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07-16-02, 02:10 AM
(A young man, early 20's if that, steps into the CSWA offices. He pulls off his sunglasses, no RayBans, more like Wal-Mart 'Panama Jack' brand. His dark eyes search around for someone to help him, half expecting Terri Melton to offer a hand or "something" to him. Instead, a tall man in a blue security suit moves toward him. Ah well, maybe Terri is in an office.)

SECURITY: Can I help ya?

NATHAN: Hi, my name is Nathan Cross. I'm here to talk with Bob about a possible job opening.

SECURITY: I'm sorry, but they filled the last position for the ring crew.

NATHAN: Nah, I'm not here for that. I'm a wrestler.

(The security guard takes a step back to take this kid in. Nathan is fairly well built, but no GUNNS. Nathan is decently tall, no Deacon. His hair, blonde in color, is neither as manicured as Eddy Love nor as wild as Eli Flair. He's dressed simple enough, but that can be deceiving.)

SECURITY: Ya sure?

NATHAN: ... yeah.

SECURITY: Alright, then. Bob is your second door on the left. Do you have an appointment?

NATHAN: yep.

SECURITY: Does Bob know about it?

NATHAN: I guess.

SECURITY: Alright, then.

(Nathan Cross makes his way to the office door. He opens it and a gruff voice belts out.)


NATHAN: Nathan Cross, we had...


NATHAN: Cross... Nathan Cross. we had an appointment for 1:15 this afternoon for a job interview. I'm a wrestler.

BOB: Oh crap. I ain't got time for this.

NATHAN: I can wait out in the waiting area.

BOB: Nah, come on in...

(Nathan hurriedly opens the door before Bob can renig. Bob's face is still looking at paperwork as he mumbles underneath his breath.)

BOB: My load isn't gonna clear up anytime soon. I'm sure my wife will understand if I have to stay a few extra hours longer tonight.

NATHAN: If you really need some time, we could always reschedule.

(Bob looks up thinking this kid must be nuts. Every wrestler in this region and most surrounding the area would kill for this chance. This kid, and Bob sees him... yep, a kid. Anyway, this kid is tossing the attention away. The kid pulls his blonde hair out of his face.)

BOB: Well, you're not bad looking, but kid, you sure you want in this biz?

NATHAN: More than you could ever know.

BOB: Oh, I know, kid. I see a hundred people doing the same thing as you. Difference is - they want this. I'm not sure that you do.

NATHAN: I want it.

BOB: (raises eyebrows mockingly) Really? In this biz, you need to knock people's socks off. You have to demand attention. I ain't seen you demand anything. These people will eat you alive.

NATHAN: I don't think so.

BOB: Hunh... so what do you bring in to get people to notice you?

NATHAN: I'm a wrestler.

BOB: HA! Not another Evan Aho! Lemme guess ... you're driven to be the best wrestler in the world at the expense of all else?

NATHAN: That's not my motivation.

BOB: Then what is?

NATHAN: I will succeed.

(Nathan Cross stops for a second to let that soak in.)

NATHAN: I have a life, but I love this business. I love to entertain.

BOB: So, what do you do? What moves?

NATHAN: I can take a solid bump, get up, and take a bigger one. I can hit the high spots, fly through the air like Superman.

BOB: Superman, huh? You mind wearing a cape?

NATHAN: I don't do gimmicks.

BOB: Then what do you do to get noticed?

NATHAN: I take bumps, get up, and then take bigger ones. I hit the air, but can also hang tough in a mat war. I try to be innovative with my moves, do something different to get the crowd going.

BOB: And you take bumps good, huh?

NATHAN: Yes, sir.

BOB: We'll give you a try, kid. Now, get out of here. I'll call ya when we have your first match.

NATHAN: (Smiles) Thanks ... I won't let you down.

(Nathan leaves the room. A woman comes in to Bob's office. In Nathan's dreams, it would be Terri Melton checking on the new hot, young stud. In fact, it's not Terri but Esther.)

ESTHER: Who's the kid?

BOB: (Sarcasticly) He's a "wrestler".

ESTHER: (smiles) So, what did you tell him? Come back in 5 years?

BOB: Nope. I hired him.

ESTHER: (shocked) huh?

BOB: I figure ... Carl Brigsby will retire eventually. A guy can only take so much punishment before he breaks. This kid could be a nice replacement.

(Outside, Nathan is all smiles. His future is set. He will be a CSWA superstar and then, well... then he'll show the world his motivation.)

NATHAN CROSS: Some want a title, a bit of gold to strap around their waist. Some want the fan's response, cheers to echo in their empty heads. Some want to feel like a legend, at least in their own mind. I only want one thing ... and I will succeed.