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Hex Angel
10-18-01, 11:56 AM
[font color = "black"]
CUE UP: "Roadhouse Blues" - The Doors

[font color = "blue"]Eli Flair
[font color = "purple"]The Other Voice
[font color = "black"]Exposition

Eli Flair is sitting at a table in a darkened bar, a pitcher of a deep gold beer sitting in front of him. A full pint is in his hand. Across the table, a figure bathed in darkness has a half pint in their hand.

[font color = "purple"]"So that's it, huh? You're up and leaving New York?"

[font color = "blue"]"I've been living in the same building for almost thirty years now.... I've seen the best and the worst that this city has to offer.... and right now is some of the worst. The one thing I can't do right now is feel the way the city is making me feel."

[font color = "purple"]"Oh really? And what's that?"

[font color = "black"]Eli Flair looks at this person with a deathly serious glint in his eye.

[font color = "blue"]"Dead. Hollow on the inside. Like I can't breathe. I haven't felt this way since Alicia died."

[font color = "purple"]"That's.... seven years."

[font color = "blue"]"It wasn't five sleepless weeks during the Ultratitle that drove me crazy.... it wasn't being told my career was over after a match with Troy.... it wasn't even that entire ordeal last winter on the bridge.... but I feel like the heartbeat of the city is currently taking me down. Especially right now, when I don't know what I want to do, y'know?"

[font color = "purple"]"Where you headed to?"

[font color = "black"]"California."

[font color = "purple"]"California? What's there that you can't get here?"

[font color = "blue"]"I suppose I'll find out."

[font color = "black"]The shadowed figure leans forward, and we catch a glimpse - it's April, the designer/writer who lives below Eli in his building.

[font color = "purple"]"You realize of course, this means you can't park in my space anymore."

[font color = "blue"]"Since that's MY space.... I think you can use it.

[font color = "purple"]"Heh.... okay then. Let me know where you are, I'll forward your mail."

[font color = "blue"]"Will do."

[font color = "purple"]"Wow.... you're really leaving, aren't you? What am I gonna do at two in the morning when I need a break from writing or sewing?"

[font color = "blue"]"Ehhh, call Ivy. She's a junkie for a motorcycle. I'm leaving now, actually.... this was my last stop."

[font color = "black"]Eli gets up and gives April a hug.... then takes a walk to his car, where he drives out of New York City.... possibly forever.