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11-24-01, 03:41 AM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Nov-24-01 AT 12:18 PM (EDT)]{White Sands, New Mexico.

As the first shot shows an aerial view of the dark complex that sits in the barren wasteland known as White Sands, the second shot quickly reveals what lies within. Opening up on a now familiar Meditation room … the shot shows television sets continuing to flicker in a huge room with one object sitting in the center. Sitting in a type of executive chair, the being continues to watch different scenes attempting to soak in the knowledge it has to offer.

Turning to his left, the blue haired figure suddenly focuses on an image that is familiar to CSWA fans worldwide. That person, on the screen, is one ‘Hurricane’ Eddy Love.

The one in the chair is ‘The Apocalypse’ Gabriel Poe.}

Eddy Love. Little Puppy. Who has allowed you to speak of The Dark Carnival? Do you think, because you Uncle Chad believes in you, that you can talk tough … without even thinking about what you have said?

Apparently the razor edge of the blade that sheared your locks from your head cut a little too deep cause you continue to babble on and on and on, but … that is what Eddy Love does best isn’t it? He can talk with the best of them. He can even back up those words with the best of them, but when Eddy Love senses that the opposition is too strong. That is when Eddy Love tucks his tail and runs away without looking back.

Oh scared little puppy, should I remind you about what you did to The Apocalypse when The Dark Carnival faced you and Steve Radder? You probably thought that the branding iron would be the last you would ever hear from The Apocalypse, but you were proven wrong weren’t you? You were proven wrong so much so that when I sought my revenge you never turned back to put up a resistance cause YOU KNEW … someone was better than you. So you ran like you always do. I believe I saw you run from another federation as well, but why bring that up since you know the truth to that as well.

I assure you that HaVoC, one of the former Forsaken, will be a match you remember cause he will not back down. He will do to you what you thought never possible. And then, a familiar scene will be seen again … Eddy Love … The Running Man.

{Poe then maneuvers his chair to see clips of his upcoming opponent Tom Alder.}

Ah … now who is this one? Apparently this one has faced all the so-called greats and legends of the CSWA and is afraid of nothing. So much so he feels that he would enjoy ringing in the holidays with a man called Apocalypse.

How amusing it is to see that he considers this a chuckle. Then again … it’s always the misinformed ones that go into battle dumbfounded.

Tom Alder I am sure that I will hear a lot more from you cause, from what I have heard in the past, that is your nature. Truly I look forward to it, but for now I think I shall study you cause words can only do so much … look towards The Running Man if you need an example.

{Poe then looks up at the screen that has a picture of Eddy Love on it and points his remote towards it.}

Good-bye scared little puppy. I’m bored.

{As the picture of Love is cut off … so is the scene with Gabriel Poe as it fades to black.}

11-24-01, 04:23 PM
Ya know... it must truly be the holiday season. How else can one explain why I bother to take the time to explain this.

No, Mr. Poe... I wasn't chuckling at the notion of wrestling you. I was finding humor in a man called Apocalypse facing off against a man more have called Jesus Christ than I care to recall during this, the season of our Lord.

Clearly, subtlety is wasted on some. So, allow me to be more direct. Gabriel, I am well aware of your skills and your ability in the ring. Contrary to what some may want you to think, I don't waste much time wrestling people that I don't think are capable.

No, Gabriel... I accepted your open challenge BECAUSE you are good... not because I think a match with you would be a holiday cheer fest.

Keep studying.

"Mr. Magnificent" Tom Adler

11-25-01, 01:49 AM
Tom Alder … you are such the amusing little wrestler. I am glad that you pointed out that you entered into this encounter cause you are looking for the fight. I now accept the fact that you are not blinded by a self-inflated ego, but now an unexpected move by you has raised the stakes and made this confrontation most pleasurable.

The season of your Lord as spoken by you … the mistaken Jesus Christ.

There was another who was in this federation who could’ve easily been mistaken for your savior, but he was more suited for being his right hand man. Oh what was his name … Deacon? Yes it was Deacon. He fought the forces of evil in your Lord’s name. He spoke for your savior. He defended him everytime someone tried to attack the beliefs. Believe me I know rather well.

And what did Deacon get in return for his loyalty? His undying passion to serve in his honor? His … gratitude?

He got multiple sclerosis for all of his trouble. Sounds like a fair trade … don’t you think Tom Adler?

Happy holidays Tom Adler. Looks like, in St. Louis, during the season of your Lord, you’ll be getting your present a little early.

Courtesy … of The Apocalypse.

11-25-01, 02:33 PM
Gabriel, there is one underlying difference between Deacon and myself. I never claimed to be anybody's savior but my own. I never claimed to be Jesus Christ... Nor have I ever sought the throne or felt the need to defend it. The only thing I owe God is to use his gifts to their fullest potential. And, rest assured, I use 'em better than any man alive.

So, why don't we end this discussion of religious prophecies and deal with the matter at hand. St Louis.

Now, I could come out here, rant and rave and tell you what I'm gonna do to you in that ring. But, face it, there are enough prime time players using that schtick already. So, I'll spare you the mundane task of having to listen to it.

I will simply say this. I could have walked away from this sport a few months ago and I would still have had a better career than anybody you're likely to face in the near future. I didn't come back here to simply make a respectable showing while people that I'm, quite honestly, better than reach for the brass ring.

I came back to prove what I started two a year or so ago... that whether it's in this era or any other... I'm still the greatest wrestler God has ever put on this green earth. And, sorry to say... losing to you doesn't fit that agenda.

"Mr. Magnificent" Tom Adler