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  1. Kin Hiroshi vs. Estaban
  2. Damon Blackburn vs. The Sergeant
  3. Cameron Cruise vs. John Doe
  4. Dan Ryan vs. Adam Benjamin
  5. Joey Melton vs. Jonathan Marx
  6. UCW Title Match!
  7. Estaban vs. John Doe
  8. Melton/Marx vs. Sarge/Hiroshi
  9. United States Title Match!
  10. Cruise/Red vs. First/Ryan
  11. Blood is thicker that gold?
  12. Frankie Scott vs. John Doe
  13. Adam Benjamin vs. Chris McMillan
  14. CSWA Title Match!
  15. Bryan Storms vs. Rob Franklin w/ Nakita Dahaka
  16. The Sergeant vs. Dakota Smith
  17. Franklin/Dahaka vs. Cruise/Sarge
  18. Shawn Hart vs. Jimmy Donovan
  19. Bruce/Estaban vs. Ryan/Melton
  20. United States Title Match!
  21. Irishred vs. Frankie Scott
  22. UCW Title Match!
  23. Who are the French Commandos?
  24. Hero to many, a thorn in my side
  25. United States Title Triple Threat Match!
  26. Estaban vs. Dan Ryan
  27. The First & Cameron Cruise vs. The French Commandoes
  28. Jonathan Marx vs. Shawn Hart
  29. Irishred vs. Jimmy Donovan
  30. F.A.T.E. vs. The Sergeant & Adam Benjamin
  31. What does the future hold?
  32. Prelude to the Sarge....
  33. Early Morning Beginings
  34. What a night.
  35. The next (FIRST) Step
  36. Johnny Nash vs. Rob Franklin
  37. BG Bruce vs. Dan Ryan
  38. B4B Title Match!
  39. The First vs. Nakita Dahaka
  40. Beast vs. "Cowboy" Jimmy Donovan
  41. Adam Benjamin vs. Dakota Smith
  42. Rob Franklin vs. Jimmy Donovan
  43. Nakita Dahaka vs. Johnny Nash
  44. Beast vs. Shawn Hart
  45. The First & Benjamin vs. Cruise & Irishred
  46. United States Title Match!