of quick victory, Shane. The CSWA deserves a slow, painful death - and I'm here to provide it. If you're not part of the solution, Shane - well, you're part of the problem - and that means at On Time, you face the consequences of your actions.

You talk about what happens if I get beat 1-2-3 - while I'm talking about so much more. I've been to the mountain top and back, Shane - and I can say this - wins and losses - they may seem important at the time, but they fade. Hell, Shane, I beat Hornet in a "Loser Leaves the CSWA Forever" match, and obviously forever lasts about six months in this business. And a year before that, I wrestled Hornet in what was going to be my "last match ever", and made a comeback within six months of that. Victories fade, Shane - it takes a special feat to make a mark on history.

I'm not coming to On Time to score three seconds of happiness, Shane. I'm coming to teach you a lesson. I'm coming to cause you pain, Shane, plain and simple - maybe you're man enough to take it, maybe you're not. Like it or not, Shane, you're the brightest star the CSWA has - we tried to recruit you away, you wouldn't come, and that makes you a prime target. You allow yourself to be upstaged by Troy Windham - you allow yourself to get sucked into a war you can't win while the two posterboys of everything that's wrong with the CSWA - Hornet and Mark Windham - battle in the main event. Give this place enough time, Shane - and it will break you.

But I'm not going to give the CSWA enough time to break you, Shane - because now, I want the pleasure of breaking you for myself.

And I will break you, Shane. It might not happen all at once, it may not be a done deal at On Time, but you will be broken, Shane - as sure as the CSWA will eventually crumble to the ground. One day, you'll be sitting home in Louisiana, looking back on your career, and wishing you had joined up with the Intruders when you had the chance.

You call me the weak link and think it'll make me cry, Shane? You can't psyche me out - you can't make me doubt my abilities. You sure as hell can't make me doubt Mayfield and Miles, because I already doubt them. I don't trust anybody but me, Shane - life in the CSWA has taught me all about that. But Mayfield and Miles know I don't trust them - and that's what makes them the most loyal partners I can ask for. You can't stab someone in the back if they can see it coming, Shane. But you, Shane - you still believe. You still believe in Troy Windham. You still believe in the CSWA. And that, my friend, will be your downfall. So, Shane, when it comes right down to it - I pity you. (Smiles.) But the pity I feel for you, Shane, it won't protect you. Not by a long shot.

Have a good day at the beach, Shane - because I promise you, your night at the beach will bring you nothing but misery, and perhaps a one-way ticket to the third row.

Sweet dreams, son.