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01-10-03, 02:54 PM
(CUE UP: The eerie, haunting symphony that is Mozart's Fifth. CUT TO: A large black flag with a white rook emblazened on it. In white w/ black trim underneath, in neo-goth/lightning-style lettering reads the words CHECKMATE. FX: The Checkmate logo then SHATTERS-- into a shot of a man sitting behind a chessboard. The man is wearing a white mask with a black rook stitched in, a dark black cape and a black singlet with white chess pieces all over it, like The Riddler from Batman. He sits, his right leg crossed over the other, fingers steepled, analyzing the intricate chess set that sits before him. He makes a move-- taking a queen with a bishop- and then looks at the camera.)

CHECKMATE: Chess. A game of strategy. A game of patience. A game where the true better man wins. For myself, chess is a game that haunts my attuned mind, for the only thing I can think of is ways to trap my opponents, to strangle my opponents, to ultimately defeat all of my opponents. (Checkmate shifts his posture, stroking his chin, and then makes another move.)

As much as I enjoy conquering my opponents in a game that is purely mental, I have always found myself attracted to the concept of being able to vanquish foes in a battle that isn't just mental... but also physical. For defeating someone in that type of battle is *THAT MUCH MORE* satisfying. (Checkmate now tilts his head up, in full-on snob mode.) It means that I am dominant over a man in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. A defeated opponent in a wrestling ring means that I control not just his mind and not just his body... BUT HIS DESTINY.

(Checkmate once again analyzes the chess set, then looks at the camera.)

The CSWA is a league where I will choose to show you all that I am more than just a master of one ancient game... that I am the one, true master of a bigger game. Everyone involved in the CSWA will see that I AM THE MASTER OF HUMAN CHESS. THAT NO ONE CAN DEFEAT ME. NO ONE CAN BEST ME. That I shall DOMINATE all before me. That ALL shall SUBMIT before me.

(Checkmate regains his composure, adjusting his mask, flicking his cape.)

I wear this mask for a reason, one that I shall not disclose right now. But just know that my hiding my face from the world allows me to judge all of your merits. It allows me to judge your strengths, your weaknesses. It allows me to anticipate your moves, to anticipate your counters, to anticipate the ways that you will be ultimately defeated. I foresake fame and avarice for this ability. I won't be recognized for my victories. But I will always know that I am your superior. I will always know that I can control your mind, your body, your spirit. I will always know that no matter how you move... (Checkmate laughs, moves a white chess piece that obviously traps the black king) you will ultimately be held in CHECKMATE! (FTB)